How can a project that earns money through online voting earn 10000 US dollars a month depending on its execution? Skill sharing


A lot of young friends have reflected that,

How can a project that earns money through online voting earn 10000 US dollars a month depending on its execution? Skill sharing

It’s too hard to make money online!

In fact, this is not the case. As long as the execution is strong enough,

Make ten thousand dollars a month online$It’s simple!

If you don’t believe me, let’s have a look. Today, I’d like to introduce a small project:

Vote online to make money,

This project is to make money by execution,

As long asWith the deep cultivation project, it can earn more than 10000 dollars a month$

How to operate? Let’s get to know!

WeChat votes to make money. The operation is very simple. Although the unit price is not high, the quantity wins.

Let’s go to Amazon to check the market demand. It is obvious from the search that the demand for voting is very large. It’s well known that voting requires microSignal, do these shopkeepers really have so many WeChat signals?

Here’s a secret for you. Some shopkeepers have them, but most don’t. How do these shopkeepers make money by voting on WeChat?

How to vote to make money without WeChat?

In fact, there are ways to operate. IfThe shopkeeper doesn’t have many WeChat accounts. He can click on real users to vote through other platforms, such as QQ groups. In the QQ group search, he can find many groups about WeChat voting, many of which are full. It can be seen that there are a lot of people who want to join the group.

Generally, there are two kinds of people who want to help othersPeople who vote to make money, and people who want to vote on their own.

QQ group is just one aspect. On Google, you can find many platforms for WeChat voting, such as the People’s Sect, Pig Bajie Task Platform, etc. On these platforms, when users publish a voting request, the person who receives the task will immediately complete the votingTo get the commission published by the publisher.

A random search on Google will find that there are many such platforms, some of which can receive tasks, and some of which can publish soft articles. You can collect and register these platforms to receive tasks or publish tasks to earn money.

This kind of task is easy to operateLow profit, generally one$One order, so you can make money with large quantities.

How can batch WeChat vote to make money?

First, register a batch of WeChat. If you don’t have so many mobile phone numbers, you can go to Amazon to find a professional to receive a verification code. The approximate price is one verification code$About money, so the cost of registering a WeChat account is only one$LeftRight.

You can also purchase a WeChat account directly. The current unit price is about 10% for one account$You can log in directly.

The WeChat account is operated through WeChat group control system. The number of WeChat accounts operated by different consoles is different. Generally speaking, one console can operate 30 WeChat accountsYou can operate 100 sets to try.

Some novice friends worry that the cost of operating so many mobile phones must be high. In fact, the old WeChat group control mobile phones are not expensive, about 100$About, if one cell phone picks up one order a day, it will be back in three months. But how can a mobile phone only brushEarn one by one$What about? Therefore, we usually get back to the capital in about 10 days.


This project needs to invest a certain amount of cost in the early stage, so you should think carefully when entering the industry. Once you vote to make money, it’s just the beginning of making money online. There are so many resources for so many mobile phones, and there are many places to make money. Therefore, this is the projectIt will not lose money. Interested partners can learn more about it!

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How can a project that earns money through online voting earn 10000 US dollars a month depending on its execution? Skill sharing


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