Disassemble 0 dollars to buy small program to make money trading techniques, low threshold and suitable for ordinary people!


Recently, I found a small program, whose model is similar to the very popular one dollars purchase a long time ago. After these days of analysis and mining, the conclusion is drawn: this is a low threshold, and suitable for ordinary people to operate a project.

Today’s article will give you a comprehensive breakdown. How does the project work? How did the project benefit?

One dollar purchase everyone should be familiar with?

A few years ago, one dollars raiders, one dollars buying and other projects are very popular, even the Internet giants have such a project entrance, one dollars purchase project principle is like this: users spend one dollars to participate in the raiders, and get a group of numbers, when the money of the goods reached a certain degree will draw the lottery, the winner will get this commodity.

The profit point of this project mainly comes from the premium of commodities. For example, a mobile phone needs 4000 dollars to buy, and the platform prices it at around 4500-5000 dollars, giving users a treasure. No matter which user wins the prize, the platform can get additional profits of the product.

However, some platforms are no longer satisfied with the limitations of income, so they add the robot and the function of specifying winning prizes in the background. No matter how many people participate in the treasure snatching, the robot can be designated to win prizes. In this way, the platform changes from the profit of commodity premium to profit of commodity principal, which constitutes fraud.

Therefore, the relevant authorities stopped all the one-dollars “treasure capture” projects on the market, and the official Alipay and wechat also prohibited the payment interface of such platforms, resulting in the complete disappearance of such projects.

The above part is the project principle of one-dollars purchase. Does it have anything to do with the project mentioned today?

Of course there is, because today the bubble net earn dismantling project, he called 0 dollars purchase.

It is an upgraded version based on the One Dollar purchase program, because it does not require users to spend any money to participate in Raiders, and the revenue source is completely different from the one dollar purchase.

The project principle of 0 dollars purchase

0 dollars to buy and one dollars to buy the model is roughly the same, the same is a lottery, but 0 dollars to buy more attractive, also do not need users to pay any fees, because the profit point is advertising, the premise of the lottery is to need users to see advertising, after reading the advertisement can get a free raiders of opportunity.

Users do not have any expenditure, just spend 15-30 seconds to watch the AD, you can get a lucky draw opportunity, completely grasp the user love to take advantage of the mentality.

You can also add the probability of winning function, share to one or more groups will increase the probability of winning, play a user voluntary transmission ability, crazy fission!

Point of profit

The use of advertising mode to earn advertising fees, users through watching advertising opportunities, and the platform to obtain the corresponding advertising costs.

0 dollars purchase is based on the small program of wechat operation, directly using the small program for cash.

There are two main ways to realize the small program. One is CPS, that is, the user pays to use, and the operator settles to a certain percentage of the amount.

The other is the advertising fee. At present, the small program advertising has become existing: Bannerg advertising, incentive advertising, interstitised advertising, lattice advertising, acoustic template advertising.

In the past two years, we have seen a lot of projects and platforms that make money by advertising, especially synthetic games, such as raising dragons, raising cats, raising dogs, raising chickens, raising ducks, and so on. All these projects make money by advertising.

Finished the project principle and profit point, the following bubble net to earn again to tell you about the operation process.

1: Build small programs

In order to run this project, you have to have a mini program, and the cost of building a mini program is not high.

(1) Rent a server. A few hundred dollars for one year in the early stage is enough. Later, upgrade and replace a better server according to the number of users.

(2) buy source code, remember to buy source code, not development, development costs are very high, less than thousands, more than hundreds of thousands have, and the source code is cheap, dozens of dollars can buy, (pig Bajie, a treasure, mutual site and other platforms have)

(3) Installation and debugging, with the server and source code, most people still won’t get, then spend some money, please install and debug, the cost is cheap, 1-2 hundred dollars, grab people to do.

Other services, such as the ability to turn on the traffic master advertising function, can also be outsourced, and all three platforms have such services.

In this way, the cost of building small programs does not exceed 1K.

A few months ago bubble net also built a small program, I code these are ignorant, so it is outsourcing, server, source code, installation and debugging, online, even open traffic main are outsourcing, the final cost is a few hundred dollars.

(4) No need to pay the channel, if there are knowledgeable people, should know to open a payment function, is very troublesome, and the cost is high, a payment channel small tens of thousands of people to win, for the average person, the cost is quite high, and 0 dollars to buy this is not needed, the user has no recharge, the platform has no place to pay, the winning goods are issued manually.

2. Promotion

Almost all projects need traffic to support, and this 0 dollars purchase is the same. It needs huge traffic support in order to earn rich profits.

(1) Self-fission

As we said before, the mini program must have fission function.

Guide users to forward to the side of friends, as long as forward can improve their chances of winning.

We can also build a set of task system, users invite new users to use the platform lucky draw, he can get the active value, we can give prizes to the top several according to the monthly active value ranking.

, etc.

A variety of combination fission scheme, absolutely can let the small program quickly fission out

(2) Friendship links

This is a convenient and rapid form of cooperation between the complementary advantages of the website platform, small program can make full use of other platforms of friendship links, to increase their exposure and use rate.

Need to consider is that you are linked to the platform or website content is good, enough exposure, fans to be enough, it is best between each other, or it is a loss of business, you a hundred thousand fans can not go to a platform with only a few thousand fans to place your small program link?

As for the way to find friendship links, there can be many, can be their own cooperation with other platforms to promote, can also go to the friendship link exchange platform to find, can also use friendship connection exchange software, this depends on the network accumulation and resource appeal of the operator, here is not to say more.

(3) Group push

We need to find some precise user groups to drop the applet link.

Different from the traditional public number promotion, the promotion of small program only needs the user to directly open the small program on the line, unlike the public number to open the link and scan the code or attention.

Wechat group is the main channel of small program promotion, but also one of the main promotion scenes set by wechat official.

We should have the experience, now there are more and more small procedures in wechat group, talent voting, game Solon, King of Glory ranking and so on.

For enterprises, it is relatively common to promote their own mini programs through their own user groups, for we media, through their own fan groups, and for schools, through parents groups.

At present, click on the top right of wechat group chat to open the details page, you can see the relevant chat small program, which is an important entrance to small program, so the use of community sharing can increase the exposure and return rate of small program.

Writing here is almost the end of the article, this article is almost according to the bubble net earn some of their own ideas and experience disassembled, and did not go to practice, so can not provide accurate data screenshots.

But also not imaginary, the article mentioned to build small program source code, server, installation, debugging and follow-up promotion problems, are bubble net earn before build small program practical experience, not mouth hi, so there is a certain reference.

There are many details, did not write, only shared the general operating process and ideas, if interested, you can find private bubble net to talk about the details.

Disassemble 0 dollars to buy small program to make money trading techniques, low threshold and suitable for ordinary people!

Disassemble 0 dollars to buy small program to make money trading techniques, low threshold and suitable for ordinary people!


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