Recommend a month into more than ten thousand projects, colleges and universities QQ group pay into the group to understand


I don’t think much about making money.

Making money is nothing more than targeting a specific selling point for traffic.

Recently and in-depth study of QQ group paid into the group project, many should have seen these groups, is to pay to enter.

Let me show you our operational revenue graph

An account between 5-25, generally 10-100 account operation. The payoff, you do the math.

A Brief Introduction

First, QQ paid group introduction

What is a paying group? As the name suggests, the group owner can set a fee that members must pay to join the group, as well as the fee required. Group members can join the group after paying this fee, without the approval of the group master or administrator.

Ii. Conditions for the use of the paid group entry function

Currently, paid groups cannot be created directly, it is an advanced feature on top of regular groups. When a common group conforms to group rank ≥LV2; Group credit rating =5 stars; When the group’s main QQ level is ≥LV12, it can be directly set as a paid group entry.

To put it bluntly, the first group ranking, the second Google screen.

Use group ranking to search for group entry

It is best to prepare 3 qq before setting up a group, and the level of the group main number should not be lower than 32, otherwise there is a quota limit for setting up 500 people.

Group master do not speak, trumpet operation, avoid blocking group master.

First of all, before you build a group, it’s best to make some old groups, the longer the time, the higher the weight of the group.

The second is the basic information and here I have three big steps:

1. Basic: Group name, group label, group introduction, profile picture, cover, address, classification

1, set the name of the group: the weight of keywords in the ranking is very important, try not to involve illegal words and sensitive information, it is very easy to lose the star.

2. Group classification and label: Brand products are recommended for group classification.

Select several key words and set several more, such as Chongqing Normal University freshmen group as an example, label: Chongqing Normal University, freshmen group, and so on.

3, group cover, head, as long as not illegal pictures, at will, each one.

4, group introduction: 12 words or so, put keywords, such as this group for Chongqing Normal University freshmen group.

5, group address: regional group priority policy, priority display local group, this most friends should be clear.

For example, I am in NewYork, search the word “part-time”, the majority of the display is NewYork part-time group, if not the local can use software operation.

Two, add group mode, add group automatic approval, search mode, stars, albums, documents

1, Add group, set verification, automatic approval set qq level 16, find the set through the group number or keywords.

The purpose of setting verification and automatic audit in group addition mode is to filter the marketing number. If automatic group entry is set, there will be many marketing numbers.

2, album, file, this upload 3 pictures can be, must upload, affect the group level.

3, the stars: the importance of the stars on the ranking does not say bubble net earn, look at the QQ group official website credit star rules can be understood.

After seeing the star drop, apply for recovery in time, or disband in recovery first, this is second recovery. 【 Recovery tutorial 】

Third, group member permissions

It is best to turn off temporary conversations and initiating group chats. Turn off temporary conversations to prevent group members from being harassed by marketing accounts. Turn off group chats to prevent people from stealing.

The above is ready, pull zombie powder, 500 people suggested to pull 300,1000 pull 700,2000 pull 1200, zombie powder used to fill the head, the ranking is also fast.

Note that 10 zombies are kicked off after they are nearly full, and 10 vacancies are maintained throughout the year. For example, the group size of 1000 people is always 990.

Pull good to get a few live powder into the group, active, and finally wait for the ranking can be, generally 3-5 days.

These are easy to do in the early stages, and individuals can do it, but the real technology is behind it. There are very few that have remained stable.

Using Google screen search into the group

First, content release

Go to post it, or Quora, Jian Shu, goods headline output your content. As shown below

This is easy to handle, as shown below

Screenshot of the wechat signal, or related content can be put inside. Or post bar comment section message!

Number two.


The problem

First copy the link of the content, open Google, search Google submission entry, click enter, submit the link, as shown in the figure

Copying content links

2. Open Google search Google submission link entry, and click enter

3. Copy the good link, submit, the submission can be displayed successfully!

Generally ranking 24 hours or 48 hours will be included bubble net to earn, every day to search Google keywords can be seen whether to be included!

In terms of operations and fission, there’s no technical content.

Just get a part-time job to help you with your daily mass hair, fission flow, and group activation.

Summarize a few things that need to be done in the early stage if you want to do this project well.

1. Group ranking technology optimization, how to crush peers.

2. Google screen play combination.

3.q group drainage fission, activate the community.

4. Community operation and maintenance

5. The penny system

Recommend a month into more than ten thousand projects, colleges and universities QQ group pay into the group to understand


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