Amazon uploads video sideline ideas, a shopping project with a monthly profit of more than 10000 dollars


Today, I disassembled a video uploaded from Amazon, and a shopping project with a profit of more than 10000 dollars a month may be unknown to many people.

Amazon uploads video sideline ideas, a shopping project with a monthly profit of more than 10000 dollars

First, project introduction

When you visit a treasure, do you often see some video type product recommendations on the homepage, such as the content on the picture and the column below a treasureIn fact, these two ports are the core content of this project. After opening a treasure store, you can get traffic by releasing videos on Guess Your Likes and Browse.

To guide users to place orders in your store to gain profits by hanging goods at the bottom of the video is actually the logic of a store without supplyGetting traffic orders for short videos is called shopping project, but the core is to guess where you like and where you want to go, and upload some video ports. Guess that your favorite traffic is very large, and it is also the main source.

Guess you like it in the drop-down page on Amazon’s home page. The video will directly pop up the product linkThe display is more intuitive, and it is also the core point of the project. The video shopping is located in the second section below a treasure. The content is biased towards the buyer’s show and entertainment perspective. It is a case of product sharing. It will not actively launch the link of goods, that is, short video with goods, similar to a certain audio mode.

the secondProject preparation

First of all, to do a treasure shopping project, you need to prepare stores and software, stores that can upload videos, and then open a number of treasure stores, which cannot be used directly. You need to open the corresponding permissions to upload videos.

Second, prepare the software. We should save 90% of the labor cost. The software is used for batchYou can edit videos in a large amount and upload videos in batches. You know that cutting a video is very laborious after you’ve done it. With software, you can save most of your time costs.

Third, operation steps

Step 1: Open an available store, enter the home page of a treasure, click the Seller Center, and select Free Open from the drop-down menu that pops upShop.

Step 2: Enter a treasure account to log in, select a personal store, carefully read the instructions for opening the store, and click I have learned to continue opening the store.

The third step is to complete the real name certification to successfully open stores. We suggest that you open more stores, because the later stage of this project must be mass stores.

Step 4: Open a good storeAfter that, the next step is to open the optical and platform to publish videos. If it is not opened, you cannot upload videos. The requirements for opening permissions are that the dynamic score (DSR score) of the store should be above 4.6. A newly opened store does not have a dynamic score. The simplest way to deal with it is to find your friendsYou place an order, confirm the receipt, and complete the evaluation. The evaluation will come out in one or two days.

Specific steps:

Step 1: It is OK to put a product on the shelves at any time in the store for the purpose of scoring, so it doesn’t matter what the product is.

Step 2: Find friends to evaluate the goods received.

Step 3: Wait for scoringAfter coming out, enter the optical and platform for opening.

Fourth, how to choose products

After opening the store, the first thing is to choose products, which is a crucial step. To a certain extent, it determines whether the project can be done. If the products selected are good, the ordering effect will be better. Here are some methods andChannels.

Point 1: Video Options

We guess you like it in a treasure. When we watch videos of our peers on these platforms,

On the one hand, select videos with good data, such as high popularityLike, comment, and favorite video data

On the other hand, it also depends on the order data of the product, so as to make a comprehensive evaluation on the two points and select the appropriate, popular and easy to order goods.

Second, for category selection, the selection method is based on the premise that we already know what products we want to sell. One thing we should pay attention to is that weWhen choosing a product, you must detail the content of the product. Here’s a reminder,

It is important to pay attention to the sales data of the product. Sometimes the short video data we choose is very good, but actually the sales of the product is average. We suggest that you choose products with a monthly sales of at least 100 to 2000Broad, the effect will be better.

The fifth product on the shelf

After selecting the goods, the products will be put on the shelves. That is, we will go to the platform of certain treasure and certain duoduo to find the same type of products, and then upload the same type of products to our stores. The stores on the shelves usually use software to upload in batches, which saves time and effortThere are many pieces of software. There are introductions and tutorial steps about the use of the software to remind you of the points you need to pay attention to.

First, price,Generally, the price increase is about 1.5 to 2 dollars. The price increase means the difference between the price of these products and the price uploaded to the store, which is our profit.

Second, SKUCollect All, I collected all the things I have

Third, freight,If there is freight at home, the goods we upload after collection must also be freight, so as to protect our profits.

Fourth, watermark,Many merchants will print watermarks on their main images. If there are watermarks, we have to deal with themNext, make a new picture or modify it.

Amazon uploads video sideline ideas, a shopping project with a monthly profit of more than 10000 dollars


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