Simple and crude, 0 cost, 0 basis, 0 threshold, WeChat small stores without supply


Recently, with the explosion of YouTube【WeChat Store】The non supply e-commerce has gradually become the main source of economic income for many people.

Simple and crude, 0 cost, 0 basis, 0 threshold, WeChat small stores without supply

The reason is very simple, that is, it can “earn money by lying down”.

It is not difficult to open an e-commerce platform, but if you want to make a lot of money, you must work hard to operate.

I move bricks every day, although I can’t earn moneyWhat big money, but it is still more than enough to earn some pocket money every day.

So how does WeChat shop play?

First of all, we need to figure out what type of store we want to open, such as a personal store, an individual store, or an enterprise store.

Different types of stores, correspondingThe permissions of are also different.

For example, personal stores have no distribution function, which means that others cannot sell goods for you.

If you have not contacted e-commerce before, or have no business license, then I recommend you start from a personal store.

Relatively speaking, without business license, the cost is low and easy to operateDo.

It is not too late for us to upgrade to an individual store or an enterprise store when things get better in the later stage.

If we open a shop, we can open the mobile phone and search [WeChat small shop] on WeChat.

Or enter the website of the computer to open a shop.

At this time, someone may say that I have never opened a shop and I don’t know how to operate itIt’s not difficult. Do you need a deposit or not.

In fact, compared with Amazon, the process of opening a store is much simpler and requires no deposit.

In other words, we can open a small shop without spending a penny.

After submitting the materials, they can pass the review in about half an hour.

The threshold for opening a shopIt is low, but if you want to do better, you need to think about every step.

As we all know, most of the current e-commerce businesses are e-commerce businesses with no supply mode.

Can you understand the no supply mode?

To put it simply, we collect goods in batches through third-party platforms and then put them on the shelves in our own storesShop in order to earn price difference.

This is also the most worry free and least risky way for e-commerce to play.

At present, most of the options are implemented by third-party websites or tools, and there are many data query tools.

Data query can be broadly divided into two categories of platforms:

Popular short video products:

thanSuch as the hot selling list of Tiktok, Kwai and other platforms.

Hot selling products of traditional e-commerce:

For example, the hot sales lists of Amazon, Pinduoduo, JD and other platforms.

I simply list a few for your reference: Flying Melon Data, Cicada Mother, Today’s Hot List.

It should be noted that what you think is good for sale may and must have a market, because theThe user attributes are different.

In addition to the three websites listed above, there are many data query websites and tools, and you can also find a suitable selection tool for yourself by Google.

After the above software is used to collect the goods, the next step is to upload the goods, which can be manually uploaded or automatically batched with the help of software toolsQuantity upload.

Manual upload

WeChat small commodity background – commodity management – new commodities, and upload after filling in the commodity information.

Software batch upload

We can upload through software tools such as Happy Shopping, which is certainly much faster than manual operation.

When you’re almost done, you need toWe upgraded the store to an individual store or an enterprise store and asked others to bring goods for us.

At this time, it is necessary to open the distribution function. In the promotion center applet alliance, you can open “Daren take goods”.

After opening, the products in the store will automatically enter the applet alliance for promoters to choose.

It should be noted thatThe product commission must be set well. Personally, I suggest that the commission should be set higher, so that some talented people will be willing to push.

Although the commission we give is high and we earn less, we can win by volume.

Then the promotion center on the left – YouTube promotion, add our own WeChat for YouTube promotion.

At present, WeChatCompared with other e-commerce platforms, the operation process of small stores is very simple and the cost is low.

And most importantly, depending on the explosion of YouTube traffic in the future, the prospects of WeChat small stores are very broad.

For entities, it is often smaller than 100000 dollars$I think you can try your hand at the WeChat store.

Even if you don’t make money, you won’t lose 100000$The rent of.

After all, affected by the epidemic in the past two years, many physical businesses are really unable to do.

Simple and crude, 0 cost, 0 basis, 0 threshold, WeChat small stores without supply


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