Net earn project “wrong machine”, three months raking in 150 thousand Valuable tutorial


Net earn project “wrong machine”, three months raking in 150 thousand valuable tutorial

Let’s cut to the chase.

First go to Amazon search: “error machine”

In front of there are tens of thousands of sales, of course not to call you to do Amazon, now it is too difficult, not much, the real market is offline, why so, because at the beginning you may not know that there is such a thing in the world to earn, Amazon sales are good, that there is a demand ah, this is also the latest fire of the product. There must be a reason why he is so popular. What is it?

In fact, it is a small printer, alias called error machine, as the name suggests, convenient for students to put some often wrong questions, print out, back and forth review, save the time of manual transcription. Can put the energy to solve and consolidate the wrong problem above, so, called the wrong problem machine. Is there a market? Yes, look at TB sales to know, is it too late to do? Ninety percent of people don’t know if it’s too late. How to do that?

First of all, do you have accurate traffic?


Which are accurate traffic, of course, is the parents of students.

How to divert this online income project?

Of course, it is to go to the place where parents like to stay to drainage, such as the parents of the school organization, it is best to be the parents of primary school, because I think pupils, is the key link of the foundation, parents pay more attention to. Middle school students, many are living on campus, less contact with parents, later do. There are other groups of parents, the more the better. How to lead? Send study materials.

For a few bucks, unlimited use, it’s a low cost. The point is a lot of people he doesn’t know ah, poor information.

Then, of course, is to add wechat friends to send information, according to the online god said, almost a day can add hundreds of people, a number about three thousand people is almost, too much easy to seal the bubble net earn. Then multiple number operation, and then the circle of friends advertising, pay attention to the frequency, too much is not good, almost the beginning of a day one or two single, profit is 60% of some, agent about 400 dollars of profit a single there are more than 200, you can, and then continue to add friends, continue circle of friends marketing, repeat this action, slowly a day several single is no problem, Big God on this single product, three months raked in 150,000.

Note that with these parents and friends, it is equivalent to a huge treasure house. We can also sell other learning products, especially those that have been sold once. The information has been generated for us, so when we launch other products, the re-purchase rate is basically very high.

I believe that at this point, I know how to operate it.

What, this online money project doesn’t want to find groups online?

Offline schools near the ground can also be pushed, the cost of an X exhibition rack to the school gate, of course, the bait is also free to send data; Sit back and wait for the parents to consult you.

Pay attention to me, from the basic learning, every day to update the online business for beginners to make money.

Net earn project “wrong machine”, three months raking in 150 thousand Valuable tutorial


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