Teach you how to play free fish hand in hand, and earn 500+per day easily with a mobile phone at 0 cost!


The flow of Second hand goods trading platform can only be described by the word “terror”. It’s the best boss on the second-hand trading platform!

Teach you how to play free fish hand in hand, and earn 500+per day easily with a mobile phone at 0 cost!

Big data shows that the average buyer of free fish earns 50K/year from free fish. Of course, this is the average data.

In fact, there are a lot of really good free fish traders whose monthly income is higher than 10W.

Why?Is it highly recommended for young friends to operate free fish?

The threshold of free fish is low, the operation is difficult, and the competition is relatively small compared with Amazon.

There is no such complex tools as the direct train, nor the precipitation of big channel providers such as brand IP.

Leisure fish is actually a very good sideline for those who have jobs. For those who have no jobs,It can also be operated full-time, because one person can operate three numbers and operate carefully,One number can bring us at least 100 dollars of profits a day. Three numbers are 300, and 9000 a month, which is not lost to white-collar workers.

The underlying logic of making money in leisure fish is also very simple, that is, hard workIncrease the exposure of your product. The higher the exposure, the higher the number of times your product is seen by others, and the higher the transaction.

Many children want to do a good job in leisure, but after releasing several products without traffic, they easily give up. Everything is difficult at the beginning. They should give themselves at least one month according to the followingMethod to optimize the details, as long as your account has no problems, 100% no problems.

Direct valuable:

1. Pricing

The price should be set low, cost-effective, and lower than Amazon and Pinduoduo. Otherwise, the product will only be browsed and will not be traded.

2. Title, main drawing, description

The title is the first step to release the goods, and also the exposure of the goodsIt is more important. The title is composed of key words rather than one sentence. It is recommended to see more highly desirable peers and similar products on Amazon. In short, adjectives and nouns fill in.

The main picture is the first impression of others when they see the goods. If you are selling idle, it is recommended to take a live shot of the main picture with sufficient light. If you are a part-time or sidelineI suggest you use the pictures of your source directly. At least 5 pictures are recommended.

In the main diagram, you can add package mails and new posts.

The description should not be a few words. The more detailed the description, the better. The defects of the idle goods must be clearly stated. It is better to explain the use process of the shopping process and why they should be sold. If it is brand new, it is better to directly refer toHuman. Remember to divide the work into different parts and make it primary and secondary.

3. Grasp the weight of time.

The weight of Second hand goods trading platform exposure and drainage time is 15 days after my test.

What do you mean?

That is to say, if a product is not sold after 15 days, the system will default that the product is not a high-quality product, which will reduce the productThe weight of the product means that the subsequent exposure will become less and less as time passes.

On the contrary, if the goods are sold within 15 days, then the Second hand goods trading platform will say that the goods are high-quality goods by default, which will give the product more traffic.

So, seeing here, I believe that smart friends should understand, even if there is noPeople buy your products. For 15 days’ traffic, you can actually find your friends and family members to help you make a deal. You can transfer it to them on WeChat.

In a word, grasp the weight of time to ensure that everything you sell can be defined as high-quality goods. Keep gathering traffic. Traffic means transactions.

Traffic gathering placeMoney will follow.

4. Increase the number of transactions

The trading volume of the product is an important indicator for the Second hand goods trading platform to give high weight to the traffic. What if your number has no trading volume?

Search relevant QQ groups, find peers to buy and evaluate each other

You can also search for [Buy a lesson] at Leisure Fish. These are the same as you need to buy and review each otherAll professionals know

5. Republish

For a commodity with large flow, if its own source of goods is gone, you can change the picture and title to directly publish another commodity.

6. Processing refunds

When you have a refund, the traffic from the platform is very low, so try to handle the refund as soon as possible.

7. Adhere to the new

eachThe output should be stable, and new products should be issued. The number one category should not be too miscellaneous, or the flow of Second hand goods trading platform will be inaccurate

New products are introduced every day, and orders will be issued within a week

8. After the traffic peak, no matter the customer’s messages or inquiries, they must be returned in seconds, and they will be on the shelves in seconds when the baby is photographed, so that the treasure can beBeibei enters the six hour cycle again, so that your baby is at the peak of traffic for 24 hours.

Finally, let’s talk about the most important choice. This is the lifeblood of the free fish project. I have seen a free fish player once sold more than 200 orders a day, with a profit of more than 20000 to 30000. This is the importance of choice.

HereWe recommend several websites for you. After you confirm your category, you can refer to the selection direction through the real-time list and popular products:



Real time list, today’s money explosion, real-time commission,Keyword hot search, single index, and many classifications. You can view the data, select the ones you are interested in, and then analyze the salted fish according to the above.

More Treasures


It is a cheap platform to compete for moreOn the customer platform, many people want to buy products cheaply at leisure. If we have a price advantage, it will be much faster to place orders.

You can select products at Haohuo.com, and then go to Duoduojinbao to order products.



do businessThe product warehouse goes to the real-time list, pays attention to the data, determines the products, and then selects to bring the goods.

In addition, no matter what category we do, there will be some popular products in each season, so you can choose a popular product or according to the keywords of free fish, such as what is sold in summerHow are you?

When we search for the keyword “summer” in leisure fish, we will find many related words, which can also be mined:

last,Share 20 free fish traffic password keywords:

Brand new with tag
Baby can’t use it
Purchase in duty-free stores
Empty the storage room
Too many samples
Out of season at a low price
Double 11 shopping list
Same style for stars
Chatty but small knife
The wallet returns blood
A fewAlmost new, not used
It’s no use moving
Bought at the counter
Free gifts for rich people
The color can’t hold
Popular online funds
Transfer in cheaper
Retreat pit and return blood
Lose money by hoarding too much
Special price leak detection

Boys and girls, please take it to operate!

Execution decides everything for you. Some friends have already started to practice, and some children are rotten after reading it.

Successful people are often few, so let’s take action!

Teach you how to play free fish hand in hand, and earn 500+per day easily with a mobile phone at 0 cost!


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