Super cash cow project, make millions of annual regional public number project play


Super cash cow project, make millions of annual regional public number project play

This article is a re-post of the old article, because two years have passed, I am still extremely optimistic about the project play of regional public accounts, super cash flow, and 99% of the project realization of public accounts. I made some additions to this article, which is based on recent communication and observation.

The essence of all projects on the Internet is “traffic realization”.

At present, the real industry is depressed and business is not easy to do, especially in second – and third-tier cities with serious population outflow. Most businesses have been in a vicious environment of competition for smaller and smaller cake.

One line declines, another rises, which is an immutable law of conservation of energy.

Based on the downturn in the physical business environment, regional group-buying projects can rise.

These are not exactly the same as Meituan and Dianping, but they are similar in that they provide users with discount coupons of local merchants through online services, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting new customers to merchants’ stores offline. In short, it is a regional version of Meituan and Dianping, similar to the game of coupons on Amazon, with the main business carried out through small programs.

The original intention of the regional group-buying platform is to provide merchants with Internet marketing programs and bring customers and sales performance to merchants by using the platform’s own traffic.

“Group Purchase program”,

Profit model of

First of all, let’s look at the profit model of regional group-buying project, which is also a three-way win-win project.

The profit model of the local group purchase project is mainly divided into three kinds.

I. Membership mode: Paid VIP members enjoy lower discounts and have the right to distribute rebates, which can drive the secondary fission of products to a certain extent.

The general price of group purchase membership is 10-50 dollars, which is charged monthly or quarterly, which is conducive to promoting sales through a lower unit price.

The advantage of the membership model lies in the effective retention of loyal customers, and improve the re-purchase rate.

2. Sales commission: Due to the diversified types of offline merchants, such as catering, retail, beauty and beauty makeup, local group purchase projects need to develop different coupon strategies according to different types of merchants. For example, stores in the catering industry pay attention to turnover, coupon mainly adopts low price promotion, such as: buffet stores retail price of 65 dollars, group purchase price of 59 dollars, platform commission of 9 dollars/order; Bath stores focus on drainage to promote secondary consumption after the store, 9.9 dollars /2 bath tickets, all the platform commission.

Sales commissions make up 70% of the platform’s revenue.

3. Platform advertising: In the cooperation mode between the platform and offline merchants, in addition to the profit sharing of the sales performance, some advertising fees will be charged to the merchants, generally around thousands of dollars.

Advertising accounts for 25 percent of the platform’s revenue.

Users of the platform can not only get real discounts, but also realize new business purposes. The platform charges commission from both users and merchants, which is a complete commercial closed loop.

“Group Purchase Platform”

Low cost construction

Regional group purchase business is based on small program, through small program to carry sales.

In the past, regional group-buying platforms were mostly based on wechat public accounts or independently developed apps.

APP and H5 websites have high customer acquisition cost and difficulty in attracting customers, and due to technical problems, online group purchase of H5 and APP experience is poor, and this kind of project has also been greatly developed.

Thanks to miniprograms and the rise of platforms like Micro Engine, which bring together a large number of third-party developers, technical issues are no longer the key hindrance to such projects.

For example, in the micro engine mini program third-party developer mall, there are a large number of regional group-buying modules, similar to such as community group-buying, aggregate coupon and other platforms.

From my perspective, there is no dividend period per se, but there is no Red Sea competition. In the final analysis, the core competence of the operation team is tested by the ability of local users to attract new users.

As stated in the first sentence of this article, the essence of this business is traffic realization. You can make money when you have traffic, it is as simple as that.

Group purchase program,

The method of attracting customers

About the promotion of the project drainage problem, for many people is always a headache. However, today’s Internet environment has been very mature, various promotion channels are also known, nothing but continuous trial and error in various channels, has found effective growth channels.

1. Fission drainage:

The best drainage method based on wechat mini program is fission, and there are many ways of fission, such as group, bargain, pull new enjoy free order and so on.

Supplement: Using local universities and communities to work together to do some voting is also a low-cost way to grow.

2. Media drainage:

You can put advertorials through the local public number for drainage, you can also buy local paper media column advertising space, or put ads in the circle of friends for bidding drainage. Through this way of drainage promotion, we need to do a certain amount of advertising budget, suitable for a certain financial strength of the team.

3. Offline drainage:

(1) to push: can do promotional activities in the shopping mall with concentrated flow of people, attract the attention of offline fans, by the way to do brand publicity.

(2) Offline cooperation: Cooperate with merchants with large volume of traffic, such as express delivery and large supermarkets. After the local group purchase platform is built, the distribution authority is opened for express and supermarket merchants, and the merchants are informed that the small program can scan code and lock powder. The users can get commissions for subsequent consumption on the platform.

Guide way: pay attention to the public number > reply to the specified number to obtain the distribution code of merchants small program > pay attention (to complete the public number + small program lock powder)

The core of localization drainage in addition to the channels and drainage methods, more attention should be paid to the publicity of the project brand, localization project attaches great importance to the reputation and brand awareness, in the project itself service at the same time, can be synchronized drainage, otherwise it is easy to cause user loss.

Thinking supplement: The cold start of this project is the most difficult, if you have the financial strength to choose to directly receive a regional public number operation is the fastest way to start.

Do localized group purchase projects, we must also have the flow matrix of thinking, avoid all users to a single channel, that is, can not pull all users to a small program or public number.

Wechat personal account, public account, mini program and wechat group form the flow matrix in one, which is the correct approach. All discount information of merchants can also reach users in the first time, and sales can be driven by the tweets of public account and the haircircle of personal account.

In my opinion, this is a good project with a sustainable profit model and good profitability, but the disadvantage is that the project operation model is a little heavy.

The operation of the whole project requires a team of at least three people, one person is responsible for the commodity operation of the platform, one person is responsible for foreign business negotiations, and one person is responsible for local traffic cooperation.

You’ll never make more money than you know. 99% focus on traffic, 1% focus on cash, is the way to do business on the Internet.

Super cash cow project, make millions of annual regional public number project play

Super cash cow project, make millions of annual regional public number project play


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