Music therapy anchor project realization thinking, suitable for novice operation


Today I share the music therapy anchor program with you. A few days ago, I met a little brother through a friend. I graduated from 985 University with good grades. I am among the top students in the department. However, the way to study in the future is rough. I failed to guarantee the postgraduate education, and I also failed to take the postgraduate entrance examination. I wanted to study abroad because something happened at homeHe had to cancel his plan to continue his studies and take the responsibility first.

Music therapy anchor project realization thinking, suitable for novice operation

Life is like this. There will always be a time when you have to shoulder your own responsibility, whether you want to or not. You really have to face the society, start thinking about the future, and find a job within the system. Although the salary is goodVery stable, but he clearly knew that this was not the life he wanted, so he focused on entrepreneurship.

The little brother is very talented in music. He passed the piano exam of Grade 10 when he was young. He also formed his own band when he was in college. He also has some experience in audio recording. At the same time, I don’t know whether it is due to philosophyThe department also occasionally helps students do psychological counseling. Although it is not a special formal service, it has also established some good trust relationships. Can these skills be converted into cash? Certainly.

In view of his situation, the plan I gave him was to be a music therapy anchor, that is, to play and sing, music emotion and online popularityA compound track. The specific mode is to shoot short videos, record a paragraph in each video, and then sing a song. For example, when he sees what problems a blogger is facing on the video platform, he can play and sing a song for him to show his encouragement, comfort, support and other emotions.

Then say a word to the host, andAfter the video is released, Etta himself and people who go to the comment area also go to Etta, so that he can get the traffic of various bloggers, and the staffing will be very positive. In the early stage, you can start from some small bloggers in Etta to find ordinary people who need encouragement and support.

For example, disabled people who love biology,Individual entrepreneurs who fail to start their own businesses and start again, patients who are seriously ill and are undergoing treatment, etc., should send their own encouragement to them. After they have a certain fan base, they can start some well-known bloggers in Aite.

You can also touch hot spots. For example, Li Ziqi lost his IP addressYou can send her a song of encouragement. When Lao Luo has paid off all his debts, he can send a joyful song to celebrate together. As for cash flow, singing courses, guitar courses, selling goods, live broadcast, and rewards can all be done without worrying. After the problem of food and clothing is solved, people’s spiritual needs also need to be met.

worldBusy and ups and downs in life, the encouragement and support of the virtual head Barnacle has become more and more important. Now many universities at home and abroad have set up master’s degree in music therapy, as well as a special certificate of music therapist. The future of the track will only be broader and wider, and today’s content will be shared hereIf you are interested in entrepreneurship and sidelines, please come to me for communication.

Music therapy anchor project realization thinking, suitable for novice operation


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