Brick moving project: copy, paste and create Ctrip. The order number is 2500/month, which can be batch!


Today, I would like to share with you a small project of moving bricks. If you have nothing to do at home, you can operate it and see the results. It can also be used for traffic.

Brick moving project: copy, paste and create Ctrip. The order number is 2500/month, which can be batch!

Project: Ctrip We Media Creation.

Advantages: There is a cash support plan for new owners, and the first work will receive random cash rewards directly. Secondly, the highest income can be obtained in a single month 2500 , the current income is increasing. In the middle of May, when there are big men in the circle, they can only get 1500 at most in a single month$/Month. Since it is increasing income, it shows that it can be sustainable, less competitive, and the market is large enough. To put it simply, this project is still “information poor”. First understand the layout, then the mostGet paid quickly.

As for how to play:

First, download the Ctrip app, enter the app and click My, find the creation center on my page, click the creation center again to find the activity interface, and then publish notes here to get benefits, as shown in the following figure:

Of course, if we want to gain more benefits, we canYou can participate by clicking “Creation Center – Bottom Dropdown – Click More Functions – Click Incentive Plan”. There is a small threshold here. The new owner cannot participate directly. He needs to publish three notes before he can enjoy them. At the same time, there are many task rewards in the period. After receiving the task, he can also get the corresponding awardLi, let’s take a look at the monthly income chart:

The following activity rules are introduced, as shown in the figure below:

In general, there is no skill. It is almost the same as other We Media platforms. The only thing is that at the beginning, the cash subsidy is good, which can earn a lot of money. Here is a detail to pay attention to. Ctrip pays by month, that isOnce a month, publish the content of the workSocial networking sitesAlmost all of them are based on images and videos. According to the 2500/month of each date, we can adjust the value by 4 numbers. This is just a simple example. It does not mean that everyone can achieve 2500 per month. We only have one accountFive hundred a month$The revenue is actually good after several numbers have been batched.

As for the content, you don’t have to worry about it. All the We Media platforms are connected, and Ctrip is still focused on tourism and travel. Which app do you associate with this time?Social networking sitesIt’s the first mock examination as his release functionSample, go directlySocial networking sitesSearch “xx travel strategy, xx travel strategy, xx several day travel strategy” and so on. The search results are a lot, and you can move directly to them. If you are worried about violating the rules, you should make a second original. You should know that the essence of the We Media industry is copying. Copying here is not copying. You should learnIt is a good idea to learn from, optimize and sublimate them to make them your own, including projects.

On the whole, you can fix all the details at home. Now is the initial stage, so the strength is also good. The traffic partners can also operate it. I don’t believe they can handle 30 sales every dayDifficult. If you think you can’t do it, it must be the wrong way to make money online. To give a simple example, all the traffic partners will watch the B station or the post bar. These two platforms have the most advertisements. If you find a suitable field, you can go to those posts. They basically have contact information, and some of them are directTo add, isn’t that traffic? Is it OK to add 30 people every day?

Someone asked: What’s the role of adding these people?

Now that you have contact information, you are working on a project. Now is the time for their project feasibility. You can not necessarily do consulting, but also broaden your vision and cognitionUnderstand some information gaps. Secondly, we media projects don’t have a long periodicity. When they finish their projects, if they don’t have good projects, they will look for them. This is the beginning of our performance. If you have a good project and play methods, will they pay if they think it is good?

So, trafficIt’s not very difficult, but you haven’t found the right way.

Brick moving project: copy, paste and create Ctrip. The order number is 2500/month, which can be batch!


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