Uncover the case of unexpected profiteering projects: one person can operate the projects with poor information that you do not know!


Today, we share a project with a little technical content. Because of the technical content, the income will naturally be much more than that of ordinary projects. If we do well, it is not a problem to earn three or four dollars a month, but it depends on personal operation. After all, the harvest is proportional to the effort.

Uncover the case of unexpected profiteering projects: one person can operate the projects with poor information that you do not know!

Magic should be familiar to everyone, and everyoneYou will feel magical and strange, but when it comes to making money with magic, you may think that you can only perform on the stage. In fact, magic can be realized online many years ago. Today, let’s talk about magic, a blue ocean project.

Let’s take a look at the lecture catalogue,First, project principle; SecondOperation steps; Third, the method of realization.

First, project principle

The audience of this project is very broad, no matter men, women, old or young, can be the target group, and the profit realized is very lucrative. The project can be started without too many people, or even can be operated by one person, but it is hard. Realization methodWe will talk about it later. Then we will know why the project is violent.

Second, operation steps

Ordinary people can’t do magic in the early stage of this project, so they can only rely on mixed cropping to maintain video output, find more platforms, pay more attention to a few magicians, and mix and clip the wonderful video bubble, online profit, and frequency into a new videoIf you are a novice, you can directly use clip images to splice videos. It is simple to operate and friendly to novices. If you have a little contact with the Internet, you can go over the wall and find some foreign videos to be mixed into the videos, so as to improve the video review rate and exposure.

It’s definitely not possible to just rely on mixed scissors. You can learn simple magic from others, record it as a video and release it. If you feel it is too difficult to learn magic by yourself, you can find some partners who like magic or have a little knowledge of magic to jointly open a studio. The division of labor is clear. While learning magic, you can shoot, cut and send videos, and maintain late stage services without too many peopleFive can do the project.

Third, realization method

1、 Selling props, many magic can not do without props, which can be said to be inseparable. One magic prop 9.9$However, the cost price is only one or two dollars. Don’t look down on this small amount of money. If you have more fans, you will also make a lot of profits.

2、 SellTutorial, most people not only want to see magic, but also want to learn magic. 10 magic tutorials are packaged in 19.9$Or 29.9$Don’t think that no one has bought it. You can open Tiktok and Amazon to search for magic. Look in the window of those bloggers. There are almost thousands of magic tutorials soldUp to tens of thousands,

In addition, we can also accept apprentices to provide one-to-one teaching. The pricing depends on us. It is recommended not to be too high. After all, we don’t have any cost. At most, we should practice more in the way of cash flow.

3、 As a community, we charge customers in three stages, low and mediumHigh end. Some special scenes of customers will require special magic customization. For example, the magic of marriage proposal needs to combine the scene and the planned steps to customize a magic. The realization method has higher requirements on the magician’s own technology, and the charge will also be higher.

4、 After the account is created, it is naturalMany brands will come to you to talk about cooperation, which is nothing more than bringing in advertising to promote their products, or purchasing small studios. This is more profound. When you achieve this level, you will naturally understand that you will not be here to learn from others.

This project is similar to the emotional project mentioned earlierThere is no cost, and the audience is relatively broad, which can be thoroughly studied and implemented.

Uncover the case of unexpected profiteering projects: one person can operate the projects with poor information that you do not know!


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