How to play the Tarot project with an annual income of 20W, teach you the operation steps by hand


Recently, there are old students and I mentioned the tarot card project, want to know how to operate, do not know what the prospect is like, originally wanted to say in the micro channel to say it, think about a sentence and say it is not clear, afraid of misleading others, so I decided to write an article to do a detailed disorganization.

The Taro project has only emerged in the last two years, and before that there was basically no one in the community working on it. As Feng shui, eight characters, palm reading and other projects are suppressed by ZC, so some people are targeting this market, we can understand it as the western feng shui project.

Taro is more popular among young people, maybe it is entertaining, often see some people in the circle of friends to talk about it.

What is Tarot

We still need to have a preliminary understanding of the project. It is said in the encyclopedia that it is a method of divination in the west. There are 78 cards, including 22 Alka cards and 56 small Alka cards, which can be divined separately or mixed.

Project feasibility analysis

As usual, let’s look at some statistics:

The search index of Google Index is about 3500 every day, which is very high. As I said before, if the search index is 1000 every day, this project will be considered as relatively popular and in high demand.

Wechat search index in the last 90 days is around 90W, the search volume is huge.

As mentioned above, this kind of project is mainly aimed at young people, especially young women. Basically, our user positioning has been determined.

This project has another advantage, the operation does not have a high threshold, it is very simple to learn, the solution of the card is not difficult, the method will be introduced in detail in the back, the other is that the capital investment can be almost negligible, a pair of tarot cards, Amazon to buy dozens of dollars.

Dig peers, copy peers

Many people want to do this project, but do not know how to get started, here is a most efficient way to get started, just need to find peers, find the keywords of peers, you will find the channel of traffic.

How do you find your peers? The easiest way is through the main keyword search, in Google, B station, Kuaishou, TikTok, wechat search inside.

First of all, we will see if there is no paid promotion on Google. I have always stressed that to see whether a project can operate and make money, it depends on whether there is a peer doing paid promotion.

You can see that the first page has a lot of relevant Google advertising. All we have to do is find him and observe him.

Observe what?

Watch and note if he’s still having sex over a period of time, in 14-day cycles.

Page is there any inducement to add wechat, QQ or through the public number, small program payment.

What are his highest and lowest unit prices? What service is it being cashed out of?

There is no relevant inducement and copy, how to make the deal.

We also pretend to be customers, add their wechat, public accounts, public accounts to see the average amount of reading, activity and update frequency, update what?

See how to build his circle of friends, circle of friends copy, deal words, customer feedback screenshots, how to receive payment, what value extension, there is no free to send what information.

When we add him, we need to consult as a client, get him to talk.

We put these free materials, words to sort out, we can also use later.

To other channels is the same operation, as much as possible to collect peers, observe and dismantle his pattern.

Procedure of operation

After a period of early operation, basically understand the peer operation mode.

First of all, we create a private traffic pool to undertake the drainage of traffic, this can be wechat, can also be a public number, the way to create is how peers do, we can directly copy him. Do not know how to do the public number can go to bubble net to earn before the article archaeology.

Then it is the drainage, the traffic channel where the peer is, we will do what the peer does, can you understand?

Any project is first copy and then improve innovation, at the beginning of the thought of subversion, basically all for nothing. By focusing on peer unbundling, you can get twice the result with half the effort. It’s time well spent.

Drainage way money to engage in paid traffic, bidding, information flow and so on, no money on the honest focus on one or two platforms, traffic channels: Google post bar, Quora, B station, Kuaishou, TikTok, Douban, Weibo, social networking sites and so on.

The flow is the problem of cash, before sorting out the words, the data is used here, in short, how peers set you, you take to use.

Finally, how to learn Taro knowledge?

In fact, you still need to learn a little, you can learn from these aspects:

Related knowledge can be Amazon to buy some related books, or Google search e-books.

Pay attention to the wechat public account, collect the relevant tarot card knowledge.

Follow station B up and watch related videos.

In short, there are articles to read articles, videos to watch videos, audio to listen to audio, collect and absorb the relevant knowledge points to record and organize.

In front of the real marketing, you will not Taro is not much matter, do the network project the most core is traffic, you can get 50/100 traffic every day, even if you do not know anything, a few transactions is not a big problem.

You can also cooperate with others, you focus on diversion, get traffic and then forward to the partner for cash.

The above is the bubble net to share today’s project details, do not understand the collection slowly appreciate.

Finally, the same sentence:

Why do you have to worry about making money, it’s over.

How to play the Tarot project with an annual income of 20W, teach you the operation steps by hand


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