Selling high school materials at 0 cost can also earn more than 10000 dollars a month? Subdivision category of virtual resources


I was once impressed by this line in Black Ice:This is a terrible world. He divided people into 369 grades. The people at the highest level can enjoy the material and spiritual supplies, but with the decline of the level, the material supplies gradually decrease. The people at the lowest level can only barely maintain their livesThe spiritual supply is almost zero.

Selling high school materials at 0 cost can also earn more than 10000 dollars a month? Subdivision category of virtual resources

thereforeThe lower class sells their physical strength, the middle class sells their brains, and the upper class relies on resources

It can be said that it is more difficult for ordinary people to break through the circle. For ordinary people, it is enough to have a good income. Today, I will tell you what sidelines ordinary people should do to increaseYour own income.

I have mentioned many times that if you can do virtual projects, you should not do physical projects. Virtual projects can save your logistics costs, product costs and labor costs, which can become your real gold and silver.

There are many kinds of virtual materials, such as course videos, snack recipes, Ae. Pr and other software, short video materials, these are virtual resources.

Today, I would like to share with you a project of making money from virtual resources in a subdivided field, that is, selling high school courses. It is also a small project that I am currently working on. I personally test that sometimes it is OK to earn hundreds of thousands a day.

Many people must be collegeGraduation, and high school is our most important link, but also the most difficult time.

Many high school students study hard every day in order to have a good score in the college entrance examination. They can spend a lot of money to sign up for various cram schools to improve themselves.

Of course, with the impact of the double reduction policyThe family strictly forbids after-school cram classes. I remember that my former teacher was good at holding cram classes. Some one-to-one private tutors can even reach 400 dollars an hour, thousands more.

Our target group is this group of high school students. Although these students do not work, they still have some pocket money. Let them payIt’s OK to spend tens or hundreds of dollars.

Some children can ask their parents for money to buy these materials. When parents see that they are spending money to buy learning materials, which are not very expensive, of course, they raise their hands in approval. We rely on the psychology of parents to earn money from these students.

The following is a detailed introduction to the simple operation process of this project:

(1) Where do high school materials come from?

First of all, we need to sort out some complete data from senior one to senior three, which we can obtain from a certain treasure or a certain duoduo or from us. Only when we have the data, can we earn profits.

High school data online disk group

And our online disk should be filled with a super memberIn an online disk group.

The data is updated every day. The stability of the data determines whether you can earn this money. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a good team to maintain the maintenance and update of these data. If you don’t update the data for a long time, they will report you or even swear at you if you charge them.

(2) HitCreate your own account

We’d better have a buckle and a letter to do this, because they are all students and many people still use buckle. Young people use it a lot.

Wrap up our space and send some news and friends about senior high school materials every day. It seems that we are very professional. We are professional in senior high school materialsService, so that they can trust you more. They will pay for you if they have been marketing in the circle of friends for a long time.

If you can’t build QQ space, you can add more peers and copy their QQ space and circle of friends.

Even if you don’t know some questions, you can add more peers to ask and synthesizeMake an answer to reply. Don’t be bothered. Every step is a crucial link.

(3) How to drain?

As for diversion, I want to say that content is traffic and traffic is business.

Each traffic you attract determines the impact of your content to realize. Your content is good, the fans you attract are of high quality, and your liquidityStronger.

However, for these high school materials, the content is basically general. We just need to attract good students who love learning. According to my test, especially girls, girls have a stronger sense of payment than boys.

Drainage platforms can also be divided into many types, such as:

Long video platform: watermelon videoFrequency, good-looking videos, Bili Bili, iQIYI, etc

Short video platform: Tiktok, KwaiSocial networking sites

We can create according to the platform we are good at, such asSocial networking sitesFor example, we can create some notes. First, we need to use some map repair software. Meitu Xiuxiu is enough for our daily use.

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addAdd picture annotation, no more than 140 words (optional)

staySocial networking sitesWe can go online and find some peers to see how their covers are made. Students who can’t make covers can search hereSocial networking sitesThere are detailed teaching videos on the cover. After we make the cover, a goodThe notes can be created.

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It is better to add several screenshots to a cover. The notes should not be too long or too short. Only write some information about the high school learning courses to him. Generally, they will come to you after they see it.

noteThe more you send, the greater the chance of exposure, and the more users you will get.

We can also synchronize our notes to other short video platforms, each of which has its own traffic, which can increase the probability of a blockbuster.

Of course, there are many kinds of drainage methods. We need to find a drainage method that suits usTo zoom in.

(4) Set Price

As for the price, I personally suggest not to set it too high. After all, most of them are students, some of whom have no money, and even if they have money, we can’t make too much money from these students. After all, they are not easy, they have no jobs, and most of them rely onHelp from parents.

Personally, I suggest that the price should be set at 9.9, and the whole department package can be more than 100. If you want to make more money, set a high price!

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The conversion rate will be higher when the price is low. After all, the student party also saves money to save moneyThere is nothing wrong with wanting to spend money on cutting edge.

For the high school information project in the subdivided field, this operation is not very difficult, and it is basically a student who can handle it.

Especially friends of college students who have just passed the college entrance examination must know more about these high school students. This is a zero cost virtual resource category projectThere are also many people who have made tens of thousands of dollars a month.

We should not limit ourselves to the world in front of us. There are multiple ways of thinking. Although thinking is a way, implementation is the most important.

Selling high school materials at 0 cost can also earn more than 10000 dollars a month? Subdivision category of virtual resources


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