Three kinds of practical operation of the net earning project, suitable for novice operation!


Recently, I often have friends come to me to ask what projects are good to do and what kind of broad thinking they have. In fact, there are many projects.

Teaching a man to fish is better than giving him fish.

Today, I will share with my friends 3 kinds of online project models that can make money immediately by using poor information.


A story about smoking cessation is used to illustrate three principles of making money by using the information gap. The principle of the project is simple, which can be understood after careful reading and can be operated immediately.


Profit by selling methods/knowledge that most people don’t know to those who need it

There is an accountant in the UK, is a heavily addicted chain smoker, as long as 33 years of smoking, 100 cigarettes a day, deteriorating health, he almost into despair. In 1983, he finally found the “easy way to quit” and quit smoking. From then on, he vowed to solve the world’s smoking problem.

Over the past 25 years, he has helped 1,000 people around the world break the habit with his book This Book Will Make You Quit Smoking.

Our high-flying British chain-smoker has sold at least 10 million people unknown ways to quit smoking.

To get to the point, the first way to make money out of poor information came out: “Sell the method/knowledge that most people don’t know to those who need it for profit”

When you have more knowledge in a field than most people, perhaps not enough to support you to publish a book, but also can’t pay for knowledge?

You can write articles about your knowledge and upload them to Quora, Toutiao, Wetiao and other we-media platforms to earn rewards for authors and advertising income

You can make paid video upload litchi micro class, NetEase cloud class, Tencent class, knowledge planet and so on

Also can be like “logical thinking”, “Fan Deng reading club” simply do the knowledge of the second peddler.


Instead of selling the information I know directly, I use the information I know to solve your problems and make profits

There is A “we media” operator in the south who is also a heavy smoker. Accidentally learned that “this book can let you quit smoking” this book, holding a try mentality with the method in the book is really successful in quitting smoking.

The old A, also a master of the Internet, realized that this was a huge business opportunity and analyzed the following scenarios of users’ demands for quitting smoking:

1, smokers are afraid that smoking is harmful to health;

2, the wife is afraid of her husband smoking influence fertility, has been reluctant to have children;

3, the goddess does not like smoking, like the goddess of Xiao Zhang because afraid of goddess because he is a smoker is not willing to give themselves the opportunity to pursue;

Our old A analyzed from three scenarios that quitting smoking is the user’s pain point (users fear, we call it “pain point”), which is definitely a huge business opportunity.

Then old A made a project “smoking cessation consultation” according to the method of quitting smoking in the book. The operation steps of the project are as follows:

1. According to the smoking cessation methods learned in the book, establish a set of standard procedures for smoking cessation and psychological counseling procedures;

2, smoking cessation service has, no flow how to do?

Our good old “A” figured out a simple way to get traffic. With background music, I filmed short videos of myself explaining how to quit smoking from the book. Posted on short video platforms such as TikTok and Kuaishou, it gained hundreds of thousands of fans within a few months.

3. Leave the information diverted to wechat personal account on the homepage of the short video platform

4. IP packaging of wechat personal number: recent photos of real people; Include your experience and references to smoking cessation counseling; Circle of friends released some simple methods to quit smoking, successful cases to create a quit master IP

5. Three kinds of mentality for users to add wechat

(1, wait and see, what you do in the end is professional; 2. I was busy at that time, so it was not convenient to communicate. 3, trust me this IP immediately want to quit smoking), comb out a set of high conversion words

If you add Old A’s wechat on TikTok platform, you will know that A smoking cessation consultation varies from 249/ dollars to 600/ dollars. We assume that the conversion rate of adding Old A’s wechat from TikTok is 5%, and the purchase service after adding wechat is 10%.

It is concluded that the number of old A serving: 423000×0.05×0.1=2115/ person,

Revenue: 2115×249=526635/ dollars

Including some smokers’ peripheral products, the revenue is estimated to be a small million, and the cost?

It’s almost zero!

To highlight the point, the second way to make money by using poor information also comes out: “Don’t sell the information I know directly, use the information I know to solve your problem to make profit”.

“Use what I know to solve your problem” is one of the most common ways to make money from poor information: business advice, legal advice, financial advice, smoking cessation advice, etc


Channel information is poor, buy low sell high

In the north of China, we have a sister S who is engaged in e-commerce

, are also heavy smokers. In the process of scrolling TikTok, I saw old A’s video. They happened to know each other and learned about this book through communication. Sister S on the Internet to download the “this book can let you quit smoking” e-book, smoking success!

Sister S is an old person in the e-commerce business, and she knows that this is A good business opportunity, so she can’t take the job of her friend Old A. So, Sister S came up with another business model:

1. Also, the content of This Book Can Make You Quit Smoking was posted to the short video platform, and the number of fans quickly reached 455,000

2. Then put the book “This book can Make You Quit Smoking” on the shop window, the price is 36 dollars /

Let’s see how much Pinduoduo sells for:

Pinduoduo sells 14.8, which means he can earn: 36-14.8=21.2/ dollars per book

A Book 21.2,

Ten books 212/ dollars!

2120 dollars for 100 copies!

10000 copies of 212000/ dollars!

450,000 fans, 5% conversion rate is 22,500 / person, income: 22,500 x21.2= 477,000 / dollars

Putting in some peripheral products, another ordinary people can do and a few months of revenue of small millions of projects!

Hit the point, the third way to make money using poor information came out: “poor channel information, buy low sell high”

Like Amazon unstocked model, recently very popular Second hand goods trading platform unstocked model is the third use of information poor money play, in 1688, pin-more and other platforms at a low price a generation, in Amazon Second hand goods trading platform release goods, sell out let suppliers deliver


Extension of project

Another “Use What I Know to Solve your Problem” project: the Baby Name Project

1. Identify business opportunities

No matter the poor, rich, or ordinary people have a baby is the top priority, after all, children are the continuation of genes, is the hope of the country, the future of the nation

So after giving birth to a child, the first thing is to give the child a good name, the name will bind the child for life. In particular, our Chinese name should be pleasant to listen to, easy to pronounce, but also have meaning, in line with eight characters and five lines, three only five types…..

In the past two years, the two-child policy has been opened, and this year, because of the impact of the epidemic, people are not allowed to go out. So I expect the birth rate in the second half of this year will reach the peak of recent years.

The popularity of names can also be reflected in the Google index:

Go to SNS, TikTok search “name”, you will find a variety of names

Most of this content consists of (video + pictures) + background music and you will find it very easy to make

You can choose to search for some good names to create your own, or you can directly transport (this does not involve copyright)

If you search “name” in TikTok and SNS, you will know that the video is easy to make; Strong powder absorption and high content interactivity.

Because the property of the project itself has its own flow, strong interaction

2. What are the names of marketing numbers

Name project market prospects so good, how to give the user name?

You go to the Second hand goods trading platform search

“Name Software”

, you’ll find a name service that costs hundreds of dollars more on Xianyu for 5 dollars /

It can also name the baby according to the different needs of eight-character, three-character and five-character, poetry and allegorical meanings

Buy good software to install on the computer, input relevant information, can be based on three to five boxes, eight characters, meaning and other different requirements to name the baby

3. How do you make money

1. Attracted fans for the content made by TikTok, carried it to various apps, carried the social networking sites to TikTok, and carried the little Red book to TikTok by myself


Create content for the second time and publish it to XiaoHongshu and TikTok.

2. SNS and TikTok account homepage send personal wechat messages to wechat.

3. A naming service is priced from 298 to 738

Let’s calculate the revenue of the 1 million fans account of TikTok. We assume that 5% of the users add his wechat, and 5% of the users transact the transaction

Transaction number: 1000000×0.05×0.05=2500/ person;

We calculate the unit price at the lowest 298/ dollars, revenue: 2500×298=745000/ dollars

Do you think that this is the end, there is a general demand for a name for the treasure mother, do the Internet know that the treasure mother powder value is very high, so the treasure mother needs milk powder, picture books, toys and other products?

Does Bao Ma need weight loss, clothing, beauty, cosmetics and other products?

The Internet has a high value of Bao Ma powder, cash is really not too easy!

Three kinds of practical operation of the net earning project, suitable for novice operation!

Three kinds of practical operation of the net earning project, suitable for novice operation!


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