The project of Tiktok’s fast rising pink number with a charge of 1000 outside is shared, and it can earn more than 10000 dollars a month!


Today, I want to share with you a very common way to make money, which is the simplest and most brutal way to sell a brand name to realize cash flow.

The project of Tiktok’s fast rising pink number with a charge of 1000 outside is shared, and it can earn more than 10000 dollars a month!

This method sells one000 on the market everywhere. Today, we will disassemble it for you.

As the name implies, this project is to increase the account number to more than 10,000 fans, and thenSell 1000$, this isSocial networking sitesThe prices of platforms like Tiktok and Kwai will be lower.

One of the most common examples in today’s article is the realization of music numbers.

Because we want to achieve the goal of rapid increase in popularity, we need to choose the fields that all the young and old like. We don’t need accurate people, but we can spread popularity.

thatSo the music field is a very good way to increase popularity, and other methods can also be extended, which will be discussed later.


Specific operation process

1、 Notice for New Number Registration

1. Guarantee one machine and one number (Android and Apple)

2. Complete all the data

3. Head portrait: HD cartoon character Touying or real person head portrait

4、Nickname: ip music

5. Signature: Thank youSocial networking sitesRemember not to leave WeChat contact information

6. Address: Your real address

7. Start to raise the number after improvement

8. Be sure to use the mobile phone with its own traffic, and do not connect to wifi

2、 Registration process

1. Number keeping period 3-7 days

2. Brush at different times every day, positiveIt can be used frequently

3. Videos and music videos on the homepage

4. Like, comment, collect

5. When you see what you can do, go and jack it up

6. YesSocial networking sitesLive broadcast can be viewed directly

3、 Time of release of new works

1. About 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m

2. It’s better to set a time

3. Update regularly

4. Published dailyA new work

4、 Topic selection of new works

1. Select topics according to music attributes

2. Ancient music

3. Popular Music

5、 How long it takes to make new products

1. We mainly did single music in the early stage

2. The single time is 10-30 seconds

6、 Preparation of new product title

1. Be a title party

2. You can use the songs directlyname

3. You can write a name according to the content of the song

4. The singer of this song can be praised

7、 Number of new serial works

1. Five to seven as a series

2. As long as one video is popular, it will drive the playback of other works from one point to another

3. Keep updating every day

8、 The finished product No. shall be re soldPrecautions for registration

1. Clear cache, strengthenSocial networking sites

2. Use the computer to clean the machine and uninstall it again

3. Continue to raise the number with flow


Video production method

1. How to get cover material

First, we need to download a cover material and share a artifact here:

We can use this method to get it directly, and the mobile phone can also use this material browser to operate.

2. After obtaining, use clipping to clip.

Click Start Creation → Add Picture → Select a Picture → Click Text → Add Text

This is how to make the cover, smallThe partners can also further optimize it, such as making the title bold, adjusting the font, size, etc. to make the cover look more beautiful.

3. Dubbing

You need to read the cover title with a voice. You can use voice dubbing software or record your own voice.

It is easy to use the voice dubbing artifact,Computers and mobile phones can be used. Input the text and match the sound.

The imported clip after extraction should be used as our background music.

4. Fine tuning

For example, adjust and enlarge the picture, adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpening and other methods to make the picture more beautiful.


Other realization methods:

1. Publish the produced video toTiktok Kwai realized the cash by making car music USB flash disk bubble online.

2. Connect with relevant vocal music institutions, recruit students and sell classes for them, and we will get corresponding commissions.

3. Guide to our private domain traffic and sell relevant vocal music course materials or relevant communities.

The above is today’s sharing. I hope it will help youHelp.

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The project of Tiktok’s fast rising pink number with a charge of 1000 outside is shared, and it can earn more than 10000 dollars a month!


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