Part time sideline that novices can do in their spare time: Tiktok emotional consultation project, share with you operational thinking!


Today, I share a small project of emotional counseling with you. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a great mentor or have many years of experience to operate it. As long as you are patient and study more, you can naturally operate this project. I hope it can help you improve your basic thinking of doing projectsFrom its origin, it is natural to make money after seeing through the nature of making money.

Part time sideline that novices can do in their spare time: Tiktok emotional consultation project, share with you operational thinking!

First, take a look at the catalog,First, project principle; Second, drainage method; Third, project operation; Fourth, the method of realization.

First, project principle

Don’t sneer at me, a lotNoviceI feel that the project has alreadyThere is no possibility of making money after the bad street. Remember: existence is reasonable. Now the social pressure is so great, and there are not many sincere friends. I don’t know who to talk to

Naturally, there is an emotional consulting project. The online price is always empty, which requires separate consulting fees. CurrentlyThe charging standard for emotional counseling is 500 half a year. The customers are mainly those who can’t find a target, how to catch up with people around them, conflicts in love and family conflicts.

Second, drainage method

At the beginning, the main way to get customers was to use WeChat groups and QQ groups, such as housewife groups, script killing groups, bars and dating groupsRed envelope is an open way to please group leaders and activists, and create a good staff of emotional experts. If you have any emotional problems, you can talk about them in the group or consult privately. When you have nothing to do, you can share some valuable about feelings in the group.

At this time, someone said that they would not go to the group, and suggested that they go to the post bar directlySocial networking sites, Tiktok, KwaiWe know that there will be many such groups when we search for peers on these large platforms. We should look for younger people. After all, young people’s consumption is the main force in the market. If we feel this troublesome, we should directly look for a long-term stable project in our class. We must take time and effort to polish it.

Third, project operation

passengerMore than 60% of the households are single, and they can’t find a single dog. This kind of person is prone to emotional confusion, and the family members are anxious to find the right one, and they are very anxious. Gradual counseling has become a just need, but it is certainly no problem to do well.

This project doesn’t need you to be a teacher who can make a lot of money onlineYou don’t need to have deep qualifications. You just need to be a little flexible. Use your spare time to study emotional issues, including reading some related books,

Summarize a set of own theories. If you encounter problems that you can’t solve in the early stage, you can directly go to the same industry. You can also be considered a customer in the same industry, which is relatively strongStudents can go to take an examination of the certificate of psychological consultation, which will greatly increase the persuasiveness to customers and the transaction rate.

Fourth, realization method

Cultivate the ability to serve customers honestly in the early stage. After the accumulation is completed, you can slowly build a personal IP, expand the play, and form a cycleThe price is set at 5000 per year, which is a permanent system,

Basically, it’s a one shot deal, which means that after you pay the money, you don’t care much about you, just like cutting leeks, and this play method has also been copied. Then you can play the matrix mode, and the income will definitely be higher and higher.

This game can not onlyEmotional consulting, such as thinking consulting and divination consulting, can be done. You must expand your thinking. If you want to make more money, you must first determine your selling point, take it as the only selling point, make it professional, and keep posting and video posting every day. More than 90% of this will be done。

quite a lotNoviceFailure is to catch fish in three days and bask in the net in two days. It is not firm enough to change from time to time. The more stable and profitable projects are, the more we need to adhere to them. At the same time, we will persuade many people to quit. In doing projects, we should pay attention to resource integration, execution, prediction, collaboration and re inventory.

Part time sideline that novices can do in their spare time: Tiktok emotional consultation project, share with you operational thinking!


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