Tiktok song ordering project earns 1000 notes a day to share, zero threshold long-term profit making project, and novices can start to cash in immediately after reading it


Recently, when I was playing Tiktok, I often saw such videos. The video content was that the boy sat there with his guitar in his arms and did not show his face. It was that someone called to order a song for his friend, and then recorded a video to sing it to his friends. At first, such videos thought that they were only suitable for some talented peoplePeople do.

Tiktok song ordering project earns 1000 notes a day to share, zero threshold long-term profit making project, and novices can start to cash in immediately after reading it

It was later discovered that there was a team system behind such videos. This project is the Tiktok Music Order Station. Their method of realization is the same. Others charge 99% for each song they order,

The people who order songs usually express their feelings, birthday wishes or marriage proposals based on these intentions. This video generally only needsThe operation can be completed in a few minutes, which can be said to be a very violent game. Accounts with high traffic can make hundreds of orders a day.

After listening to my introduction, you may have an idea. I can’t sing, I can’t do these talents, I don’t know how to do these things, and I need to change my mind about this thingHow to let others finish what they don’t know,

This project has several advantages:

First, the threshold is low, the rate of return on investment is high, and the copying is very strong. At the beginning, the project can be started with hundreds of dollars. If you do well, the return rate of the project is very large,

And his video materialsThe manufacturing cost is very low, and it is also very simple to manufacture. Therefore, the project is highly copied, and more accounts can be created.

Second, it is easy to deliver. There is hardly any customer complaint. Because the person who buys the product and the person who receives the service are not the same person, there is no customer complaint. At most, others say that you sing too muchIt sounds terrible.

Third, the realization is very simple and the copying is very strong. We must remember that one of the biggest cores of this project is that we must not let the camera reviewers show up, because it will affect some things, and we will talk about each key point later.

We mainly talk about three aspects,First, closeFrom the source of video materials, the second point is how to start a number quickly, and the third point is how to build a closed-loop loop system.

First, let’s see the source of the video materials

The first element of the project is video materials. Video determines the origin of traffic. We will consider how to use these video materials.

You can pay directly, please have a meetingSinging and playing singers to record videos. Prepare more mobile phones to record dozens or hundreds of videos a day, because each song only needs to sing a few climaxes, and these videos are enough to operate many accounts.

The price of invited singers is very high. You can go directly to the music department of some universities to find some students who can play and sing, spend 5~10 dollars to buy video materials, let them record directly,

In this way, even if you buy 100 materials, the cost is only 500~1000 dollars. In the early stage, the price charged by some good singers is still very high,

We can recruit students through part-time jobs, and sing several songs for two hoursHow much is it? The cost of making videos in batches can also be greatly reduced.

Second, how to start numbers quickly,

You can edit videos after you have video materials, but don’t just operate one account. You can do as many as you can. The more accounts you have, the more likely it will be.

Tiktok LookFor many large accounts, not only one account was created in the early stage, but many of them were operated by multiple accounts. After one or more accounts were created, key operations were carried out.

When you have traffic, you can make money online to imitate others to order songs. You can charge 99% for a single songThey can take the order, and then send the video operation requirements to the students who recorded the video,

The people who order songs usually have several purposes, such as confessing, emotional recovery, birthday wishes, and proposing marriage. After receiving the orders, they will distribute them to the cooperative students, and each order will be paid 20 dollars,

Don’t think 20 dollars is too little, sing a songIt takes only a few minutes for a student to sing five songs. If a student sends five songs a day and a half hours, he can earn 100 dollars. It is already very high for a student to work part-time as a sideline.

Why do enterprises like to use college students who have just graduated? Because they pay a lot and the internship salary is very lowAs for the production ratio, we should first consider our own production ratio,

If the cost is huge and the return is small, who will do it. We can go to Tiktok Search Song Platform to have a look. We can see that there are many people who hold a guitar and don’t show up to sing.

You can also check the accounts of othersYou can set the content by imitating their avatars and introductions. You can see that many accounts of this type have a high number of fans.

The video content story is actually a script. You can write it as long as you can tell the story to arouse emotional resonance. The video lasts for more than one minute and starts singing at 40 seconds。

After the emotional resonance is generated, the Tiktok mechanism is the completion rate and like comments. If the emotional resonance is reached, these people will make crazy comments and watch them in the comment area.

Because it may be operated by a team, including this video, why not make a live appearance? Because it’s always availableIf you can change people, this person may not keep doing it, so this is the reason why you don’t show your face.

Third, how to build a closed-loop system,

From the account to the video, we repeated the matter. For the following video of order receiving, you can give more money to the students. Give them 20 or 30 for each videoWe will be very willing to do it,

Because a video can shoot a few lyrics, play and sing guitar, buy video materials for drainage, then accept orders, and then send orders. After this process is completed, it forms a closed loop after making money.

Then let customers introduce friends to take videos, students introduce students to record videos, add operating accounts, and obtainMore traffic. We’ll hire people and copy them. Maybe we can turn this project into training and so on,

You can also directly invest in Dou . As long as the production is relatively high, you can continue to invest. In this way, there will be a steady stream of incoming traffic, and we will continue to receive orders. The more we do, the more we willA complete system has been formed.

This sharing of notes is mainly to give you some ideas. It is always helpful to change some things.

Tiktok song ordering project earns 1000 notes a day to share, zero threshold long-term profit making project, and novices can start to cash in immediately after reading it


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