Cold blue sea pet market category: pet funeral project ideas play, suitable for novice operation of the project!


Today, I would like to share with you an unexpected blue ocean, a category of 400 billion level pet market – pet funeral. When it comes to pets, the first reaction is that the industry is very violent, including pet food, cat food, pet toys, clothes, etc.

Cold blue sea pet market category: pet funeral project ideas play, suitable for novice operation of the project!

But there is another thing that needs to be ignored just now, namely pet funeral. According to statisticsIn one city, the daily pet mortality rate is about 400~500, or even higher, while in other cities it is almost the same.

The content of the project is mainly divided into three points,First, project introduction; Second, the implementation of realization; Third, how to drain.

Point 1. Project introduction

Now pets are no longerSimple animals are more like emotional sustenance. Like family members, their status is different. Therefore, how to bury pets after death and how to deal with the follow-up has become a very urgent problem.

We can take a deep look at the pet industry and show you a set of data, which will reveal the whole pet marketThe market will reach 400 billion in 2023, and now it is more than 300 billion. The overall compound growth rate is expected to be 14.2%, which is based on the statistics of iResearch.

Pets have been the product of a lonely economy. Many elderly people, even single men and women, will be found keeping petsThey all like to keep cats and dogs, and keep a pet to accompany them.

So today, pets are no longer simple dogs or cats, but family members. Some people even call pets sons directly, which has changed in terms of address and emotion.

As for the pet funeral industry, the whole single store on a group hasThe sales volume of 800000 dollars is very good on the whole, and the customer price will also be charged according to the specific service. In fact, the comprehensive customer price can reach 5000~8000. The main thing is to ritualize it,

For example, we can find a field to make this kind of pasture, or we can plant a tree hereEach pet has a separate tree, on which a brand name and pet’s name are hung. Its owner can often come to see the tree, mainly because of the sense of ceremony and service.

Second, implementation and realization

Online mainly sells things around pets, such as urn boxes, andAnyway, it is also very popular for you to search around the pets in many of the above places. We suggest you do offline pet funeral services.

1、 Team matching,It doesn’t need too many people, just two or three people. One person will take the front order, one person will take the back service, and the other person will see if they need to drive, orIt is a flexible person for offline connection.

2、 Prop input,It doesn’t need too high cost. Basically, animal incinerators, cinerary boxes, famous brands, and some small props enhance the sense of ritual, so that its owners can feel that their pets are valued.

3、 Incineration area,This is a problem that everyone pays more attention to. It is OK to build a special area in the suburbs by building a field or directly building a field. Plant a tree at each point to plant trees and bury them.

Third, how to drain

The most important thing is the traffic port. I made an evaluation on how to get trafficAfter asking the partners who are working on it, it’s basically OK to rely on the group buying platform. They haven’t done much traffic channels yet, so we suggest that you build three platforms.

1、 At present, the group purchase platform can receive 2~3 orders every day, and the unit price of each order is 5000~8000, which is still considerable.

2、 And pet clubs, petsThe hospital cooperates with them. After establishing cooperation with them, they learn about the customer’s information and directly push the business to you. This is very good.

3、 Do short videos, do pet business, and publicize some of their own businesses, so that they can contact you at the first time. If it is offline in the same city, it will be more squareMake it easier.

But if you have more users outside the province, you can do Tiktok short videos. If you can’t provide user services, you can do online products.

Cold blue sea pet market category: pet funeral project ideas play, suitable for novice operation of the project!


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