Dismantle the money making project of wallpaper number with monthly income of over 10000 dollars, which is suitable for ordinary people to operate


Today, we are going to tell you that a set of template videos can be easily realized, even increasing the number of fans by 100000. Now we will break down the specific playing methods for you in detail.

Dismantle the money making project of wallpaper number with monthly income of over 10000 dollars, which is suitable for ordinary people to operate

At present, when studying wallpaper numbers, I found that this method is relatively simple, especially suitable for projects operated by ordinary people. Simply cutting videos and setting templates can be easySongzao released the video of the best seller.

Without much nonsense, go straight to the topic:

Today, I will talk about the operation of wallpaper number from four aspects: what is wallpaper number, why do you want to make wallpaper number, how to make wallpaper number, and summarize experience and play methods.

Now, let’s explain the wallpaper number project in detail. After reading itIt’s very helpful.

What is the wallpaper number?

Tiktok wallpaper number is a Tiktok account type that does not need real people to appear on the screen. This account attracts fans’ attention by publishing various types of exquisite wallpaper, and then turns into an account.

I found a wallpaper number case for you. If you want to see more cases, you can directly shake itWhen we searched for wallpaper, we found all kinds of wallpaper numbers. After we knew what the wallpaper number was,

Next, we will introduce the advantages of the wallpaper number. Its first advantage is that Tiktok has a large flow. That is, after we send the video of the wallpaper number to Tiktok, there are hundreds of millions of active users in Tiktok. If a video is popular,There may be thousands or even tens of thousands of powder, which is the flow.

The video production method is super simple. You don’t need to use too complicated tools to cut videos to make wallpaper numbers. You can just set templates directly. It’s not complicated to make clip videos. You can make a video in a few minutes.

And it’s zero cost. You don’t need to buy equipment to make wallpaper numbersI don’t need to find any scenes to shoot.

Using software to find material can be edited into video, the cost is almost zero. There is no need to show your face. Some people may need to show their face when shooting videos, but they don’t need to make wallpaper numbers. They can just cut videos directly.

So how to make wallpaper number?

First, make sureDecide the type of wallpaper number. Here I summarize several common wallpaper number types,

For example: scenery, secondary$, Guofeng, cartoon, sports car beauty, etc,

These are the types of animation numbers. As long as one type is determined, for example, as a city type, the Tiktok number will always go to FachengWallpapers of city type,

Don’t send city type, cartoon type or cartoon wallpaper. This is not vertical, and the fans attracted are not too focused. Just make sure that one account is only one type·

After determining what type of account to do, the next thing to do is to pay attention to peers and accountsPackaging.

Basically, to register an account is to register a Tiktok number with 4G’s own traffic. After registration, do not change the data.

You can spend 3 days to raise your number, brush the videos of your peers, and then follow them, praise and comment on the videos. To finish broadcasting, we must finish broadcasting. You can spend 2 hours a dayI can go to the nursing home for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.

Until the video with wallpaper is recommended, you should always keep it. Tiktok searches for wallpapers and other keywords. Don’t think it will be enough to keep them for a few days.

There are three categories in the material finding section:

First, picture materials, second, copy materials3、 Music material. Because of the limitation of the platform, we don’t specify which platforms can find these materials. You can go to a treasure to search for many.

Here’s how to make a video:

Here we recommend two tools. The first one is screen clipping, which has both mobile and computer versions, and the other one is the beauty album,It is also a relatively easy to use video editing tool. Video templates with wallpaper numbers are available for both clip and album. You can make videos by directly covering their templates with materials.

So how to release? You can post pods for the purpose of labeling. You can post pods with similar people. In the early stage, you can increase the number of fansAfter 5000 dollars or more, you can put a label on it, and then you don’t need to vote,

In this way, we have a certain fan base, and we can play more videos. It is OK not to put pods in. By contrast, labeling is much slower,

It may take dozens of videos to label. If notIf you want to spend money to create an account, you can not invest in pods.

Finally, let’s talk about the realization channel of wallpaper number that we care about:

First, accept the disciples,After you have made achievements in making wallpaper numbers, others want to learn how to make wallpaper numbers from you when they see that you have a lot of benefits from making wallpaper numbers,

At this time, the process of making your wallpaper numberThe method of making money online is summarized and sold to others. The unit price can be set to several hundred$Money or 1000$Money, this is a faster way to realize.

Second, do WeChat business,Some WeChat merchants make wallpaper numbers to lead to WeChat, and then sell goods through WeChat. This is also a way, which is more profitable,You can also slowly accumulate your own private domain.

Third, official account traffic is mainly,After creating a wallpaper account to attract fans to pay attention to the official account, the official account can earn advertising money by clicking.

Fourth, community realization,After attracting fans, if fans want to get more wallpapers, they can form a wallpaper community,

For example, charge 9$9. You can join the community to collect wallpapers, and send various types of wallpapers to the group every day, which is also a way of realization.

Fifth, do CPS promotion for takeout,One coupon promotion for takeout can earn about one$How much money can I earn if I have more$Money is also a better way of realization.

lastOne is to sell accounts,Selling accounts is a way to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. If you can create accounts in batches, you can also cash them in this way. A wallpaper number of tens of thousands of fans can sell thousands$Money is OK. The above are several ways to realize wallpaper number.

To conclude

Generally speaking, the wallpaper number projectIt is not difficult to do, and is more suitable for novices with weak foundationNoviceThere are more suitable for batch operation.

One account can be created in the early stage, one account can be completed, and then it can be scaled up in batches. Maybe three or five accounts can be created, so that more fans will be accumulated.

We must persist in doing everything to see results。 But there is another one. If there are many fans, don’t keep them all on one account.

You can divert fans, for example, to multiple accounts, so as to prevent the account from being blocked, the loss will be relatively small.

That’s all for today.

Dismantle the money making project of wallpaper number with monthly income of over 10000 dollars, which is suitable for ordinary people to operate


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