Fully disassemble low-price movie ticket project, 0 base 0 investment part-time monthly income 5000+


During the National Day, a group of people go out to play, a group of people go out to wave, a group of people stuck on the highway.

There are still many people who stick to their jobs. After all, making money is more important in the adult world.

Of course, there is a kind of person, is a freelancer like me, the time is relatively free, to play is to wait until after the National Day less people to go.

Back to business.

The National Day holiday also means that the movie market is recovering. At the beginning of the year, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, many blockbusters are released at this time, which also drives the movie ticket industry to make money.

In fact, the low price movie ticket project has always existed, but there is no market this year, so now the epidemic is stable, slowly within the circle and the whole network again to operate this project.

In the last few days, no less than a dozen fans have asked me about the low-price movie ticket project, asking whether this project is reliable? Is the market big? How about doing it?

And so on and so forth… .

So today, let’s talk about the project of low price movie tickets.

Is it low?

Are there really cheap movie tickets?

The answer must be yes.

Most of us will refer to three apps, Alipay, Meituan and wechat when buying tickets, to compare and compare, which is cheaper to buy, after all, the savings are real money.

Of course, this is based on the platform to do activities, the normal fare is basically the same.

So low price movie tickets, through specific channels, multiple app comparison, a variety of preferential activities, internal staff sales cooperation, scalpers and other ways to make bubble online, indeed can be discounted, the basic discount price is about 5 dollars.

More than $5 or even more than $10 is bullshit, unless your company organizes dozens of people to see it and gives you hundreds of dollars less.

Don’t pay attention to the claims, such as those with discounts ranging from $5 to $50 each.

I don’t want to think about how much a movie ticket costs. Can I pay you back?

Is that true?

Is the free receiving or training on the market reliable?

There are two aspects:

1. Free teaching

2. Paid teaching

These days I also added a lot of wechat friends to do movie tickets, which are free, there are also charges.

Free is also a routine, that is to become a platform of the agent bubble net to earn, and then develop into a line, you out or you below the people out of the ticket, he has money to earn, of course, this earn less, by the team output.

Charge, that is to master the basis of the ticket, this kind of basically is 88-688 dollars, which is the so-called worship and learning.

(I like to call it “pay for knowledge”. The word “worship teachers” is too strong. General circle of friends sent “teacher” two words, suggested unified shield delete, 100% no no real ability, either on the “primary school” IQ, or pure fraud.)

Do you make money?

Can you make money by teaching tuition and mastering technology?

If you master the core technology, you can indeed make money, provided the channels are correct.

Making money is also hard money, all kinds of combination play is more tiring, unless you have a relationship and studio city cooperation, but also limited to the local market.

Most of them are fleece, scalpers, Amazon, and the major apps.

Make a few dollars a single, lucky can make tens or even hundreds.

Market demand?

Is there a big demand?

Watching a movie is rigid, and very rigid.

In the past five years, the film market has been better and better year by year, and the box office has been higher and higher year by year.

Movie tickets have no cost, no need to stock up, sitting at home can do business all over the country, this market demand is very large.

You should know that there are many people who are careful with their money. When it is clear that a movie ticket can save 5 dollars, it is only a matter of one or two words on wechat, why not save?

No piracy, nothing that takes time, the same show, the same movie, the same location.

ok, now that we know this project is real and profitable, let’s talk about the core of this project.

Core of the project

First, ticket issuing process and platform

Whether we know this project through Amazon, Xianyu, Quora, Circle of friends, any channel, when you go to consult basically unified reply pictures.

This is the picture I sent to me after consulting Xianyu and Amazon sellers.

Simply put, you provide the city, cinema, venue, seat, the merchant gives you the quotation, you feel ok to pay, and then will give you the ticket order QR code.

Generally speaking, do [low price movie tickets] will choose moments and salted fish to sell.

Circle of friends: friends will find you to buy, after all, cheap want to account for, the second is also built on the basis of friends, do not worry about being cheated.

Xianyu: There is a natural flow, there is exposure, the city and even the country can see, the consultation is also very many people, there is a guarantee, can also be guided to wechat inside to establish a long-term re-purchase relationship.

As for Amazon, the general store needs a deposit, and the process is cumbersome.

As for the other platform, see more peers how to send, how to drainage, you can.

Two, the channel of issuing tickets

In fact, many people will talk about this as a myth, but ultimately it is a problem of poor information.

Of course, the following views are only my understanding of the channels and methods, do not spray.

1. Ticket issuing app

Can discount, can issue tickets, basically these platforms.

Most of them are movie city apps, and some of them are internal platforms for enterprise cooperation. If you want to pay tickets at a low price, you need to exchange them on these apps.

2. Concessional convertible coupon

3, QQ group, Amazon, salt fish handling out of the ticket play.

In fact, this kind of is the simplest, is a poor information, when you go to sell movie tickets, others send what, you go to Amazon, salt fish to buy, and then wait 5 to 10 minutes, sell tickets to others.

Didn’t anyone else think of it?

Yeah, but I’m too lazy to find it.

You make money because others are lazy.

4. Online wool

5, apply for a studio city membership card

6. Internal herd of scalpers

There are especially high quality internal groups, which are all the lowest ticket scalpers in the whole network, because they are competing with each other, so don’t worry about the price will be high, are the lowest!

They send a zillow number of checkout messages every day, every time you pick up a list, search group chats, search for keywords.

Basically will find the corresponding information, contact the scalper let him issue tickets, in each group to find the highest profit of the message and profit!

These are basically the ways to issue tickets.

Look at this, and you’ll see that I’m talking nonsense.

Read on.

There’s actually money to be made on cheap movie tickets.

What kind of people earn money?

A real scalper

A person who collects training fees

1. Scalpers

That’s what I said above, the guy who runs Amazon.

Their price is really a first price, completely internal price, channel price, welfare price, cooperation price.

The most powerful, is the movie theaters across the country, all over the country.

What on earth can the scalper do the national generation beat Lijian reduction?

Maybe that requires a certain amount of skill.

2. Charge for training

For the people in my circle of friends, the [low price movie ticket] program is basically between 199 and 699.

As said above, this project is a helpless and painful brick moving project, to tell the truth, I have not seen which training can be tens of thousands of income a month.

(Muffled rich people don’t jump out and hit me in the face)

Taking the 199 dollars training fee for this program, 100 people is 19,000

What about 699 people?

7W ocean.

As much as their Amazon store’s monthly sales of 10,000.


1: [low price movie ticket] project can make a little money

2. This project needs to be accumulated. Once the wechat users have accumulated to a certain extent, the monthly income of repurchase and referral will be several thousand dollars.

3: The training of people, basically will teach you some sets and methods, basically teach some wool, or go to Amazon, salt fish, Qq group to the second handling, to earn poor information.

Teach you salted fish play (in fact, imitate peers, pay attention to a few peers to know)

Then collect some promotional gameplay and circle of friends packaging gameplay, as to do not do depends on the individual.

4: The real channel of people you can’t get a price, are developed into a second hand third hand price, constantly compressed.

5: You won’t get rich. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

There’s a lot more to this project, but I’ve put together what I know and what I’ve looked up online.

Of course, if any partner is operating this project, you are welcome to share with me.

Fully disassemble low-price movie ticket project, 0 base 0 investment part-time monthly income 5000+

Fully disassemble low-price movie ticket project, 0 base 0 investment part-time monthly income 5000+


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