Amazon blue ocean virtual project, with daily income of 300+per store, and practical sharing


Today, we will analyze the Amazon Blue Sea Virtual Project. The project has a history of 10 years. Up to now, many people in the circle are operating it. This has proved the durability and stability of the project. If the income is not significant, I believe they will not persist for so long. Of course, the training cost of Amazon Blue Sea Virtual Project is also quite highHigh and thousands are normal. Today I will give a free course that can be practiced. This article only focuses on the key points. As for someNoviceThe problem can be solved by Google.

Amazon blue ocean virtual project, with daily income of 300+per store, and practical sharing

1、 What are the advantages of Amazon virtual project?

one Virtual products have a large variety and demand, which can be operated for a long time

With the popularity of We Media and various trainings,Whether they are office workers, housewife or people living at home and unemployed due to the epidemic, they are eager to learn a professional knowledge to increase their income or pass the time

2. Low operating cost

Compared with physical products, virtual products do not need to stock up, and there is little need for source costs, logistics costs, and after-sales costs. In addition, some tools are basically used in the later stageThey all hang up the store to collect money. The inquiry will be answered automatically, and the goods can also be delivered automatically.

The only cost is auxiliary tools+deposits+supplementary documents

The maximum amount of auxiliary tools is only one or two hundred dollars. The deposit for virtual items is about 1000-3000 dollars. New stores can enjoy a 30 dollars discount based on their credit rating000. It is refundable without the deposit. There is not much competition in the blue ocean category. At the same time, it does not cost much to supplement the order. As for the cost of goods, most of them are a few dollars, a dozen dollars, which can be almost ignored.

2、 How to open a shop

To save time, children can stand on their ownFor internal search, I have shared a lot of related tutorials before, so I won’t talk nonsense here.

3、 How to select blue ocean products in Amazon virtual category

Virtual breakdown category

(1) Teaching: editing teaching/short video operation/ps teaching/special effect teaching/shooting tutorial

(2) Material: PPT template/short video material/Resume template/contract template

(3) Platform: video member/audio member/take away coupon

(4) Services: looking for resources/trademark design/proxy writing/data analysis

(5) Software: Adobe Family Bucket/De duplication Software/Automation Software/De wateringPrinting software

2. Selection Practice

This product is not as complex as you think. Search for some virtual product keywords, select a product with a sales volume of less than 500 and more than 50, copy the product name, search to see if more than 5 peers have launched this product, and if not, thisA product is basically illegal or has no traffic. Most of the people you can think of have thought of it. The probability that you can think of it is very small.

We use this‘‘Pulse taking course’’Example:

The sales volume of this product is more than 50 but less than 500. If it meets the requirements, we will search whether there are five identical productsRow shelf

This product has also been put on the shelves by 5 peers. If both requirements are met, then this product can be put on the shelves!

(2) Search peer stores for products:

Copy the shop name, search for the shop on the home page, and then click ‘Find Similar Shop’ to find out that the shops are all peers, find 40 virtual shops, and thenSelect products from these 40 stores and repeat all the above operations.

3. Exclusion area

Himalayas, k12, lychees, celebrities, formal institutions, genuine software, third-party platform names, and 41 trademarks should not be touched.

I have to ask when I see some friends here,Why are there many peers doing this?

In fact, it is also very simple. The playing method is different. They mainly make short-term profits at the cost of closing the store. Of course, we mainly focus on long-term stability, so this kind of products should not be put on the market.

4、 How to publish

1. Process:Select products – make main map – make detailed map – select product category – start title-Put on shelves

2. Main drawing:You can use ps, draft design, painting, band aid. It is recommended to use ps to make it. Although the operation is relatively complicated, the effect is excellent. If you don’t use ps, you can use the template in the draft design to directly apply it. You can also use ps, painting to make a set of your own template. Other products in the store canThis template can be directly applied. As for the content of the main map that can be copied from the same line, it can be modified slightly. The specific operation will not be handed in here. If you don’t understand, you can buy a tutorial for a few dollars.

3. Details:Single image combination or long image can be used. The width can be set to 1500 pixels. The length is not requiredIf it is too long, it should not be too short. It should be moderate. As for the content, it is the detailed introduction of the product and the introduction of the advantages. The colleague is the best teacher. The content can be imitated and modified properly. You can also steal the picture directly, but it cannot be watermarked. You should make some modifications to the picture to avoid peer complaints.

4. Category:sureSearch ‘shop perspective’ in the browser directly, download the plug-in, and then select according to the category set by the peers.

5. Title:Number of title wordsNo more than 30Amazon mostly depends on the search traffic. If you want to be searched, the core is the title. A good title is the most important.


(1) You may be wondering why I don’t directly copy my peers? Although the title is important, it also affects your ranking. But if it is so simple, everyone can make money. This ranking factor is comprehensive. Whether the keywords in the title can be displayed has a very important condition:”Shop weight’ ‘. Another point is that if you copy the title directly, the system will judge that you are not a new product. Since you are not a new product, the traffic support for new products will certainly be much less.

(2) Search for products, collect the top 5 titles of sales volume, and then split the keywords in the title into a single group of words to select firstThe core words of the product, namely the product name, are selected, and then the repeated words are selected (which must be the focus of the search, and will be repeated only). Finally, the important words are selected from the remaining words, and more words are deleted, less words are added, and then words are formed,Title=core words+repetition words+important words.

(3) Use the keywords of the business consultant to search, and use the productsCore word search: check which words are searched most frequently with the product core words, and add or replace these words into the title.

[One picture is missing]

(4) Forbidden area: the title includes the detailed drawing of the main drawing,Don’t use such extreme words as’ the most ‘and’ the whole network ‘.

6. Price:Initial stage of product launchI don’t recommend setting too high a price, such as 28, 38 or 58. You can start from 3.8 and 5.8, enter the market and compete with peers at a relatively low price. After you have a basic sales volume, a good customer evaluation, and a store level, you can consider increasing the price to gain profits.

5、 Operations

1.Automatic shipping tool:I am using ‘Achisso’ myself, and I have never used any other tool. I have always used this tool. Personally, I feel it is good. Open the Qianniu background search service market, and open the service market to search for ‘Achisso’. There are two versions, one of which is the proxy version 58A month, as the name implies, does not require your computer to be hung 24 hours a day, which is equivalent to a server. Offline delivery can also help you automatically deliver goods. A month of 15 requires your computer to be hung 24 hours a day.

2. Customers:There is a very powerful way to increase the number of visitors in the listing optimization, which isStable and continuous launch of new products every dayproduct。 Some students found that there were no visitors after their products were put on the shelves, and then they stopped putting them on the shelves. This is a very wrong way to make money online. First of all, Amazon’s traffic is limited, and the official will give priority to those who are patient, executive and willing to stick to it. So whether you have time or not, you should go to the store every dayProducts.

3. Zero breaking optimization:After all products are put on the shelves, one order will be added to complete the foundation breaking and improve the weight of products. There is a big difference between one order and zero order. When a strange product comes into the market, do you dare to be the first customer to buy it? However, most of them dare to be the second person.

4. Visitor optimization:get intoQianniu Seller Center enters the service market, installs the “Business Advisor” plug-in, and finds real-time visitors. Please refer to the following figure. It records the customer’s entry path and search terms. If there are natural visitors to a product after it is put on the shelves, it is necessary to make up the order.

5. Replenishment resources:Pinduoduo searches for ‘business staff’ and suffersA business to consult, too sensitive here will not say more, do not understand Google.

This is the end of this tutorial. Although this tutorial is very detailed and covers many core issues, it is inevitable to encounter some problems that cannot be solved by oneself in the process of practical operation. 90% of the projects in the market, Quora, Google, Amazon,Pinduoduo, this resource or course can be found on all major platforms. Everyone can learn, everyone can do, more than 1000 projects, Amazon 9.9 has also been sold, sold back on their own to see, really can’t imitate peers.

In the same way, when I was in school, I could read many books. WhySo every time you fail the exam, most of the books on the market can be bought. Why do you have to pay the tuition to go to school? You can’t learn by yourself.

This is why many projects charge fees. The person who sells or teaches is the teacher in this industry. He can’t teach you for free. Each has his own needs. You think that cutting leeksHe is cutting leeks. You think he can make money.

Amazon blue ocean virtual project, with daily income of 300+per store, and practical sharing


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