Simple and mindless we media transport project, entering 2W every month, can also be operated by novices!


Today, we share a moneymaking idea. Many people have known about this project, that is, today’s headline, micro headline, where videos or articles are published, will have corresponding benefits according to the amount of reading.

Simple and mindless we media transport project, entering 2W every month, can also be operated by novices!

First, take a look at the lecture catalogue. First, project principles; Second, project operation; Third, precautions

FirstProject principle

Publishing videos or articles on the platform will have relevant benefits according to the amount of reading. What we need to do is to integrate the articles and then create them. This is a mindless transportation project. It may not have any benefits in the early stage, but only after the accumulated reading amount in the later stage is more.

Interested friends can watchTry it after teaching, and the early reading of articles is very little, which is also the reason why many people do not insist on doing this project.

Second, project operation

Instead of just doing it alone, we directly created a matrix model to let relatives and friends sign up for headline accounts. Previously, one person could sign up for five headlinesThere are more than 30 headline numbers registered, but with the project testing, only 10 of them have been completed,

Then each headline number sends 8 micro headlines every day. At the end of the day, nearly 80 micro headline articles are published. The process is very boring. It is simply mindless to move bricks, sort out materials, interact with comments, and integrateNew articles will be published after materials are pieced together,

However, the income of the project is considerable. It can earn twenty to thirty thousand a month, which is more comfortable than some office workers. It does emotional accounts. The number of active headlines is huge, and it belongs to the sinking market.

Although some types of traffic, such as history, finance and childcare, are also large,However, ordinary people can’t grasp the audit of the platform well and are easy to be blocked. Therefore, it is better to stabilize the emotional force and make it easier to operate.

The number should be maintained in the early stage. After the account weight is raised, the reading amount will not be low. The platform attaches great importance to the account weight. At present, the support of WeChat Headlines is good, and the income of each article is about 10out.

Occasionally, after an article explodes, an article may bring hundreds or thousands of benefits, and will continue to flow. Emotional gender issues have been a constant topic since ancient times. As long as emotional topics are mentioned, they will attract a lot of people, and the user interaction is very high, so the verticality of the accountThe daily unit price rose naturally.

When many people first came into contact with this project, they did not know where to start writing. They had no way to start and could not attract users’ attention. Since the headline is “sinking the market”, we should write something more grounded, which makes people feel the same.

Most people can’t shoot the videoThe way to collect copy is to check the hot topics about emotion on major mainstream platforms, sort out the experiences published by bloggers, and then go to the comment area to find attractive experiences.

Now there are many comment areas that are more exciting than the experience posted by bloggers. Many of them have heroes, so adjust them appropriatelyUnder the role, change the name of the character “Bubble Online”, which is usually written in the third person and first person, so that it is easy to bring users into the role, facilitate the author’s summary, and promote user comments and interaction.

The collection method of pictures is generallySocial networking sitesOn the microblog platform, find some real picturesWhen making films, you must match the articles with pictures. Emotional articles don’t need too many words, just clear your thinking,

Under the limited number of words, the greater the amount of information, the better. If you want to make more money and make stable money, you must do matrix mode. It is impossible to do it with a single account. If you do well, it is a small studioClear work can generate more value.

Third, precautions

Although this project is still in dividend period, all projects have dividend period, stable period and recession period, so we can just calm down. The project focuses on resource integration, prediction ability, execution ability, and collaboration ability, and the lack of continuous inventoryNot at all.

Simple and mindless we media transport project, entering 2W every month, can also be operated by novices!


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