WeChat store project, order after delivery!


Recently, WeChat stores and video accounts have been very popular in moving. The circle of friends often see the situation of orders exploding, which shows that there is indeed a dividend.

WeChat store project, order after delivery!

But first of all, I have to admit that I did not pay attention to the study, and I do not want to study it. It may be that I have a certain resistance to carrying, not that I am morally noble. Let’s talk about this next.

I went to test oneNext, just to complete this article.

They did not do well and did not make great achievements. Those who are interested can go to the training camp of Thief Kun.

I launched 500 products on the market on Friday afternoon. Someone asked me about them in the evening, but I didn’t buy them. On Saturday, yesterday, there were only 15 visitors. I made an order. I write this article todayAn order was issued for the same product at the time of the chapter. As long as we stick to updating, there will be an order in a few days, or even an order explosion. Of course, there may be no order later, because there needs to be a reaction process, which will be discussed below.

The steps are actually very simple.

Simply put, it is to move the goods from other platforms to WeChat stores.

firstFirst search the WeChat store on WeChat, and open the store assistant.

When you open a store, you choose to use the business license. After the store is opened, the traffic is obtained by the person who has the YouTube to bring goods to you. Therefore, you need to set a commission for the person who has the number to bring goods to you. Personal stores are not allowed, so you need to use the business license to open a store。

After opening the store, log in to the WeChat store with your computer.

Then, in the service market, order “Happy Shopping” for baby moving.

Then we just need to copy the popular product links of Tiktok and start moving.

The specific methods are:

Open the “Flying Melon Data”, export the daily list of hot selling commodities to the link, and then batchCopy to Happy Walk.

It should be noted that only the professional version can export the data of Feigua, and the professional version is very expensive, so you can go to Amazon to buy a shared version, about 100 months, or you can buy a trial version of 15$

WeChat stores are not complete in categories, and they are still quite messy, so it is troublesomeYou need to fill in the category manually at the beginning. Remember the classification of the same source in the filling process, so you don’t need to fill in the classification of the same source later.

Then it is to increase the price in batches, submit the upload, and after the upload, it needs to be re launched in the background of the WeChat store.

Then, in the backstage of WeChat store——Promotion center – small program alliance. Set category commissions. Only with commissions can you get talented people willing to promote.

Of course, we should make clear the account. Don’t lose. The previous markup can be increased, and the commission here is also set higher.

After the order is issued, you can order in the service market – hummingbird purchase, and go to other platforms to find the source of goodsHowever, I will not say much about the background tutorial of Hummingbird procurement.

In fact, the steps are very simple. I think the difficulty lies in which products to carry, which needs to be thought about.

From the background data analysis, we can see that the two orders I closed are from the basic functions of the YouTube. In fact, someone has added my product to himHe sent a video to bring goods to me, but his video didn’t explode and only sold one order.

Maybe one day his video will explode, so I will also explode the order. It may take a little time for the YouTube to explode, so I said at the beginning that the new store also needs to persist for a period of time.

So I guess that many WeChatAlthough many products have been uploaded, it is possible that only the single product has exploded. The reason why the single product has exploded is that the video of the expert has exploded.

As mentioned above, during the transportation, what they carried was the hot sales day list, because now they are the experts in YouTubes, and they also carried the videos of popular products with goods. So here comes the question, if everyoneIf you do all this, the probability of the talented person selecting you will be very low.

This item is very lucky, so first of all, I think you can move it as soon as possible. That is, once the daily list is updated, you will move it as soon as possible. Secondly, it can be a food store. Food stores need to have certain qualifications to make money online. This is a threshold, and TiktokThe popular video of Youhuo that can bring goods is food. In addition, you should not carry products in batches, only upload a few vertical products in small stores that others have not uploaded, and then make your own YouTube and bring it to yourself.

Or, if others are moving in Tiktok, you can move in other platforms, such as Pinduoduo, so you will havePrice advantage.

Of course, luck still accounts for a lot. Anyway, being idle is also idle. Maybe you are lucky.

WeChat store project, order after delivery!


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