Tiktok’s latest project play method sharing, beautiful scenery can also achieve 1000 per day!


Today, I will share the latest play method of a certain music project. If you like beautiful scenery and beautiful things, you can take a look at this sideline. It has a wide audience, and its own traffic and attention. Many people have not seen it, and fewer people do it, but it can quickly bring us a large number of fans andRevenue.

Tiktok’s latest project play method sharing, beautiful scenery can also achieve 1000 per day!

We only need to prepare an account and a pair of eyes that can discover beauty to start this sideline. You can see and share some beautiful scenery. These video accounts that specially send various amazing beauty stories call them healing bloggers. Such healing accounts are not always easy to do.

I found a colleagueAccording to the data, the number of videos played in July has exceeded 8 million in two cases, three million in two cases, and hundreds of thousands in several cases. His account has only been used for three months, and now he is a 500,000 fan. Every month, he realizes more than 30,000 through this account. This blogger is a junior student, and he doesn’t study that much every dayWhen he was busy, he took the time to set up this account. Now he earns enough money every month to cover his daily expenses.

First, how to obtain materials

1. A blog, a red book, a travel website,There are many art bloggers in these platforms. The travel bloggers take photos and the bloggers heal. The bloggers can find them directly, and they will shareThere are many copyrightless video materials. After you find them, you can directly take them back for editing and send them to a certain voice.

2. Go to ins/TK to findThe video content of these two channels is foreign material, and many materials have not been distributed in China. At the beginning, you saw the video in the foreign material libraryThe moved ones are found in TK. After we find the right materials, we can edit them directly.

Second, how to publish videos

After finding the video, there is another very important core, which can determine the number of likes, comments and fans of the video. It is the copywriting. A high-quality copywriting canIt resonates with our fans, and also helps our videos become popular with millions of fans. There are three types of copywriting.

The first is the questioning type, the second is the emo emotion type, and the third is the interactive typeThere is a very important key point. I have seen 58The accounts of the healing department have summarized several points. These points can help you quickly increase popularity and increase the broadcast volume. I found that only the curiosity video with some depressed pictures can increase popularity and likes the most quickly, which is most suitable for novices. At present, there are few people who do this type. Just do it, there will be a broadcast volume, and there will be fansAfter.

Third, how to realize the account

1. Training,The blogger will leave a way on the homepage, and then lead it to a letter for cash. The training price varies from hundreds to hundreds, mainly teaching others how to do the same type of account. I saw some bloggers of the healing department, and a certain voice has become a fan of more than 200000 people for more than a month. He taught videosThe income of editing and picture color mixing is more than 1000 dollars a day.

2. Private domain,It is to turn fans into their own flow pool for product realization, such as cosmetics, clothing, WeChat business, Taoke, etc. If you have products, you can turn them into products. If you don’t have products to make money online, you can turn them into trainingChoose according to your own situation. The sharing in this issue is actually information poor. There was a popular word called emo before. Many people felt depressed, so there was a demand. After this demand in the market, there were some accounts for healing content.

After we see the requirements, we need to think about whether there is a corresponding solutionAs long as we meet the needs of others, we can get a steady stream of income from it. Today’s sharing project is to create a landscape map account to meet their needs, and then obtain fans for cash.

Tiktok’s latest project play method sharing, beautiful scenery can also achieve 1000 per day!


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