Tiktok popular local sideline project, no brain operation 500 per day


Today, I would like to share with you a popular local sideline project of Tiktok. In fact, this project is also a project with poor information, and others do not know what you know.

Tiktok popular local sideline project, no brain operation 500 per day

The information gap project shared today belongs to a niche area, which is not easy for ordinary people to think of.

Everyone knows that now in Tiktok pet blogThe amount of main video is relatively high. After all, no one will dislike such a cute animal.

Some time ago, Tiktok launched a smart plan, which is also a good opportunity.

The sideline project we want to share today is pet agency, which releases some information about pet adoption and resale,In order to charge a certain fee through referral.

Of course, this kind of video is mainly aimed at the same city. Next, how to operate this project?

It is mainly divided into four parts. The first part is video content production, the second part is back-end delivery, the third part is live broadcast and delivery, and the fourth part is apprenticeship。

Part I Video Content Production

The production of this video is very simple. There is no threshold. You just need to take a photo of your pet with your mobile phone. This is the advantage of pet video. It is simple and convenient, with its own traffic. After shooting, the copywriter doesn’t need to edit, just write down ChongThe basic information such as the type, age and characteristics of the object is enough.

Because the video production is very simple, we adopt the strategy of “vigorously attacking miracles”, shooting dozens of videos in a crazy day.

Even if each video has only tens or hundreds of playback, dozens of videos can be played by thousandsVolume, once a video is popular, there will be linkage.

Part II. Backend Delivery

When we have traffic, we can realize it in a variety of ways. The first point is to cooperate with the pet shop, which is to charge an intermediary fee.

Part III Live broadcast and delivery

When your videoAfter becoming popular and having a certain number of fans, you can fully cash in by live broadcast or hanging a small yellow car, which is more or less an additional benefit.

Part IV: Enrollment

Any project, as long as you succeed, can be packaged and realized through this project.

Because you passed thisIf the project makes money, many people who have no project to do and even are confused can earn a profit by doing your project.

For example, take a student 299$、399$、499$599…… Even if you accept one apprentice a day, you can easily spend ten thousand dollars a month.

At present, this market is still better thanLarger, so we don’t need to worry about the issue of revenue at all. What we need to do is to insist on releasing videos, which are all fans of the same city, and the trust is relatively easy to solve.

Such sideline projects look very difficult, but in fact there is no threshold.

As long as you dare to step out, those problems are not problems.

Okay, today about thisThat’s all for the popular local sideline project of Tiktok, hoping to enlighten everyone.

Tiktok popular local sideline project, no brain operation 500 per day


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