It only takes one to two hours a day to share a reliable sideline earned by an unexpected person online


Today, I would like to share a reliable sideline for my friends!

It only takes one to two hours a day to share a reliable sideline earned by an unexpected person online

This is an online profit project about “account sharing network”

The project is simple and easy to operate. It only takes one to two hours to complete every day. It is suitable for novices to operate. You can also accelerate your growth in operating this project.

What is accountingNo. shared network?

See the following website case:

These websites have a large number of members from various platforms. These accounts are distributed free of charge by the webmaster. We are doingThey can also be used as good reference objects for this project.

How does this website make money? They mainly have four realization modes:

1. Sell all kinds of members, deposit customers in WeChat, and facilitate secondary transformation

Basically, each website will put its own WeChat, which everyone knows.

Well, lookHere, some friends may ask: How can users buy so many free member accounts on the website?

This is because most of these accounts are not real, and some are made up by the webmaster at will. If you are looking for a member in Google now, after looking for a long time, you finally find a free oneIt can be used. Will you add WeChat to purchase it?

If it was me, I would. Because I had a hard time finding the channel, I would definitely try it, because I didn’t want to find it again, and there was an obvious prompt on the website: the password will be changed or frozen soon after the sharing account is released.

Another situation is that when youIf you find a free account and find it usable, will you collect this website and add customer service WeChat for future needs?

I think I will, too.

Of course, there is a problem of probability. We can’t guarantee that every customer can be transformed, but someone must pay for it.

2. Make official account, realized through main ads of official account traffic

For this website, users are forced to follow the official account and reply to keywords on the official account to get a verification code before they can see the shared content.

The realization of official account can be the main realization of traffic, can also be realized by advertising, can also promote their own products, and can also earn income.

3. Realizing through advertising on the website

For example, this website is cashing in on advertisements. If the IP address of this website is above 500, it is no problem to earn 3000 dollars a month.

How can customers find low-cost accounts when buying?

There is a platform called Kaka Gift Network, which has low-cost accounts.

Than the official VIP If the price is cheap, we will charge less according to the official price, and there is also profit space.

In addition, some treasure and some fish have low price accounts. When customers need them, they can also place orders on these platforms.

What are the advantages of making this website profitable?

Compared with other websites, this website is very suitable for novices, because its profit model is very direct, and the users of the website are all precise users, which can be realized directly.

Another problem that many people can’t solve is originality. This kind of website doesn’t need you to try to be original. You just need to update the account content according to the template content, and the website has trafficThese three advantages are incomparable to most websites.

Finally, how to build a website?

When it comes to building a website, many friends may have a headache. In fact, it is very simple, and it is a one-time operation. You just need to build it and use it.

If there is a little partner who wants to learn how to build a websiteYou can reply to the keyword on the official account of Shangmeng Online School: build a website

The system will share a free website building tutorial for you.

There is no traffic when building a new station. To do this project, you must do SEO optimization. Because with traffic, cash flow is possible.

Those who need to learn seo skills can scan the code to addAdd WeChat of customer service below Note: seo can be sent to you for free

Don’t add partners who are not sincere in learning~

The above is the content to share with you, and I hope it can help you!

It only takes one to two hours a day to share a reliable sideline earned by an unexpected person online


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