Dismantling an unassuming profiteering online project on TikTok!


Hello, everyone, today I would like to share with my friends an unremarkable online profit making project on TikTok!

It is a project that makes money from Tiktok by exploiting human curiosity


Everyone has a curiosity about new things and people.

Since ancient times, human curiosity about the vast universe has never disappeared. In ancient times, the ancients with backward science and technology explored the mysteries of the universe by watching the stars at night, and in modern times, with the gradual development of science and technology, human studied the laws of celestial bodies through telescopes.

I think there may be a lot of friends like me bubble online earning, brushing the following types of videos on TikTok:

It’s something like, “One hundred thousand whys,” “The exploration of the Universe,” “the unsolved mysteries of mankind,” “Ancient civilizations,” “The Classic of Mountains and Seas.” These types of things seem plausible.

I find that these types of accounts have a lot of traffic, because humans are curious about them.

So I just randomly found an account on TikTok, which had hundreds of thousands of followers, millions of followers.

The cost of account video production is also very low, only need to edit the footage of science fiction movies, and then find books dubbing can be.

And then the video and the audio are combined, and you get a title and you’re ready to go.

When the number of fans is up, then hang up our little yellow car to sell books can be directly cash.

So next, from the start, cash, batch operation, to share with you how the novice should operate.


How to call quickly?

Some friends do TikTok number, hair works are always stuck in the 300-500, please look at the quick start a few skills.

1, clear segmentation field positioning, whether you do the universe or the mountains and seas

2. The style of the first 10 works is highly unified, the font size and position of the text are all unified, and the music is all popular

3. Copy selection, and then select 10, meet: strong teasing, strong controversy, big harvest

4, the work time is strictly controlled within 7-13 seconds, no longer is recommended, if the work with dubbing, do less than 16 seconds

5, make sure to refer to the previous popular clips to clip

6. All works are standard 1080P

7. Have two or three vertical topics

From this account, take a close look at the theme of the 36 tribes that disappeared in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, and see what is highly unified starting number.

If you’re stuck with 500 or so streams, try this trick

1, more specific topics, all the works with relevant topics, so that the account quickly labeled.

2. Give some celebrities big reviews, funny reviews,

You can let others give your comment content like, this point can not play a great role in increasing fans, but you can increase the weight of your account, give your account overall bonus points, the weight of the account increased, the work is easy to push

If your comments really can’t go to the front of the line, little like, you can reply to the first ranked comment, you can also get a like, a lot of people to see the first floor of the comment.

3, to brush live activities, go in to type, do not brush gifts

Why do you do these things? What are the popular mechanics of TikTok?

Sound hot mechanism!

Core Point 1: Improve your profile and stay active as much as possible!

Any platform has basic information and activity requirements, first of all, your basic information must be as perfect as possible, nickname, signature, background picture, age and so on, there is no need to say more, the activity is TikTok app has a lot of activities, such as challenge, live broadcast, popular BGM, you participate in more, the weight of the account will rise to bubble online earn. The Tiktok system will score accounts by default.

Core point 2: Be sure to use the popular BGM with 100,000 likes!

TikTok is a platform that attaches great importance to BGM. Even if it is a popular big V account, the importance of BGM is well matched with the works. No matter how good the content of the works is, it will not feel.

Core point 3: pay attention to finish broadcast rate and comment rate!

Have you noticed that sometimes the number of likes is 70 or 80 even after 500 plays, which makes you mistakenly think that the work is good and the reason why TikTok does not push it can be attributed to the account problem? That’s not true. Others give you a “like”, because the finished people think the content is touched to give you a “like”, but most people didn’t read the end of the row away, or not a few comments, resulting in the work can not enter the next flow pool. Improve the broadcast rate: don’t wordy works, editing to fit the content, as far as possible to shorten the time! Improve the comment rate: the content either makes people move, or makes people cry, or makes people sigh (tie the heart)! When you see the title, you don’t want to look down. The completion rate and comments are very poor. Naturally, only the base playback!

Also note: clarity beautiful typography!

There is no need to ask more about this, the text size is different, the layout is not ideal, these details are unable to push to the hot, why other people’s works on the hot, the layout is really good, the definition of 720P or 1080P is the most basic.


How to enhance transformation?

Do the above points, plus one factor, the conversion rate increased by 200%, that is, the works must be added to the book cover picture, so that the works and books are strongly related.

How to apply for High Commission Orientation?

The easiest way to apply for high commission is to go to the background of TikTok window and click on High Commission application

Another way is to find book merchants and cooperate with them, generally offline merchants

Commissions generally range from 60% to 70%.


How to batch operation?

1. At present, Tiktok window background cash withdrawal is a real-name authentication, corresponding to a real-name withdrawal card, so one point to solve the batch operation is that you need to prepare multiple authentication information withdrawal cards.

It is suggested to use relatives and friends at home.

Some friends do the studio, is to buy someone else’s verified account, now does not detect the time, the need for face recognition, so, try to use people around.

2. Use one TikTok account on one mobile phone. Do not switch to log in with multiple TikTok accounts on the same phone.

3, multiple accounts, the style of the work can be similar, but not the same work, multiple TikTok simultaneous release, such as the work of real people, you can shoot multiple camera, multiple shots bubble online income, actually say the same words, and then cut, the repetition rate is low.

Finally, novice friends should do a good job in the details when playing TikTok, don’t be obsessed with the popular results of others, you can do it yourself, of course, there are still many details to be completed in order to do a good job of TikTok, it is better to find a teacher to guide you, it is much better than detour yourself.

Dismantling an unassuming profiteering online project on TikTok!


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