The video applet promotion project in the animal documentary can be introduced to 0 fans and 0 threshold, and ideas can be shared with you!


Today, I recommend two games that can be quickly realized,Promotion plan of animal documentary video interpretation applet,It only needs a mobile phone, zero fans and zero threshold to operate.

The video applet promotion project in the animal documentary can be introduced to 0 fans and 0 threshold, and ideas can be shared with you!

The first is the commentary video of animal documentary

China Video Partner Program, where there is broadcast volume, there will be benefits. Many small partners do not knowWhat’s the content? Today, I will introduce an unexpected blue ocean track of medium video to you. One piece of work can be broadcasted for more than one million, and the income is thousands or tens of thousands, which is the commentary video of animal documentaries.

It is believed that many people like to see some animal worlds and animal life when they are youngHabits, stories, etc. On our planet, there are many strange animals. People are very interested in things other than cognition. The animal world is also the traffic password of each platform.

Even after more than 20 years, animal interpretation can still occupy a place. The content of this video is mainly composed ofIt is the video content material of the commentary copy. Animals explain how to do it. Here I summarize several points.

1. Topic selection

A good topic selection can make you get twice the result with half the effort. What topics can attract people, make people think it is incredible or difficult to understand, and make users want to stop to read your works as soon as they see them. IfIf you don’t finish it, you will lose something. For example, the wolf, who looks like a fox, even killed the mouse with bad breath. In our impression, we have never heard of a wolf that is too long as a fox, and it is strange to smoke animals by breath when hunting.

2. Visual shock

For example, when entering the hunting process of animalsNow, the whole process from the target to the target, to the sprint, to how to fight is full of perspective, giving others a very powerful feeling.

3. Animal habits

There are many people who are very interested in the honey pot. They want to know why the head of Brother Pan is so flat and why his personality is so hot. These can be used asThe core of the content is written in the commentary. If you really can’t write the copy, share a copy generator with you.

As long as you write keywords, you can get a great copy, but the writing robot is a paid software, new users can experience it once, whether they are satisfied or not, according to their needsUse.

Second, applet promotion plan

What is applet promotion? I believe you have seen some personality tests, how much your name is worth, and other test videos. There is a test link in the lower left corner of the video, which can bring benefits to the video creators as long as you click it,It is the realization method of applet promotion.

It’s such a simple video. It doesn’t require any investment or some professional skills. It only requires some simple clips to play. I believe that the most important problem is how to link the promotion of small programs, and what is the payment method for the promotion of small programs,

The entrance of applet promotion is very simple. Just search the applet promotion plan in the search box above Tiktok, and you can see the entrance of the applet promotion plan. After entering the applet promotion interface, you can see a lot of tasks, so you don’t have to worry about saying that the amount of tasks is not enough or what

How to promote appletsActually, there are two settlement modes for applet promotion

The first is a relatively common kind of advertisement sharing. Someone can gain revenue by watching the advertisement through your video link.

Second, transaction sharing is to take goods. As long as users reach transactions directly through your videos, they can get corresponding commissions.

initial stageYou can do the first one first. It is relatively easy to earn profits by playing online. The most important thing in this game is the amount of play. Only when the amount of play is higher can you improve your income. How can you improve the amount of play.

First, we must have continuous output. Most accounts are created through the accumulation of timeWhat can be done, as long as your account insists on updating, it will definitely have a higher weight than other people’s accounts.

Second, use the matrix number to offset the probability. We all know that the matrix can be said to be the best sign making method in Tiktok. Applet promotion is also applicable here. If the matrix is paved, there will always be a numberOther accounts need to run fast. Then we can focus on this account.

The video applet promotion project in the animal documentary can be introduced to 0 fans and 0 threshold, and ideas can be shared with you!


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