0 cost, 0 threshold, 10 minutes of mobile phone operation, 50 daily profit, free fish to hang up!


Today, I would like to introduce a project on free fish – free fish hanging project.

0 cost, 0 threshold, 10 minutes of mobile phone operation, 50 daily profit, free fish to hang up!

1. Project introduction

As the name implies, it is to help others hang goods and advertise with their own Second hand goods trading platform number. For others, it can greatly increase the exposure of goods.

Traffic acquisition channels different from other platforms, such as DOU There is no such channel for free fish at present.

Therefore, such a low-cost traffic generation project has emerged.

2. Project advantages

1) The requirements for the account number are not high, and the new number can also be used

2) Multiple accounts can be operated

3) If you have enough traffic, you can negotiate with the merchants to increase additional income

4)No brain operation, no need for selection, copy, etc., provided directly by the merchant

3. Operation process

1) Prepare account

This is very simple. Most people must know it. If they don’t know it, go to Google and we won’t do literacy here.

2) Data filling

Search the search bar for the word “generation G”, and there are many similar words in LType of shop, see more about others’ profiles and shop names, just dismantle and change.

3) Commodity Settings

The above product introduction can be modified to get basic exposure and traffic, so as to meet the conditions for receiving advertisements.

4) How to improve the exposure of goods?

Increase the number of goods on the shelvesVolume – attract customers through reasonable pricing – optimize baby’s detail map to increase realism and attractiveness – optimize baby’s content description – make good use of baby’s polishing function – a product is released multiple times on the same account – multiple accounts release the same product.

5) How to find accurate customers?

Use our ownSmall accounts search their peers, and then find the products they hang, so they can indirectly find the advertisers of the products.

4. Precautions:

1) There are many fraudsters now. Pay more attention to whether the other party’s account violates the rules

2) No illegal goods will be accepted, otherwise the weight of our store will be affected

3) Virtual resource classDon’t answer

4) No drainage outside the station

More precautions have been written in the introductions of your peers. You should take a look to avoid some violations.

The introduction of today’s project is over. As for whether it is simple or not, consider it by yourself.

No matter what the project is, only through practice can we know from othersAfter all, the news is mixed with too much personal opinions, and can’t be taken seriously.

Compared with those projects that easily earn 1000 a day, this project is obviously difficult to attract many people.

But the so-called daily earning of 1000 has also come from this stage. No one can become fat at one bite.

On the Internet, payIt is in direct proportion to the return, where the pay is, the gain is.

Always keep in mind that there is no such thing as a project of getting something for nothing, and there is no real sense of lying and earning.

0 cost, 0 threshold, 10 minutes of mobile phone operation, 50 daily profit, free fish to hang up!


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