A document can reach 6W per month, which can be regarded as an unexpected project in the super blue ocean and a project dug out from the marriage market!


The blue ocean project shared today is a document, which can be called an unexpected project in the super blue ocean, and it is also a project dug out from the marriage market! It is said that he earned 60000 dollars a month by this blue ocean project.

A document can reach 6W per month, which can be regarded as an unexpected project in the super blue ocean and a project dug out from the marriage market!

So, I will take a few minutes to share with you today:This one is fun and interestingThe key is a project that can make money. This project is to sell the divorce agreement.

From the picture, we can see that all of them are direct trains. They are absolutely blue ocean virtual, including our lawyer projects. Divorce counseling accounts for half of them, and they are very successful.

So how? Now let’s explain it in detail.

First of all, weWhen looking for projects, you must look for them from the cold field, so that you can find blue ocean projects. Those that are too popular do not need to drill into them,

Because it means that there is too much competition among your peers, and our input costs will be relatively high and uninsured. What are some unexpected industries?

firstThe first marriage market is a big market. If we look for blue oceans in the marriage market, we can find them.

According to statistics, the number of marriage registrations in China will reach 8.13 million in 2020, of which the number of divorce registrations will reach 3.73 million, and more than 3 million people will divorce in a year,

In modern societyDivorce is still very common, so what do most people who want to divorce need most? It must be the divorce agreement.

Therefore, the divorce agreement project was favored by some players in the circle. A search on a treasure found that few people did it. It was still cold and demandingThe marriage market is a big project. Today we are talking about the divorce agreement project.

In fact, this project is very simple. We found a link to a divorce agreement on a treasure. From the link of the whole treasure, the unit price of a document can range from tens to tens, and the monthly sales are hundreds of thousands. If it isCustomized and legally agreed, the price is higher. You can go search and have a look.

On the whole, we went to the whole treasure and found that there was little competition, and each link was basically hundreds of thousands of sales.

Of course, the price difference in the whole market is also huge. Some people sell a few piecesMoney, some people sell it for more than ten dollars, some people sell it for 30 dollars, and others sell it for several hundred dollars. What do they actually sell?

It’s just a document. Here we can search through some major network platforms and e-commerce websites, and you will find that there are few competitors,

In addition, we can repeat this documentIn fact, it is a zero cost product. These four criteria are what we look for in these blue oceans.

The first criterion: you can also trade with natural flow.

The second criterion is that there is less competition among peers, so we can do it more easily.

The third criterion: there is no need to burn money.

We all knowIt is very expensive to do e-commerce, especially on the express train or on some paid advertisements. But one of the problems that makes us headache is that you may not make money after investing.

Therefore, we say that the purpose of blue ocean projects is to run through natural flow, and they can be simply concluded without spending money, but neitherIt is said that you can earn a lot of money every month, but you can still earn small money.

The fourth criterion: the most critical point is that it is best to lock this virtual product.

Why? Physical products always have costs, delivery costs, physical costs, etc., but virtual products can almost be done if we control them wellTo 0 cost,

For example, the cost of divorce agreement is just one document or several documents, which can be released through email or other platforms. It is very simple, and does not require express logistics or product cost, so it is a relatively easy project to control.

Well, today’s sideline projectNotes, let’s share them here

A document can reach 6W per month, which can be regarded as an unexpected project in the super blue ocean and a project dug out from the marriage market!


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