Daily income of small projects in the same city is more than 1000, which is easy and free of trouble


Today, I would like to share with you a small project in the same city that my friend is trading. Although the project is very simple, it is also very easy to operate. But the order issuing speed is surprisingly fast, and the efficiency is also very high.

Daily income of small projects in the same city is more than 1000, which is easy and free of trouble

1、 Project content

We all know that short video is the ultimate path of traffic transmission at present, but we really studyNot many people tried. A while ago, a friend of mine basically kept the daily profit of 1000 through the “same city” game, that is, through community promotion, and this is the price of 69. As long as a video is popular, you can earn money by lying down.

Let’s look at a picture first:

To put it bluntly, it means pinchingCreate a story to make him think you are very interesting here. LSPs all understand this attraction, so as long as your video is popular, you can get high profits.

Like the video above, it brings 1500 benefits on the same day, and what we need to do is to produce such video content every day. andIt can also conduct trading in batches.

Every day, a video is released on different platforms. You should understand that Tiktok is a short video platform. Since you can play in Tiktok, other video platforms can also play. Is it possible that just one video a day will bring multiple benefits.

2、 Project analysis

Actually, this game followsThe previous “credit detection project” was about the same. They all came to xxx by making up stories to explain the reasons for xxx. The purpose was to make users believe that you have good things here.

Let’s continue to see:

The above is the screenshot of the partner’s income in the previous days.

Now that the project has been found and the feasibility has been tested by the peers, the rest is simpleThere are a lot of things, we just need to apply them. As for the playing method, you can edit the chat content directly with software. As long as the content is attractive enough, there will be no fewer people coming.

Of course, you can do anything, but don’t touch the red line. Another problem is delivery. If there are robots in the group, delivery is a big problem,To say big is to cheat.

If you have already done it, then these are not problems, but you can pull some of your friends or a whole number of robots in the initial stage, so you don’t have to worry about this problem after the traffic.

3、 Project Practice

Next is the game of the project:

Necessary products: official account, branchPay end, we media account and systematic operation.

The official account can directly apply for registration. If you want to set up a system, you need to authenticate the account. You can register a service number with the company.

On the payment side, we can directly apply for a self-employed business. If we don’t have one, we can directly integrate an officially supported payment interface. This is also very simpleSingle.

We media account is even easier. You can register your mobile phone number directly, but it can’t be done with the help of friends and relatives.

Systematical operation is a bit difficult. It is very tiring to deliver one-to-one by one. The system can be automated. Those who want to use the system can go to Amazon to have a look and buy it themselvesBuild one.

The project was tested only in May. Up to now, it has been less than a month. So you can imagine the income of those early deployed accounts? Let’s take a brief look at our media account:

If the account of hundreds of thousands of fans can be operated, tens of thousands of people can earn money every dayIt’s not difficult.

Well, this is the end of today’s sharing. If you are interested in this project, you can try to operate it. The main thing is execution. I hope this sharing can bring you some help and insights.

Today’s article is over!

Daily income of small projects in the same city is more than 1000, which is easy and free of trouble


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