Use voice layout to make money, and earn 300 dollars a day through mindless operation


Let’s share todayNoviceHow to use sound layout to make money. Short video production is becoming more and more popular, becoming one of the most profitable sidelines. However, many friends do not want to be seen in the film. Is it possible to lose this profitable outlet? In fact, you can make a lot of money by finding another wayIt can be used as audio We Media to make money with your voice, with low production costs and high returns.

Use voice layout to make money, and earn 300 dollars a day through mindless operation

Audio We Media is a supermarket that has been ignored. In fact, audio has a large market, especially in some fragmented scenes, such as commuting, housework, fitness walking. If not good atFor long writing and video shooting, it would be a good choice to start from the audio field. The materials are easy to find. You just need to record the articles or videos of your peers through your own voice, which is also very easy to move.

The course mainly focuses on five aspects,First, select fields; Second point, operationWorking skills; Third, the implementation process; Fourth, make money backward; Fifth, the way of realization.

First, select fields

At present, the most profitable sub categories in audio are health care, emotion, gender, week, career and story. Each is a very lucrative project. As long as one of them is done well, the monthly income is the worstten thousand$Get started. At present, the scale of the audio market can be said to be a tripod. The three platforms account for more than 80% of the traffic in the audio market. The three platforms are Penguin FM, Dragonfly FM and Himalayan FM.

The positioning attributes of each platform are also obviously different: Penguin FM and Dragonfly FM are currently positioned atThings, novels, crosstalk and radio can be easily supported by traffic if you want to cut into these industries. Himalayan FM is a comprehensive platform with large traffic and fast search function, which can quickly find the content you like. This industry is actually very profitableYes, but there are two real reasons why many people can’t do it: they can’t stick to it, they can’t make orders for three days, and they just give up. I don’t know the operation skills. In fact, many people like to learn the operation skills, but the most important thing is execution and persistence.

Second, operating skills

First, multi account monopoly keywordsThis is very heavyYes, as long as you can do this, you can bring a lot of traffic. You can use Love War and 5118. For example, if you want to do sidelines, you can query keywords and sidelines. You can see many drop-down words and long tail keywords. You can arrange them according to these, and it will be easier to make them into a matrix.

Second, multi audio release,Some platformsThere are restrictions on audio, which cannot be fully controlled. There is an operating space. It is easy to gain a large number of listeners by transferring the same content and multiple audio to different accounts, and increasing the weight of account recommendation. In fact, these two operations are really profitable for the audio platform. They have no profound technical contentIt is the title and the audience’s hot words. Slowly explore relevant experience, practice makes perfect, and you can batch these things when you are familiar with them.

Third, account number,The registered account must be authenticated by real name. After successful authentication, the uploaded audio space will be dozens of times larger, and it is not easy to be blocked. In addition, V authentication can be added, just like microbloggingSimilarly, it can increase the credibility and authority of the audience, which can make the audio ranking relatively high. The rules of the platform are quite strict now. It is OK to meet the specified size ratio.

IV. Introduction,The profile should be consistent with your own content. Now the user’s homepage has a recommendation mechanism, similar to Tiktok and TaoThe platform will recommend similar things to you when you watch any video or product. The introduction can introduce the author to the audience and arouse the interest of the audience. For example, users like to listen to horror stories, but watching audio is not found through search. Because users like horror stories, the platform will recommend content toIf the content wants to be recommended, there must be keywords of horror stories on the tag.

Fifth, platform rules,You must have a look. Understanding the rules of the platform is the core of the project. Only by understanding it can we do these things well. Only by understanding all the rules can we avoid stepping on the thunder. Only by doing so can we go further on this platformLong, a lot of TiktokNoviceThe introduction is about the rules. You just need to go to the Tiktok official to see the rules in detail, and there will be a clear gap when releasing the video.

Third, the execution process

First, the title,A good title determines the amount of audio playback, which is very importantDigital energy is one of the key factors for success. For example, the title of the sales mobile phone number is written as: “There are several numbers in the mobile phone number, and your life will change dramatically.” There must be some people who are interested in such titles. Those who are interested in digital energy are obsessed with fortuneThere are just a lot of people. The title may not come to mind at the beginning. The simplest thing is to refer to the peer and change the title of the peer into your own content.

Second, look for materials, you can go to the official account, Quora, Sina blog, Today Toutiao and other We Media platforms to transport them directly, and then simplify the text into speechAll right. When looking for materials, we should also look at what popular materials are. The quality of the content produced will be better. Don’t look for large article content as materials. It is easy to involve copyright, and don’t look for those who don’t see and have low comments. We don’t recommend that you use such materials. Because there are not many people to see it, Ken moved hereNo one will read even more. A bad article is a good article as long as someone reads it, and a good article is also a rubbish article if no one reads it.

Third, content production,There are generally two schemes

Direct recording:Recording text reading into audio is conducive to creating your own personal IP.

With the help of external forces:

1. With external equipment: text to speech softwareAt present, the better website on the market is called iFLYTEK dubbing, which includes intelligent dubbing and artificial dubbing. If conditions permit, you can choose artificial dubbing. When recording, select a quiet room and let the intelligent voice play while opening the recording. After recording, you can set the echo and sound effectTo adjust the audio fidelity.

2. A treasure placed an order: if you think you can’t read it well, you can find a professional announcer to record it. Just send the recorded content to him, and then after he has recorded it, we can guarantee to upload it, generally 10$One.

3. IFLYTEK voice recording: iFLYTEK now has comprehensive functions,The product has many service functions, and the charge is not very high. It depends on your specific needs.

Fourth, diversion to make money

This is very important. Generally, it is diverted to WeChat to facilitate communication and realization. The simple way is to insert pictures in the album introduction to show the contact information. If you want to be more secure,Then play WeChat directly at the end of the audio or in the middle voice. This requires a WeChat account, which is easy to remember. After all the steps are completed, the simplest way to expand traffic is to batch accounts and monopolize keywords. This is just like digging and merging. The deeper you dig, the more sweet the water will be.

Note: When updatingIn the case of quality assurance, the more the better, a large number of exposure will be easier to enhance your popularity. Audio backup is very important. Make a backup of the audio you have recorded before. Even if your account is closed one day, you can easily restart.

Point 5. Way of realization

First, advertising revenue,advertisementThe revenue is the official small advertisement. Like the official account, you can open traffic owners. If you want to become an anchor to obtain revenue, you must conduct anchor authentication. Authentication is also very simple. You can go to bed with your identity information. After authentication, you can open advertising revenue.

Second, live broadcastThe threshold may be a little higher, if the interaction ability is very strongYou can choose audio live broadcast, and the reward from fans is the live broadcast income. After the live broadcast, you will get a fixed salary and a reward for the duration of the live broadcast every month. That is, when you meet certain conditions, you will get a fixed salary every month.

Third, realization of content payment, set the audio to pay for listeningUsers must pay to hear the content. You can choose to pay for the whole album or pay for some chapters. For example, the writers of novels now show you several chapters for free, and then charge for them. The content needs to be very exciting to attract users. They also have certain requirements for content generation, and they can also do professional audio contentFor example, if you have written a book, you can charge for making it into an audio book.

Fourth, live deliveryA certain threshold is required. When the live broadcast level reaches level 4 and the e-commerce delivery function is enabled, products can be sold. When the live broadcast level reaches level 5, audio books can be produced.

Fifth, earn commissions from advertisements,Comparison of fans and playbackWhen it is high, some brand merchants will ask you to pay commissions and help them advertise. No matter what kind of cashing method, everyone should make certain achievements. As long as fans accumulate, they can talk about cashing.

Use voice layout to make money, and earn 300 dollars a day through mindless operation


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