Tiktok Blue Ocean project, hidden poems project, novice operation can also be thousands of months!


Today, I would like to share with you the latest hidden poems of the Tiktok Blue Ocean project, which has been tested personally,NoviceYou can also earn thousands of dollars per month, which is not an exaggeration. The overall income has already exceeded one thousand dollars.

Tiktok Blue Ocean project, hidden poems project, novice operation can also be thousands of months!

There are too many ways to make money in Tiktok. The live broadcast game, where you can earn money by typing, is to sit in front of a computer and thenYou should be curious to write hidden poems according to the names you typed. Do you think he is really knowledgeable and can write a poem by giving a name? In fact, this is not the case.

First, you need to open a real name account on Tiktok, and do live broadcast on TiktokFor Toushi, it is recommended that the Tiktok account should be larger than 1000 fans. It is also recommended that Tiktok post more than ten videos related to poetry, and also have a computer. In addition, the software needs to prepare a hidden poem generator, and there is a Tiktok live broadcast companion. You can find both.

Operation steps:

Step 1: Write TibetanThe first poem,In fact, it is a fake talent, which is automatically generated with the help of tools. You can enter the name in the tool to generate Tibetan poems, or Tibetan poems with five or seven characters.

After the poem comes out, you just need to input it into the computer. You can use this website by opening it with your mobile phonetool Hidden Poem Generator: https://cts.chazhi.net/ No matter you go to live broadcast or use it yourself, you can send friends to pretend to be coerced, or you can send your friends to express themselves.

Step 2: Computer live broadcast, mobile live broadcast,You need a computer to start the live broadcast. Prepare oneWallpaper, write a play rule for the live broadcast room, and then use this picture when the broadcast starts, or directly use the mobile phone for live broadcast, or type into the computer picture.

Step 3: Typewriting and presentation to guide interactionThe most basic thing is to be able to type. If you feel your eloquence is good, you should go to the live broadcast roomThe atmosphere interacts with the audience. If you don’t want to speak, you can just type in it directly. You can directly type the name of the audience on the computer with the result of the hidden poem.

The advantage of this kind of live broadcast room is that the threshold is very low, the interaction is very strong, and the retention rate is very high. When you enter this live broadcast room, many people just hold it wellStrange mood, it turns out that you can make a poem by making a name on the Internet, and then guide the audience who want to get their own name to leave their own name in the comment area, so that interaction and popularity will rise.

At the same time, you need to imitate your peers more. For example, if you write and I write poetry, you don’t need to wait for a sunglass. The sunglasses are in TiktokFor fans who like this kind of interaction with Tiktok, they are also willing to spend a prop to write, because the characters you write will be recorded for them, which is the whole operation process. It is suggested that they can play about five times a day.

Realization method:

First, give a gift,If there are few people,Tell him how to play in the live broadcast room, ask him to leave his name on his own initiative, and we can help him write for free, so as to improve our interaction and popularity. When there are many people, we can set some conditions for participation, such as brushing sunglasses, brushing a beer bottle can jump in line to do things, and whoever brushes a gift can give priority to help him write.

secondOne, transfer to live broadcast with goods,That is, when the popularity of the live broadcasting room is improved, the live broadcasting can be carried out with goods. If the carrying capacity is strong, as long as the popularity of one is sufficient, basically all goods sold are OK.

The third is to take in skills,I don’t need to say much about this. It’s just money with poor cognitionIf you know others don’t know, you can earn this money.

Tiktok Blue Ocean project, hidden poems project, novice operation can also be thousands of months!


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