The idea of the project of “lying and earning money”, one mobile phone 1W , zero threshold, no need to promote, no need to invest


Today, I would like to share with you a project of making rice by selling rice by zero, which does not require any investment. At present, thousands of dollars are realized in a month, so this project is highly recommended.

The idea of the project of “lying and earning money”, one mobile phone 1W , zero threshold, no need to promote, no need to invest

First, project introduction

Ten Demons will be given away for project registration. At present, there are 40-50 magic beads, which are in short supply. The playing method is very simple. It only costs two every dayYou can watch advertisements for minutes without any operation or investment. You can do it without promotion or investment. In the later stage, a mobile phone will earn 100 , and the later stage income will only be higher and higher.

Magic beads can recharge the phone bill or exchange for any commodity, which is equivalent. Meat eaters in any project are paid in early stageThe platform is now in the dividend period, and now you can make money by 100%. Don’t wait until the online profit market is up again. The strength of the platform has been investigated, and there are celebrity endorsers, so you can play at ease. All team leaders attach importance to it. It has not been flooded at present. Now it is easier to promote it, and you can get dividends on the star.

SectionII. Operating Steps

After registering and entering the platform, ten magic beads will be given away after certification. You can get 0.4 from watching five advertisements every day, and get 12 from one month. You can sell two. After deducting the service charge, you can realize fifty or sixty. This is a continuous project, and the income in the first few months will not be too obvious.

Continue to redeem after receiving 10The service package can be exchanged until 12 magic beads are exchanged for cash. When 12 magic beads are exchanged for cash, 5 magic beads will be received every day, and 40 magic beads will be 200. After deducting the service charge, the service charge should be about 150. The ten magic beads given will be used to reinvest,

You can get 0.4 more magic beads for every additional one you exchangeIt takes about 3 months for two. It can be realized after 3 months. If you have a big heart, you can continue to exchange larger task packages. It is recommended that multiple accounts be operated together, and the information of family members be used to register. One account should be handled two minutes a day. Certification is required after registration, and the certification fee is about 2 dollars.

Third, realization method

Balance of magic beadMore than ten can be sold without any threshold. Find the ID of the magic bead collector and give it to him, and then he will pay you. It is so simple. The transfer requires a handling fee. Direct pushing can reduce the handling fee. You can use your invitation code to invite your own trumpet, play with several accounts, or go to the reward platform to send a task for about 5 dollarsFor the right one, 15 people can minimize the service charge.

Try to promote it. It’s really no problem to make thousands of monthly payments. The important thing is to make zero investment. It doesn’t take time. It only takes two minutes every day. After three months, you can make 3000 monthly payments. As long as the platform is always there, the revenue will only increaseMany! Many bosses are pushing this project, and there will be no big problem within one year.

The idea of the project of “lying and earning money”, one mobile phone 1W , zero threshold, no need to promote, no need to invest


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