How to sell virtual resources through qq group and quickly realize daily income of 500


Let’s make it clear: there are a large number of people in our country who need further education. If you want to realize 500 dollars per person$It is also a considerable market. How much is your monthly salary? In fact, it has a lot to do with our certificates and educational backgroundThere are a lot of 8 exams. For example, the certificate of firefighter, the certificate of architect, the certificate of psychological consultant, the certificate of teacher qualification, the corporate trainer, the financial planner, etc., the public examination category includes the adult college entrance examination, the adult self-taught examination, the national civil service examination, and the political and legal police examination

How to sell virtual resources through qq group and quickly realize daily income of 500

Now let’s talk aboutWhat to choose for this project. It is the adult stage, because the exam will be very simple, and adults have a stronger ability to pay for minors, which means that they have the desire to change their own destiny through this exam. The stronger the desire, the more business opportunities we will haveBig, what I want to talk about here is mainly for those who are about to graduate. The purpose of those who need to take such examinations is very simple. They want to pass such examinations to obtain certificates and have a better job and future.

Let’s have a look. What is the market demand? Amazon Search Adult Self examinationWe can see that the sales volume is very good.

We can sell some materials of this kind of adult college entrance examination in combination or separately. All kinds of professional courses, including the examination materials and treasures of civil servants, are very popular.

Well, let’s talk about how to get traffic and peopleThe problem of. It is to add a large number of related qq groups. This group should select the most active one to add. There are many related qq groups. In addition, we can use some tools and software to extract the accounts and box numbers of various group members, and use the email marketing software to test the effect. withThe progress of adding groups from time to time cannot be stopped, because active test groups are groups with large traffic. The key point is to get the group owners and management, so that you can not be passive in advertising or making profits online. You know, only by cooperating with high-quality group leaders can we achieve win-win results. How to win together is mutual benefit.After you have settled the group owner and management, the voice of the group is yours. If you copy it in this way, are you still unable to do business? Are you worried that your examination materials can not be sold? redundant.

Today, I would like to share with you how QQ groups are fast marketing. I will share with you when I have timeHe uses the secret of posting bar to earn 500000 dollars a year quickly. Of course, some friends can’t wait. If you want to learn in advance, you can also add my WeChat to communicate with me.

How to solve the problem of data source? This is a very easy solution for virtual materials. Search a lot on various platforms and Amazon. Use one day to collect, sort and reuseThe method of information asymmetry is to sell and understand that you are the king!!

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing. I really made money on this project, and you can do it carefully

How to sell virtual resources through qq group and quickly realize daily income of 500


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