Monthly income of 100000 ! Share an Internet portal project, everyone can operate!


One big thing is that there are still three months to go before the college entrance examination in 2022.

Monthly income of 100000 ! Share an Internet portal project, everyone can operate!

It may not matter to the people coming out of the society, but the high school students and their parents, who are the reference of this year, are nervous.

In fact, the college entrance examination has always been a matter of great concern to every ChineseParents must know that there is a very important behavior after the college entrance examination.

Let the examinees and their parents be very careful, that is, to volunteer for the college entrance examination.

Today I will share with you a virtual product profiteering project. As long as we plan ahead and seize the opportunity, we can earn 100000 per month!

The playing method is very simple and easy to useTo make more money.

All right, don’t talk nonsense, go straight to valuable.

Now let’s take everyone to focus on filling in the college entrance examination volunteers. The project is a bit biased. After doing well, you can easily earn 100000 dollars a month!

If you want to make money, please continue to read.

With the approaching of the college entrance examination date, the search volume of college entrance examination volunteers has greatly increased, and the WeChat indexSee more than 10 million every day.

There is a good saying that the college entrance examination is called “three points, seven points”.

A good exam is better than a good one. At this time, many parents and students began to get hot. They felt that they could get detailed data and professionalThe guidance can’t be better.

For millions of candidates every year, the market for college entrance examination volunteers is huge. Parents will try to buy professional guidance for their children’s future.

In Amazon, only one college entrance examination volunteer test was sold to more than 50 people, and 400 people bought it. Of course, there are some higher onesPrice.

The cost of this virtual product is almost zero. If you buy one, you can sell it wirelessly. Basically, you can earn as much as you sell it.

At the price of Amazon, the sales volume may not be so good. Let’s take a look at the sales volume of Tiktok store. Many of them are tens of thousands of sales, all of which are sold through videoSale.

So many people see this opportunity, choose to do online promotion, and then connect with the service to earn their own commissions.

After May last year, I saw that some people did the college entrance examination volunteer filling project, and in more than a month, they earned nearly 100,000 dollars$Money.

Nowadays, short videos are so popular that everything can be connectedGet traffic by taking videos. Just like the above, if you sell 300 videos per order, you can easily sell tens of thousands of videos per month!

In Tiktok, we must insist on finding excellent videos to compare and optimize, so as to make popular videos.

For beginners, they may start slowly. However, it is not necessarily withoutOpportunity, although it can not reach the level of 100000 dollars per month, it can earn tens of thousands$Money is very possible.

Recently, I observed a lot of volunteer projects on the platform, and found that at a certain time each year, such information will have a good exposure.

Every year, there are new studentsA long-term project.

It can be said that this project can be completed once a year, and once it is completed, it can be eaten for one year, but this project needs to be planned in advance.

The simplest way is to collect information, use the open-loop system of the short video platform, and target accurate users through keyword positioning.

Because there are a lot ofIn addition to the number of parents, the audience is huge. The video about college entrance examination volunteer filling will be played in a very large amount.

It can be said that such videos have their own traffic passwords. Stick to it. When you accumulate a certain number of fans, you can realize it naturally.

You will find that there are many people under each video, who want toAsk about volunteering.

These are more accurate fans, and they are also easy to transform. They are all parents who consult their children’s affairs. As long as they analyze the advantages and disadvantages, it is easy to conclude a deal.

Conclusion: With the development of society, there will be more and more similar projects in the future, and the value of professionals will become higher and higherHow to judge these trends, find professional talents to cooperate and maximize benefits is a problem worth thinking about for each of us.

Monthly income of 100000 ! Share an Internet portal project, everyone can operate!


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