Two hours a day, batch operation of the Tiktok Blue Ocean basic project, a video earns 25w !


I don’t know whether the little partners have no spirit in the daytime because they toss and turn in bed every night and think wildly—— This phenomenon is known as insomnia!

Two hours a day, batch operation of the Tiktok Blue Ocean basic project, a video earns 25w !

Insomnia is a very serious problem, which disturbs many people and seriously affects our life

If there is a problem, it needs to be solved. Two days ago, TiktokA search for insomnia.

Don’t search don’t know, a search startled, the original field of sleep products are so many people doing. There are people who tell bedtime stories, who connect wheat before bed, and who sell essential oils to help sleep.

Today I will focus on such a project,Use Tiktok to sell nature sleep music and earn tens of thousands of dollars a monthproject

Why do we call it profiteering?

Because you do not need to have any professional knowledge and skills, and now most people like to stay up late, with high pressure, insomnia has become a common phenomenon in society, so this is just the product needed. Where there is a need, there will be huge profits.

Look at the following cases:

This should be the sameFrom the two different accounts that people are operating on, we can see that each video has a high number of playback and likes.

The video content is also very simple. A video of rain with a sound of rain is combined into a new original video.

If you see the contact information of the author left at the top of the home page, you can add it as a customerIn a nutshell, see how he realized it.

It is to sell songs, either singly or in packages, and also for lifelong membership. The price ranges from 8 to 99 dollars.

But you know what? This kind of music resource package only costs a few dollars on Amazon.

Do you think it is profiteering?

One of his videos was exposedIf the customer price is more than 500W, the average customer price is 50 dollars. There is no doubt that the customers interested in this kind of video are precision customers. According to the conversion rate of 0.1%, 500w * 0.1%=5000 people, 5000 * 50=250000. Yes, that’s right,One video can give himTake 25W of income.

Although compared with the head anchors who earn millions in a shopping show, their income is not worth mentioning, you should know that ordinary people can’t shoot jokes, edit videos, broadcast live, or bring goods. It’s amazing that they can get such income just by carrying low threshold sleep aid videosNow, you are the best of the best, OK?

And this person obviously operates more than one account. What if he has five accounts, ten accounts, or even hundreds of accounts? What if this person not only sells music, but also collects tuition fees for training?

like this:

If the novice comes to operate this project, is it easy to get started? answerThe case is affirmative.

How to operate it?

1、First, register a Tiktok number, or it will not be distributed. The other thing is to remember to keep the number. Don’t mess around. Do some marketing activities. It’s easy to seal the number. For this kind of sleep aid account, you’d better choose a name with sleep aid, and add voice control or music to the suffix.


In terms of materials, of course, it is the first choice of a universal treasure. The white noise, rain, birdsong, video and audio materials all depend on your choice.

3. How to operate

Open the clip. If there is no one, download one. Then import the video material and audio material and make itWe can’t import clips. First, let’s see the official teaching video.

If you really don’t know how to make videos, you can find some peer accounts to learn and see how other people’s videos are sent. The videos above are a single picture and a piece of music from beginning to end. From the perspective of editing, it is completely easy. You useYou can create an original video in dozens of minutes. This is still under the unskilled condition of Bubble Online. If you are skilled, it is absolutely possible to create a video in ten minutes.

Coupled with beautiful and sentimental copy that can resonate, copy can be found in Netease Cloud’s sentimental song review. So far, an original sleep aid videoDone.

It is no problem to edit 20 videos a day, and then publish these videos to different Tiktok accounts, together with casting some pods, browse more videos of this type, and tag the accounts.

Leave your own wx and other contact information on the home page in homophonic mode.

4. Realization method

The most common changes in such accountsThe current method is OKSelling goodsWe can sell some products to help people sleep, such as melatonin, sleep goggles, and sleep fragrance. You can also sell audio directly.

If you want to divert to the private domain, you can also make other cash flows. For example, you have a life official account that connects with the take out cps and moviesCoupons, phone recharge and so on are also available. Of course, there are some basic realization methods of Tiktok, such as hanging small programs, unmanned live broadcast, advertising, etc.

After you make your own achievements, you can start to recruit students and sell training programs and tutorials.

This project cannot be edited, scripted or photographedPhotography, no planning, no live broadcast, no ability to bring goodsNoviceIt’s really friendly, and it doesn’t involve real objects, it’s all virtual products.

The huge profits of virtual products are self-evident.

Of course, this kind of low threshold project is bound to have many competitors, but which project is not competitive now? Who is itMore perseverance? Who is more determined? Who can bear hardships better?

Summary:It is very simple for novices to do such projects. Every day, they just import and make bricks.

The same sentence: The project is changing but the idea remains the same. Partners should not just build one platform and one account.

You can operate multiple accounts in batchesFor the operation of Taiwan matrix, the novice can’t operate in the early stage, so he can take his time one by one to develop this kind of thinking. No matter what he does, he can make a lot of money.

Two hours a day, batch operation of the Tiktok Blue Ocean basic project, a video earns 25w !


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