A video earns $565! It’s OK to teach you how to play video games and earn 70-200 $a day after learning


Today, I would like to share some information about the benefits of Chinese video. Of course, there are many video fields. When you do it, you need to test the field yourself. It doesn’t mean that you can make profits if you do it, but you should continue to test.

A video earns $565! It’s OK to teach you how to play video games and earn 70-200 $a day after learning

This time I share a Chinese video “game field” that everyone can basically operateIt is to record game videos and publish them to watermelon videos, and then earn profits.

So what is this game? It can be many kinds of games, such as puzzle games, action games, barrier games, arcade games, end games, and mobile games.

And this time, we share “WangIt is estimated that many people will play the “Glory of the People” game video. And many people know that we used to record videos every day and then send watermelons. This time I will share it with you and show you.

Let’s first look at the benefits:

This game is basically to record the game too long, and then send it to watermelon after two cutsVideo, basicallyNoviceIt’s easy to get started. It’s an entry-level medium video game. Can you do such a simple operation?

I’m sure you can do it. It doesn’t require you to be good at playing kings. If you can’t play games, you don’t need to consider this, but you can see my ideas.

All right, let’s seeTell me how to operate this in detail.

Step 1: Opening the video plan

Headline’s default video posting is profitable, but the revenue is very low. If the video plan is launched, the revenue will increase by multiple, so our first step is to launch the video.

So how to open the video plan? You need to search CCTV on watermelons firstFrequency plan, get the video task! After receiving, you will be prompted to open the video requirements, and you can operate according to the requirements.

Basically, the playback volume reaches 17000. I have a quick way to open the video in 1-2 days. I won’t tell you here. I can’t give it to you for free. If you need it, please call meJust do it.

Step 2: Record game video

The premise of recording is that you can play. If you can’t play, it’s definitely not good. Besides, you should have a simple explanation of the game.

Recording video is very simple: we can use the built-in recording software of the mobile phone to record while playing. I basically use the projection software, that is, the mobile phonePut the picture on the computer and record it with the screen recording function of the software.

When playing the game, you should give a simple explanation, such as this picture:

Just record the last set for him.

Step 3: Second clip

Put the recorded video and sound in the clip film for editing. When editing, you only need to killCut out the pictures, unimportant pictures, and opening pictures.

Then combine the sound with the video. After the video is merged, you just need to check whether the upper picture and commentary can be correct. Then add subtitles to export the video to the desktop.

Note: Sound can be generated by software. IHere is the software, you can ask me for it.

This is basically expressed in words. If you can understand it, you can operate it. It’s very simple.

Step 4: Publish the video

The cut video can be published on watermelons. Publishing is the simplest. If you don’t know the title, you can search your peers.

Like Daji you played,Select the hottest videos from Soudaji’s benchmarking account on watermelon, and see how other people’s titles started

Then go to the pseudo original title of others, you can choose to combine different titles into a title, which basically fits your own video

As shown in the figure: combine the headlines of other people’s blockbusters and write your own

VideographerAt that time, you can send one every day, fill in the title, description, check the original, add stickers, and add a collection, which is super simple.

Write at the end:

High yield medium video can be produced in four simple steps, and it is still entry-level. If you can’t do other estimation, it is also difficult becauseThe Chinese video bubble online profit itself tests the editing ability, and the recorded game video is also original, giving the game high.

However, to be a king’s glorious video requires a period of time. It does not mean that you can see the effect in a few days. It must be updated continuously. You can’t break the clock. When you have nothing to do, go to see the benchmarking video and giveFavorite comments can be started normally in about 15 days.

Well, recommended courses:

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A video earns $565! It’s OK to teach you how to play video games and earn 70-200 $a day after learning


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