Take a look at the video of mindless basic project. You can directly start without threshold, copy and paste!


Today, I would like to share a short video project with my friends——Take a look at the video on WeChat

Take a look at the video of mindless basic project. You can directly start without threshold, copy and paste!

Many people can make money by doing this project without thinking.

How to operate it?

Search the WeChat applet [Have a look], as shown below

Log in to your account, click My, and click the three bars in the upper right corner to see the creator’s income

You need to be a creator before you can get benefits from the creator

Click the creator income, and you will be prompted to perform face authentication, bind the official account, and sign the original agreement to become a creator

The whole process of registration is free, and everyone can register. After applying, you can directly publish videos

Precautions for video publishing:

1. Domain verticalitystraight

Take a look at the video. It is required to publish works in the vertical field. Only the vertical account can open the subsequent rights of the platform. For example, the vertical account can open the ability to link to the official account, and obtain the rights of 100 fans and 1000 fans

2. How to get more fans, more videos and better futureRealization income?

Optimize video content


The title has enough attraction, clear meaning, and can improve the click rate. It is suggested that the title should have 12~19 words.

Video duration and content

The video duration is 60 seconds to 190 seconds, and the content is detailed, giving users an interesting or predictable experienceSharp points can improve the playing time of users and make them more willing to share. It is not recommended to publish videos of less than 20 seconds. Such videos may affect the amount of video playback.


Take a look at the current cover. It is the first frame of 0.1 seconds. A good cover is clear, informative, and has a clear themeAttract users to click.


Video frame rate is a measure of the number of display frames, measured in frames per second. A higher frame rate can get a smoother and more realistic picture. Take a look and encourage creators to upload videos with a higher frame rate. The videos are clearer and users have a better viewing experience. You can take a look The web version releases videos with high definition.

Speed of speech

Speaking too fast is not conducive to the understanding of video content, and normal speaking speed or 0.8 times of speaking speed is more appropriate.


It is better to add subtitles to the video to enhance the highlights of the video and facilitate viewing in various scenes.

Guide sharing, attention and other interactive behaviors

User’s interaction with youAction will also affect video recommendation and social communication. You can make rational use of subtitles, video oral broadcast, title, and post to guide users to share, follow, like, and comment.

After accurate calculation, the video content with title, clear theme cover, clear video picture and subtitle will be moreThe probability of more recommendations will increase by 50%. Optimize account

Full profile

Make clear the positioning of the account, and publish works consistent with the positioning. The more complete and clear the personal homepage information is, the better. It is recommended to use a real person avatar for better effect. Do not change the user name easily, so that users can form moreComplete cognition.

Keep content updated

Keep the update frequency of video content, maintain a long-term stable account, and see that there is no limit on the number of videos released at present, and you can upload the previous video inventory.

Choose an area of continuous cultivation

It is recommended to choose a field that is good at continuous cultivation, without the randomness of positioningPublishing may affect the speed and growth of account fans, and also affect the recommendation of video content.

Finally, let’s take a look at the video project. Many contents in Tiktok can be directly transferred, such as teaching accounts, materials, history, food, novels and other categoriesLook at the video operation, as shown below:

Video content can be mixed cut and dubbing.

As for mixed clipping and dubbing, we have also shared a lot of content in the previous articles and our open classes, so we won’t go into details here. If some children want to learn the specific operation, they can scan the code and add it belowWeChat of customer service, he can share the video tutorial to you for free.

Well, this article will be shared here. In fact, the most important thing is to stick to it, stick to updating, stick to optimization, and stick to it until the end!

The above is the sharing of this article for children, and I hope it can help you!

Take a look at the video of mindless basic project. You can directly start without threshold, copy and paste!


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