Zero basic practical Valuable project: fully realize passive income in the later period


Today, we will share the zero basis practical valuable project, and realize passive benefits in the later period. I still remember that I used to like reading novels when I was at school. The martial arts stories about cultivating immortals were my favorite. At that time, I liked to watch Zhuxian best because I was a student,

Zero basic practical Valuable project: fully realize passive income in the later period

So I didn’t have any pocket money, so I went to the library next to the school to borrow booksLook, it’s 50 cents a copy. After reading it, I’ll borrow it on the other side. Now I think back, it’s still interesting.

Recently, I was bored and wanted to read novels. I don’t know what kind of novels to read. The idea now is to brush the short videos no matter what I do. Then I found a group of high fan accounts that only combine pictures and text. SoI also combined my ideas to share with you.

In fact, it is a kind of distribution to make money. It is hard in the early stage, but it can be earned in the later stage. The difficulty of video editing is very low, and the material is relatively easy. It is also a project that can be operated for a long time. So it’s worth the noviceNoviceOr just a novice friendYes, the advantages are still very large.

The following four aspects will be explained to you: first, preparation; Second, content mode; Third, how to realize the project; Fourth, pay attention to the details.

First, preparation

1、 The preparation is actually like a novel distribution platform. You can search Google,Choose any one that feels more reliable.

2、 To create a personal official account, the content of the official account does not have to be original. Then find some novel resources and publish the novel content to the official account, leaving the transformed terms at the end of the article.

3、 Tiktok account, name and information can refer to peers, such as smallSay the names of selection, novel museum, novel recommendation, etc. The name should not be too complicated. Here is one thing to note. When leaving official account information in your personal profile, don’t use the words “official account” directly. It will involve sensitive words, and use homophonic words or symbols instead.

Second, content mode

1、 Narration of the novel,This form requires a lot of time and a certain technical threshold to grasp the tonality of the content, and it is also a good method of differential operation.

2、 Static carousel picture song is to find some beautiful pictures and make a picture of the recommended novel and brief introduction. It is in the form of picture carousel and matched with a novelMelodic background music.

The key to a good novel number is whether it can cause users to read impulsively. The more refined the video content, the easier it is to attract users, and then other diversion behaviors can occur.

Content shaping: in the form of convenient and immersive atlas, with refined video cover refined refinedColorful novel chapters background music conforming to the plot tonality of the novel, which can intuitively present the content characteristics of the novel and mobilize the enthusiasm of users to browse.

In order to enable users to obtain the information they want more directly, the video cover must be carefully made. With the theme of the content, users can see at a glance that they canWhat do you get from the video.

Third, how to realize the project

The way to realize the project is relatively simple. The main way is to introduce users from Tiktok to official account or personal account, and then distribute the novels through the CPS sharing method. Generally, 90% of the sharing proportion is given to the distribution agent.

The novel platform will help the distribution agents set up an independent background, so that they can monitor the operation data such as the number of novel hits, orders, and registered members at any time, and can decide to open the order replacement and agent mode.

One click to generate the chapter promotion link of the novel. If someone pays to watch through the link, the agent canThe better the operation, the more revenue will be.

Fourth, the details to be noted

When choosing a sharing platform, you must pay attention to choosing a formal platform, and choose novels that have been authorized by the genuine. The formal novel platform will not charge any fees, nor will it be inaccessible, nor will it work hard for youThe distribution quantity is controlled.

Zero basic practical Valuable project: fully realize passive income in the later period


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