Brainless handling project. The order number is 2500 per month. After reading, you can start to operate


Today, I would like to share a simple and mindless brick moving project

Brainless handling project. The order number is 2500 per month. After reading, you can start to operate

You can operate directly after reading this article

At present, after testing, one account has more than 2000 earnings per month

It’s still a bonus period, so you can get on the car directly

Today’s sharing project: Ctrip short video transportation

1. Project introduction

Ctrip should be known by everyoneIt is a large platform for tourism, which can be downloaded by searching in the app store. Today’s project is the short video service launched by Ctrip some time ago.

In order to drive the short video business, each platform will have some incentive interaction in the early stage. This is the dividend period. First, you can directly get the platform incentive rewards if you enter the platform first. This is the most directReceiving is something that everyone can actually get hold of; Second, you can seize the first opportunity by entering the site first. Since the platform has launched short video business, it will certainly continue to use short video as a medium for expansion and development in the later period. At that time, the benefits will be more substantial.

At present, the only disadvantage of this project is the early stage orderNo. Low income

Up to 2500 per month$, but it is possible to operate with multiple numbers, and the income is fairly good

2. Project Practice

Step 1: Open the revenue. The revenue is very simple. You only need to publish three works to open it. There is no limit to the video format, pictures and videos. You can directly find some scenic spotsUpload and publish the frequency and pictures. Up to 28.8% can be obtained for the first published work$The benefits of.

Step 2: Join the creation incentive plan. After publishing 3 notes, click the creation incentive to open the revenue

After opening, you can publish your notes later to get benefits

Details of specific creative incentive activitiesHome can see

The new platform does not strictly check the handling, and the volume of the creator is not large, so it can pass the review after a little handling

The feature of this project is that it can be moved directly if you have your hands on it

3. Creation (transportation) direction

directionBecause Ctrip is a tourism platform, our creative direction should also be tourismIntroduction, focus on the scenic spot display. If you don’t know what to send, you can directly look at your peers. If you want to send what others send, you can follow them. It’s certainly not wrong to follow your peers

Source of materials: Go directly to various short video platforms to search, and the best strategy is to make money onlineSocial networking sitesLook up. There are many such strategies above. Find scenic spots to show themYou can go to a voice or a hand to find the one with better picture quality. Use the watermark removal applet to search for “short video watermark removal”.

Secondary creation: You can edit and process the pictures on and off the mobile phone. I have said many times that you can also edit and process the pictures of othersAfter downloading the pictures and videos of, extract the copy of others, add a voice commentary, and cut and reflect all with these functions. It really won’t be re created, but it can be directly copied without thinking

4. Summary

There is so much to say about this project, because it is a very simple project. I believe anyone who sees it willOperation. Despite the fact that the monthly income of a single order number is only more than 2000 points, the project still has so much room for operation and prospects,It’s just a pile of words if you do it or not

Finally, I would like to say that many friends add me to WeChat after reading the project I sharedJust ask me, “I’m here to consult with the * * * project.” In fact, I’m rather ignorant. Every project I talk about has practical operation. Just because of the space, I can’t write out every detail of every step. It is estimated that a project like that can be written in tens of thousands of words

You are really interested in the project, I welcomeYou come to consult and communicate with me, but please read my articles carefully before asking me. If you really don’t understand some operation details, you can ask me, but if you directly ask me about the whole project, I really don’t know how to answer you

That’s all for today’s sharing!

Brainless handling project. The order number is 2500 per month. After reading, you can start to operate


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