An unexpected small project in the blue ocean can earn 1000 dollars per order


Many people started their own businesses and did projects for many years without success, or they said they could not earn any money. Do you know why?

An unexpected small project in the blue ocean can earn 1000 dollars per order

Because the products or fields you choose are known to most people, and most people are doing it. What is the name? Crimson Sea. If you choose the Red Sea products or the Red Sea field, the competition is very strongFierce, can it make money?

Today, I would like to share with you a one-sided project that can earn 1000 in an unexpected blue ocean. Of course, there are also things that can make money in the Red Sea, that is, there should be resources and teams, but most people are brushed off by these conditions.

For ordinary people, we should start our own businesses,How to do the project?

It must be possible to make money, and there must be a way. When you think it is extremely difficult to make money, it is the wrong way. You should choose blue ocean.

For ordinary people, orFor most start-ups, improving their success rate and choosing blue oceans is the first choice.

WeIt can also be simpler to use only one formula, one universal formula:

Surprise new platform imitation persistence=making money

This is the universal formula, which is very simple, so making money is also a simple thing. If you find it difficult, you have not found the method and mastered the formula.

Module in the formulaImitation and persistence are the most basic elements. Imitation is learning from peers. Persistence is like opening a shop to do business. Who doesn’t have the door open every day, does he? So we leave two key words here,Add new platform for cold doors.

We can take an example, for example, to do e-commerce, sell goods, sell goods, and whatXihao? Clothes, cosmetics and daily necessities sell well, so we pass them all. They are too popular.

We need to choose some cool products. The formula here becomes a cool product plus new e-commerce platform. How to find the unexpected products? This needs to be explored by yourself, and there is still time to pay attentionObserve. When you encounter unfamiliar advertisements, click them. Usually, you must collect and find more.

The information from peers is also very important. For example, the category of machinery and equipment for the minority is not very popular. Then look for blue ocean products in this category, such as firewood stoves. Sugarcane peeling machine,Fish killing machines and fish ovens, are they seldom heard? Is it cold? It’s cold enough. Never heard of it.

We have solved the first cold product factor, and the second is the new e-commerce platform, such as Amazon, Tmall, JD, and even Pinxixi,We don’t choose these platforms because they are too popularIs also the Red SeaThe competition is also fierce. These e-commerce platforms can also be used to find products that are not popular.

But what we are looking for here is the best platform, that isWe need to spend the least time and energy to maximize profitsWhere is such an opportunity? Where is the new e-commerce platform? The answer is the Tiktok store,But the Tiktok store is just a transaction system. No traffic comes in. What platform is the traffic on?

Tiktok short video.Well, here we found an unexpected product and a new e-commerce platform. The specific points are firewood stove Tiktok short video, sugar cane peeler Tiktok short video, fish killing machine Tiktok short video, fish oven Tiktok short video

Then we determine the products, and we use videos and scene videos of these products every day, and then publish them to Tiktok. We don’t need to choose customers, because Tiktok’s powerful bubble net profit push system will help us find accurate customers.

Found the unexpectedThe product has also found a new platform, so the next thing is to imitate. Go to Tiktok and search, and you will know how to play. The comment area will ask how much it costs. Then the business will come, and the price of these mechanical equipment is usually between 3000 and 5000, and the price difference of one machine is about 1000Is it easy to earn?

The most important thing is accuracy. Despite the 600 fans, they can earn 1000 a day. I remember that I also sold mechanical equipment in 2017. At that time, the price was 16000, and the price was 9000. I was also a brick mover, making a difference.There is a difference of 5000 in the middle. And you don’t need to deliver the goods by yourself. After you have an order, it will be transferred to your family.

Do you have any idea?

An unexpected small project in the blue ocean can earn 1000 dollars per order


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