YouTube into 500+ zero threshold entrepreneurial small projects, have a hand on the line!


The YouTube is constantly accelerating iteration and increasing volume. On September 9, wechat said in the wechat special session of Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference,

The small store function will open up all traffic scenes in wechat, including YouTube, public number and so on


That means a new wave of traffic dividends is on the way, and while you’re on the lookout, there are already plenty of YouTubes making money.

In order to let more people can smoothly into the game, thoroughly understand more YouTube cash gameplay, that today I give you to share a YouTube drainage project: emotional copy number

As long as the good use of some sad, healing copy can be done, a video hit is also very easy to personal account to bring huge fan traffic.

The following will be separated from

Project gameplay reveal, realization way

Two aspects, to talk to you about the emotional copy number in the YouTube drainage of a few points.


Disassemble the project routine

In fact, long before the opening of video account, emotional copywriting account has been a relatively mature play in short video platforms such as TikTok and Kuaishou.

Now, with the YouTube of the growth of the flow, so there are big players copied this set to the YouTube, began a large number of drainage from the YouTube.

If you open the video account and don’t need to search for the keyword “emotion, healing”, you can get a bunch of content about emotion, healing and copywriting in the recommended section.

It’s not hard to see

The number of fans of these accounts is very high, and the interactive data of all aspects of the video works is also very good

In addition, the ability to realize the earnings is also relatively strong.

The threshold of this project is relatively low, anyone can operate, I hope you can draw inferno after reading the article, so ordinary people want to do YouTube emotional copywriting account to make money how to start?

The emotional text is no

The core gameplay is mainly through the form of short video release scene cure video mixed cut content, finally diversion to the private domain flow pool conversion, through knowledge payment, book list, or like some experts do offline psychological emotional counseling to cash in.

After understanding the core operation points of the project, let’s talk about the content setting:

This type of short video content is typically modelled,

The theme is presented in a fragmented form, which causes a sensory impact on the audience in a short time and arouses the emotional resonance of users

The requirements of logic, writing, innovation and so on are not high.

For YouTubes, the more vertical the positioning, the clearer the value, and the richer the private traffic, the better to make money.

Therefore, in terms of content, two values must be presented. One is the content value bubble online income, which refers to whether the audience can obtain useful content information from the video; The second is emotional value, which refers to whether the audience can arouse emotional resonance through the video.

A good short video contains content value and emotional value, which can attract users to watch it for a long time and generate the behavior that users are willing to forward.

And the emotion number says

Maximize the emotional value

When the short, popular and emotional copy is paired with beautiful, small and fresh video images, or the matching of film and television clips in line with the content of the copy, the music with soft melody or gentle voice commentary is added, and the conflicting short video title + hot topic is added.

For example:

“If we’d seen each other I’d have said whxn instead of Long time no see.”

“May you be curious about the world even on the dullest of days. Go to sleep if you can’t stand it.

“When you are young, you always meet someone who you think is very important in your life. Later, you can only say that the fate has not arrived.”

The topic selection is very simple, you can read more Quora, public account, Weibo hot comments and so on, search the key can find a lot of themes can be used to make videos, mainly according to the type and preferences of fans to choose, oneself should also pay attention to accumulation, see good sentences down.

NetEase cloud reviews are never short of sentimental, is a very good source of content and copywriting materials.


How to cash out after cold start?

It should be noted that the emotional number belongs to the pan-entertainment account, and the fan groups are pan-powder. In essence, it is still a kind of marketing number. The cash ability is relatively weak compared with other projects, but it can also be realized.

This kind of emotional number cash way is also relatively simple and rough, a popular video is also very easy to personal number to bring huge accurate fan flow.

I have summarized the following methods, which I hope will be helpful to you:

1. Drain to wechat

It goes without saying how important private domain traffic is to an online earning project.

Diversion to the private domain traffic pool conversion, through knowledge payment, book list, or like some experts do offline psychological emotional counseling and other ways to cash in, the current YouTube fans will be diverted to the private domain traffic in four ways:

Leave the wechat QR code in the article of the public number
Leave a personal micro signal in the homepage introduction of the YouTube
YouTube home page background picture leave personal wechat
Leave your wechat name and wechat ID in the comment section

Before I wrote an article specifically about the YouTube drainage, here is no longer repeated, interested partners can click the blue word to read →

Wechat YouTube daily drainage 300+ precision powder of 5 sets, quick look!

The first user diversion to wechat again, after all, this kind of fan quality is quite good, and accurate.

After the accumulation of a certain number of users, you can slowly send some advertising bubble net income in the circle of friends, as long as there is a certain amount of traffic, do a good job of selection and fan maintenance, not afraid of selling out.

2. Accept advertising tasks

In addition to the diversion to the private domain traffic, but also directly in the promotion platform to take the task to make money.

Articles with links to small programs are added below the works to attract users to click on them. Users can get commission by paying to use the products in the small program, and pay money according to the traffic and conversion rate.

The general promotion task is to follow some constellation, test, fortune-telling small program promotion.

* The photo is from the public account @Operation Research Society

3. Sell project courses

The last way to cash out is to do project training to sell tutorials, when their other cash business is mature or developed to a certain extent, you can package the whole project of gameplay tutorials to sell out, but the premise is that your teaching content needs to pass, or it is cut leek, cheat.



This is the end of today’s project dismantling. In fact, no matter what project you do, it is the same. The most important thing is the ability of execution and continuous innovation and learning.

This gameplay is easy to practice, and the technical requirements for video editing are relatively low. It mainly relies on execution + innovative thinking. It only takes about half an hour to produce a video, and it will be faster after proficiency.

* Note: in the drainage and realization, or through the formal way of operation, the formal way of realization, the content of this article is for reference only, do not use illegal ways, harm yourself!

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YouTube into 500+ zero threshold entrepreneurial small projects, have a hand on the line!

YouTube into 500+ zero threshold entrepreneurial small projects, have a hand on the line!


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