Tiktok Blue Ocean Market Segmentation Project, with a monthly profit of 2W+, copy and paste!


Have you ever seen such a video in Tiktok?

Tiktok Blue Ocean Market Segmentation Project, with a monthly profit of 2W+, copy and paste!

There is no dynamic picture. It is all a carousel, such asPlay 5 clothing product pictures in turn。 Although it is easy to see that the income is average, the monthly amount of goods carried by such accounts can reach 44W, commission 2W.

If you’re looking for a vice who’s quick and doesn’t take too much timeYou can try this project.

It’s easy to make such videos. Just download the product pictures in batches, cut them at 9:16, add them to the clip, and add some transition effects and background music.

It is not difficult to operate the account, just continue to send works and continue to pay for works.

SoHow does the body operate?

Today, let’s share some practical experience with our partners.

The main reason for this sharing today is to make more friends who are interested in entering the audio tape store less detours. The sharing contents are as follows:

1. Operation mode of the project

2. Account traffic logic

3. How to optimize product selection?

4. How to coolStart account?

5. How to make videos at low cost?

6. How to optimize the closing closed loop?

7. FAQ


Operation mode of the project

The products come from Tiktok Select Alliance, and there is no need for delivery, after-sales, customer service and other work. The order is issued to earn the corresponding commission, and the cost of investment is low.

The project is implemented byThe product pictures and video materials of the third-party e-commerce platform are mixed and cut to produce videos, which are distributed stably to obtain platform traffic. There are two methods of realization:

Short video transaction with small yellow car
Short video grass planting and direct seeding room transaction


Traffic logic of the account

All accounts rely on short video distributionTake the free traffic of the platform, and the live broadcast room can get the recommended feed traffic.

For normal accounts, Tiktok will have a basic play, which will be exposed through stable distribution of works. The works have the opportunity to enter the larger flow pool of Tiktok to obtain more play volume and promote the transaction.

Select an accurate target group and enter the accountAfter the label, the work will be pushed to the corresponding target audience. There are two traffic models:

Short video traffic closed loop. Direct short video access to traffic, small yellow cars promote transactions, and complete the closed loop.

Short video gets traffic, diverts it to the live broadcast room and gets a deal. The live broadcast room will be labeled accordingly, which canGet the recommended traffic of feed in the live broadcast room, and at the same time, the live broadcast room can also promote the growth of accounts, thus forming a benign loop.


How to optimize the selection?

Category selection and optimization come from two aspects: benchmarking and selection alliance.

1. Research and imitate the benchmarking person

Benchmark holders have recently increased through short videoThe styles with more fans and more sales are worth following up and imitating.

Through the background of the huge amount of Baiying, we can check the specific situation of the goods brought by the experts, so as to find out the products that the competitors sell well. We can directly imitate and follow up the models that they sell well, and improve the success rate of our selection.

Third party platform dataThere is a large discrepancy, and the data of the selected league talent version is official, which is more accurate for reference.Filter data in recent 7 or 30 days.

2. Selected league list

Website of Juliang Baiying: https://buyin.jinritemai.com/

On the computer side, click on the massive BaiyingSelect the alliance, enter the selection square, search the corresponding keywords in the search box, and then sort by sales volume.

Then pull down to find products with appropriate commission and price, such as:

Click to analyze the product, mainly looking at the commission rate, store score, promotion data and user evaluation.

3. Precautions for selection

⑴. Merchant experience score

The merchant experience branch will affect the reputation score of the talents who bring goods. Too low reputation will affect the conversion rate of bringing goods.

First of all, let’s look at the merchant experience of products with goods. There are three dimensions specifically – commodity experience, logistics experience and merchant service. As shown below:

Generally, I would choose an experience score of 4.5 or above,The other three dimensions should not be too hip, so the account’s reputation with goods will not be too low.

⑵. Product conversion rate and number of people carrying goods

The conversion rate is calculated according to the commodity data of the shopping mall. The conversion rate=sales volume/browsing volume.

The higher the number of sales/promotion talents, the better.

⑶. Merchandisegold

It is appropriate to have a commission rate of more than 15% for goods. The commission rate is too low and the profit is low. Some of the commissions are too high for new stores, or for stores with no supply model to open high commission sales. This kind of attention should be paid to distinguish between trade-offs.

After selecting appropriate products, you can enter his shop to see if there are other products that are suitable for promotionProducts, improve the efficiency of product selection.


How to cold start an account?

For the cold start of the account, I choose the specific method according to the actual situation.

For children’s wear number, I used to make friends and raise fans through the live broadcast room at housewife’s gathering place in the early stage, and quickly reached 1K fans to open the window.

For middle-aged and elderly clothing, shake and inflate powder directly. throughThe cold start mode of over shake heater is as follows:

1. Award

The video was released normally and just started to be released in small amount. Quickly label the account as the creator.

Investment amount: USD 20-30 for each video and 3-4 works.

Launch settings: gender, age, benchmarking account, number of fans. benchmarking The qualified benchmarking personnel with account screening can be 5-10.

After this operation, the probability of newly released videos from the account can be pushed to the accurate target audience.

2. Flour swelling

Continuous publishing of works, when encountering videos with good data performance (playback volume, liking rate, etc.), the pitchers are similar to the fans,When the production ratio is 1: 1 (one fan is less than one dollars), the investment will be pursued immediately. It is suggested that you can earn more than 1K fans by playing online.

Continuously optimize the works, and the accuracy of fans is more than 1K, which is regarded as the cold start of the account. If you want to keep it steady, fans can increase a little more, and you can get 5K About, in the later stage, the powder is increased by natural flow, without additional shaking.

3. Explosion No

Stable operation, continuous updating and optimizing product image data. Continue to connect videos and optimize them according to video data until they meet the demand video.

This stage is to send more works, depending on the amount of viewing and feedback. View with trailerCheck the order turnover frequently. If there is no trailer, check the playback volume and comment area. If many people comment on how to buy, where to buy, etc., you can send more corresponding models.

After the cold start is completed, you can choose to take the short video with a small yellow car, or use the live broadcast room to take the traffic when the short video has a burst.


How to lower costsoperate?

The short video standard is simple and reproducible. All video materials come from platforms such as Amazon, 1688 or Pinduoduo.

Production method:

Create video template and replace product image
Picture rotation, multi style picture rotation

Children’s wear short video with goods, you can make a video of popular models in advanceThe template style can imitate the benchmarking account, and then directly replace the image content, special effects, text, etc. in the template each time you make a new video, so as to improve the efficiency of making short videos.

The pictures are broadcasted. First, download the commodity pictures in batches. The size of the pictures is cut at 9:16 and added to theClipping, adding transition effects, background music, etc. Continue to distribute works, encounter popular styles, and continue to hate popular style works.

The core of operation is,The Tiktok account completes cold start, finds the corresponding popular products, and then continues to check.

1) After the cold start of the Tiktok account, the published works can have a better basic playOpportunity to enter a larger flow pool.

The account needs to be strongly labeled, and has a certain basic weight. It is easier to get traffic from videos produced after approval. In the early stage, the new account should be mixed cut to produce videos by means of mixed cutting, splicing, inversion, etc. After the account accumulates a certain number of basic fans, the short video can get a stable playback.

2) SelectDifferent segmentation styles and market segmentation products can better avoid homogenization and fierce competition. You can choose to differentiate through the recent popular models and seasonal new models. The new popular models are also new videos for the platform, which makes it easier to get traffic.


How to optimize the closing closed loop?

Complete the transactionThere are two ways, one is to hang a small yellow car, the other is through the live broadcast room. We can optimize these two links.

1. Xiaohuangche optimization

When hanging up the Xiaohuang car, you can add two or more similar product links. This method is used to automatically pop up the window after the video is playedOne is that if there are other products in Xiaohuang’s car after the products are taken off the shelves.

The title of the Little Yellow Car is well optimized and can be used as a guide, such as the same video, click to buy, etc.

2. Live broadcast room optimization

The live studio can be upgraded iteratively. The transition from radio live broadcast to green screen live broadcast can continue to be upgraded and optimized.

⑴. radio stationlive broadcast

There is no product display on the live broadcast of the radio, and the retention rate is low. It is recommended not to use the radio to broadcast the live broadcast without anyone, operate in violation of the rules, and fight against the platform rules.

⑵. Live broadcast of green screen

Green screen live broadcast can be live or not. Of course, it would be better to live on camera.

The optimization of the live broadcast room mainly focuses on the live broadcast room materials, live broadcast scripts, etcnoodles.

Optimize the background video. The background video can be in the form of picture carousel, mixed clip video cycle playing, etc

Optimize the product structure, rank the commodities, and try to rank the explosive products first

Optimize the video product label, and link the product to the small yellow car in the videoThe number is marked to facilitate the user’s search

Optimize the map information, paste the maps of selling points such as guide attention, guide click on small yellow cars and preferential information, and improve the click through rate

Optimize the background music, not too noisy, suitable for the target crowd music

Optimize the script of the live broadcast room. The script can be recorded by peers, and then converted into text with flying books. Write it yourself

In the early stage, we can look at our peers and learn from each other. Compare more with excellent peers, and continue to optimize iteration in case of deficiencies.

This mode does not rely on professional anchors. If there are professional anchorsOf course, it is better. It is the direction of optimization and upgrading in the later stage. It can be gradually upgraded to a professional freight yard live broadcast room, with better effect.



Q: Is the children’s wear and middle-aged and elderly women’s wear track still suitable for novices?

A: There is no denying that these two tracks are relatively curly. howeverClothes need to change seasons. Seize the node of changing seasons, but there are good opportunities.The clothing category is a good introduction for novices, and you can look for other blue ocean categories later.

Q: Can I use cross correlation mutual powder to complete the cold start of the new number?

A: Look at the specific target group. If you can attract the target crowd, yesTry this.To create a vertical account, it is recommended to increase the amount of fans by shaking.

Q: Can the secondary editing and processing of the picture achieve this effect?

A: Yes, the goods are planted through short videos. Clothing needs to be updated every year, and there will be new styles every quarter. The new styles areNew data. Those who sold well last quarter may not sell so well this quarter. If you choose the right style, short videos are easy to break the playing volume, and the starting speed is very fast. In the later stage, you can rely on the natural flow to increase the popularity and realize.

Q: The carousel map is relatively low in threshold, easy to operate in batches, and has many homogeneous contents, such asHow to solve this problem?

A: EssentiallySolve the cold start of options and accountsTwo questions.

First, choosing products with different segmentation styles and market segments can better avoid homogenization and fierce competition. You can choose to form differentiation through recent popular models and seasonal new models. The new popular models are also relatively good for the platformNew video.

Second, the account needs to be strongly labeled with a certain basic weight. After the account accumulates a certain number of basic fans, the short video can get a stable playback.

The above is the sharing for the small partners today. I hope it can help everyone!

Tiktok Blue Ocean Market Segmentation Project, with a monthly profit of 2W+, copy and paste!


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