The CPS moneymaking project backed by Tencent Cloud is a regular and long-term project!


Recently, many students came to ask: Teacher, I want to run the website in batches. Where can I buy a cost-effective server?

The CPS moneymaking project backed by Tencent Cloud is a regular and long-term project!

So today, we can not only share a channel with our partners, but also gain profits through this channel.

How to operate?

1. Open the following link in the browser

After opening, we came to the interface where Tencent Cloud Promotion Ambassador invited new rewards.

As shown below:

Click “I want to promote”. If there is no partner who logs in to the account, the platform will ask you to log in to the accountWe will ask you to have real name authentication.

2. Real name authentication

Real name authentication is divided into personal authentication and enterprise authentication. Generally, we choose personal authentication, and only need to submit personal information as required

3. Enter the promotion background

After completing the real name authentication, click I want to promote, and you can directly enter the promotion center,At this time, the platform will give the additional reward rules for promotion ambassadors in September, as shown below:

4. Select product promotion

What are the product advantages of the promotion center?

a. Price advantage

When entering the promotion center, you can choose the name of the product to purchase, or you can choose popular products to promote

For example, we select the first product link to copy toOpen the browser to see the price72 One year

However, it takes 356 years for similar configurations in Alibaba Cloud

So for most people, they will give priority to the products priced at 72 dollars a year

b. Rich promotion materials

The platform provides us with short chain promotion, article promotion, and customized promotion links, very convenient

c. High commission

Let’s take a look at the reward rules: promotion rewards are calculated according to the member point system

The basic commission is 20%. Promoters’ member stars are updated monthly, and monthly settlement is conducted from the 6th to the 10th of each month. According to the promotion points of the past three months, the member stars and stars of this month are calculated, determined and updatedReward (the commission ratio of 1-10 days will be updated at the same time).

It means that as long as you register through your link and purchase the server, you will have at least 20% of the commission, and there are other commission systems. Partners can click the link to view in detail:

d. Perfect promotion management

The platform gives us a promotion management system, where we can see promotion orders in the background, click the trend chart of promotion links, etc., which is convenient for us to do better promotion optimization.

5. So how to promote it?

First, determine the target population. Most of the people who will use the server are engaged in websites, software, programmers, e-commerce practitioners, computer college students, etc

Determine promotion channels.

A. Professional technical forum

For example, CSDN is a world-famous Chinese IT technology exchange platform spm=1001.2100.3001.4476

There are also some authors who promote ECS while communicating technology.

For example, the person in the following figure inserts advertisements in the form of soft text to achieve promotion

We can also publish relevant soft articles in batches, the more we sendThe higher the probability of earning money in the later period.

b. Tiktok, Kwai, WeChat YouTube,Social networking sites, Station b, Quora, etc

These large traffic platforms also distribute a large number of target groups.

You can directly search for ECS, space and other keywords on the platform to see how peers operate. We can also imitate the operation ourselves.

shutYu TiktokSocial networking sitesThe specific operation steps of the promotion platform, such as station b, WeChat YouTube and Quora, have been shared with partners in previous articles, and the open classes are also shared every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so we won’t repeat the steps here. Welcome to learn more if you need!

The above is for me todayThe game of the project shared by the partners, you just need to promote the project carefully, and don’t worry about the issue of closing. After all, Tencent Cloud is a big platform, with strong brand trust endorsement. Many people will place orders decisively when they see discounts. As long as users are accurate enough, the transaction rate is still high!

The CPS moneymaking project backed by Tencent Cloud is a regular and long-term project!


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