No threshold for everyone to do sideline projects, video basic income, measured a day of 2000 !


Today, I would like to share a project on WeChat, which is very simple,NoviceIt is also easy to get started. You don’t need to sell goods like a certain sound. You can make profits by publishing your works.

No threshold for everyone to do sideline projects, video basic income, measured a day of 2000 !

First, project introduction

My friend is working on this project. He said that it is really much better than other short video platforms. Now he has done itHe can earn 2000 dollars a day, which is his recent income. Of course, because he has editing skills, it is impossible for everyone to achieve such income. If he does not, he will not. This project only needs to be carried without thinking.

Second, operation process

Entrance estimationMany people don’t know about it, so its competition is very small. We can still operate it. First, we need to open the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of WeChat to search. It must be a magnifying glass search. There is no entrance in the circle of friends and other buttons and pages. After entering this applet, clickMy, click the three bars next to the editing materials in the upper right corner, and then click Creator Income. It will prompt you to apply to become a creator.

The application is very simple. The first step is face recognition. The second step is to bind our company account. If you don’t have a company account, you can go to Google to search the process of registering a company accountTo choose a service number, the whole process is free, and everyone can register. After the application is successful, you can release a video. The income of the video is determined by the official score. The higher the score, the higher the income.

We randomly post a few videos to the group, and then to the circle of friends, where family members and friends like to commentNext, after more likes and comments, the official will continue to push the stream. The more likes and comments the video has, the higher the score will be. The published video can be seen in the video column. First, you need to look at the videos published by others in what fields, which can be popular, and then imitate its video production methods and video productionThere are a lot of software. If you want to learn, you can search on the Internet. There are many tutorials of similar software.

Third, video materials

All major websites and short video platforms can be found. When applying, we must remember to choose the fields we want to publish. Our works must be vertical, that is, published every dayWe should not publish videos of the same type. After a certain number of videos are released, we need to open various authentication,

At the beginning of the release, we need to forward the traffic or ask others to like it, unless we have great ability to edit original videos, as long as the video gives you a score, there will beRevenue and minimum revenue are all one piece, and they are continuous revenue, which will be available every day.

No threshold for everyone to do sideline projects, video basic income, measured a day of 2000 !


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