Easy monthly entry 5000 mindless transportation, long-term regular project


Now let’s take a look at the specific operation process of the project.

Easy monthly entry 5000 mindless transportation, long-term regular project

1、 Open official account

First, register a official account. We can read the world in 60 seconds with the name of the official account, and look for similar avatars. We won’t be able to see peers. The introduction and other information should be improved by yourself. For example, the introduction will show you the world 60 seconds a day,Don’t go out to take you to understand the world, etc.

2、 Content Push

We just look for hot content every day on all major platforms, such as the hot topics updated on all major news platforms. Then we can copy it directly. It doesn’t need too many articles, just 10 or so articles, as long as the title or oneSentence news.

After sorting out the content, we can release it. It is suggested that we should send it in the morning. In the morning, we prefer to see news information.

3、 Keep pushing

Why should we insist here? Because there are certainly not many fans in the early stage of official account, and the reading volume will not be too high, so we should insist on pushing and followThe increase in the reading amount of the fans of Bubble Online will naturally increase. Don’t underestimate such content. Sharing and forwarding is still very high. After a period of accumulation, the reading amount will definitely increase. It is still easy to read 1000.

4、 Promotion

After posting the content, I suggest you to promote it when you have timehurry up. Here are some promotion methods.

1. Circle of friends

The first time after publishing content every day, share it with your friends.

2. WeChat group

Try to add more WeChat groups and share our published content in the group. This requires some skills and practical experience, which needs to be understood slowly after your own operation.You can communicate with me if necessary.

5、 Multi platform distribution

For example, Tiktok,Social networking sites, Kwai, Weibo, Toutiao, these popular platforms at present. Distribute our content to these platforms. Leave the hook and lead the powder to our own official account.

6、 Realization

With the amount of reading, advertisers will naturally come to findYou, generally 0.5$One reading volume. If we read 1000 words, it is 500$once. Four times a month, 2000$Yes.

There is also the benefit of traffic owners. It is also based on the amount of reading. As long as there is reading, there will be benefits. You need to go to the financial settings firstTie your own bank card, or the money won’t come in. I can do this by myself with a little understanding.

The other is to lead fans to their own WeChat, which can be used to establish a paid community or a circle of friends to sell products. As long as there is constant traffic, it is still easy to cash in, but it is only a matter of how much.

This project is relatively simpleIt’s simple. You don’t need to write articles every day. It takes only one hour to find materials every day. As long as it can resist the early start stage, the late earnings are relatively stable. The longer the operation time, the higher the value.

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing. Interested friends can practice.

Easy monthly entry 5000 mindless transportation, long-term regular project


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