Upload documents to automatically earn money, simple operation, novices can directly start!


Today, I want to share with you a long-term idea of making money through uploading documents. You may not see any benefits in the early stage, but the benefits in the later stage are unlimited, sustainable, and easy to operate. Just take time to translate. As long as the amount is up, the explosive force in the later stage is strong.

Upload documents to automatically earn money, simple operation, novices can directly start!

Step 1: Platformchoice

There are many document platforms, such as Google Library, Daokebaba, Douding, and Book118. Among these platforms, Google Library has the largest traffic, low score, and low pass rate. Book118 has high score and pass rate. Daokebaba has high pass rate and pass rate, so you can have moreThe platform shall be operated together to cover as much as possible, so as to achieve considerable benefits. The main operating platforms are Google and Book118.

Step 2. Determine the field

Document upload also requires entry fields. It does not mean that all types of documents are uploaded. You must select the popular fieldsThe sample flow is large, and the download amount will also be high. Common fields include model templates, contracts, composition systems, etc., so you should try not to choose more than three fields, such as the career field, around which you can choose resumes, career planning, career exams, and other aspects.

Step 3. Precautions

Content with copyright must notTo upload, as more content is uploaded, the account weight will be higher, and the exposure and revenue will naturally increase. There may be no revenue in the first 500 uploads, but when 1000 uploads are uploaded, suddenly a data explosion, a data of two people, with more than 50000 downloads in half a year, bringsThe income is 100000 dollars, and more than 70000 dollars can be obtained after deduction of the cost of spelling out, which is the qualitative change brought about by quantitative change.

Step 4: How do novices operate

I don’t need to say much about account registration. I mainly talk about content production. The first thing I think of is translation, which is translated from other platforms. Now it’s definitely not feasible to do this. After all, it should be movedAfter others have moved, what we need to do is fake originality. First, we need to search for information in the field we want to operate. You can go to professional websites, forums, blogs, etc. You can also buy directly through e-commerce platforms, and then clear the format.

The next step is pseudo originality, which needs to be written with similar contentChapters can be pieced together to form a single piece of content, which can also be simply modified through your own words. Finally, it is important to arrange the layout. It is crucial to get a good title for the document, which is related to whether others can search your content through keywords,

In a word, other people search, edit and upload whatever they search, becauseFor sideline projects, it is not easy to see obvious benefits in a few days. What is more important is to stick to it. It can certainly achieve long-term passive benefits. The longer you do it, the higher the subsequent benefits will be, and the easier it will be.

Upload documents to automatically earn money, simple operation, novices can directly start!


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