Project dismantling: violent industry under epidemic situation, interest suspension and pending account project, 3000 dollars per order


In recent years, many industries have been affected by the epidemic. In particular, in 2022, the epidemic in super first tier cities such as Washington, Los Angeles, NewYork and Shenzhen caused all industries to stop working. In particular, in the catering industry, countless bosses had to declare closure, even bankruptcy and bankruptcy due to the epidemic.

Project dismantling: violent industry under epidemic situation, interest suspension and pending account project, 3000 dollars per order

This round in Los Angeles is almost threeIt’s month, and I don’t mean to stop.

After that, there will be a wave of bankruptcies. In other words, love means that there will be a large number of debtors.

A few years ago, when the market was good, all the major banks released water. When Internet finance was popular, credit cards, online loans, flowers, loans, gold bars and other productsprevalence. From buying a house to buying a mobile phone or computer or charging a phone bill, we have to pay by installment.

Many of those who do business are direct borrowers, online merchants, credit cards, etc.

When the economy is going up and the income is greater than the debt, it is not a problem. However, once the epidemic affects and the economy slows down, many companies cut jobs and salariesThe business of doing business is closed and the capital chain is broken. Then there will be various overdue.

Once a black account is overdue, all the cards will be sealed, which will have a chain reaction. Black accounts will be generated in this way, and black accounts can be eliminated automatically within five years.

In fact, these people do not want to be overdue on their own initiative. Who can pay backMake yourself a black family.

Is there any solution for these debtors?


Having said that, today’s project disassembly theme officially begins.

Crises often bring great business opportunities. Some companies have seen more and more business opportunities brought by debt groups in recent years, so they have collected an industry called:Interest free account

Interest free account meansIt is:The suspension of interest on account means that the borrower fails to repay the principal and interest of the loan on schedule for some reason, the bank suspends the accounting treatment of interest accrual on schedule, and the outstanding loan balance and interest book lie prone (i.e., on account) for later processing.

After obtaining the loan, the borrower failed to repay the loan on the agreed repayment date due to internal or external factors or reasons of the bankTherefore, the loan and interest will not and cannot be repaid in the short term. For the needs of management or processing, the loan balance will not be subject to interest calculation, but the loan principal balance and the interest that has not been repaid before will still be recorded in the name of the original borrower.

Generally speaking, those who are unable to repay the loan can go through the legal pathThe interest on the remaining loans is not required to be paid through negotiation, and the remaining loans can be repaid in 60 installments of up to 5 years.

Some of the trading projects are operated in a corporate way. Generally, their profit points are 3-6 points, such as a 100000 online loan. They help negotiate monthly repayment of 1666.6, which will be paid off in five yearsCollect interest and stop collection. Then they charge the customer 3000-6000 per order.

It saved the customer a high interest of 20000 to 30000 dollars and will no longer be collected. The bank no longer generates bad debts. They also earned their own profits of 3000-6000 per order.

The policy here: about credit cards,The maximum installment can be 60. After the interest suspension installment, not only the later interest will not be paid, but also the handling fees and liquidated damages collected in violation of previous regulations can be reduced.

Online loan: it can be extended for a maximum of 5 years, and the principal will be settled through one-time negotiation after maturity. No collection and prosecution.

Profit from tradingIt is very considerable. Take the charge of 3000 for one customer as an example, 10 customers per month is 3w. Their company operates as a team, with hundreds of customers in a month, and they provide a 30 w base.

How to operate? Can I do it personally?

After a little understanding of the industry, I found that this project is notNot only the company can operate it, but also the individual can use it, but it needs some professional skills.

Professional teams all use lawyers to make trust endorsement, which increases the trust of customers and is conducive to the transaction.

But in fact, this project has nothing to do with lawyers, because the logic of their operation is to use the client’s own nameYi negotiated with the bank.

There are three important points to do this project well

The first is traffic: usually they go to Google for bidding, and the cost of a single intended customer goes to 100-300, or the cheap and free channels are operated through the matrix, such as Tiktok Kwai and other We Media channels.

The second point is the deal: theyThere is a mature customer transaction system that has been operated for a long time, which is conducive to maximizing the transaction customers, and the circle of friends will be packaged as an expert image.

After the transaction, a deposit will be collected, and then a contract will be signed, allowing the customer to mail the contract and telephone card.

The third point is to negotiate with the bank: male customers will be in the name of male customers and female customersIn the name of female customers, the household association has some technical content. How to solve the problem quickly through negotiation with the bank. The so-called technology, which we do not understand, is actually just an information gap.

A lot of individuals or small teams operate, go to register a legal consulting company, and competent lawyersFirm or individual lawyer. In this way, the transaction will have the effect of making twice as much money as possible.

The negotiation was unsuccessful and there was no charge. The deposit was returned to the customer intact. It was a waste of time.

The project is formal and legal: negotiation is conducted within the formal scope of the financial order, and it is resolved through telephone complaints orThe way of mailing letters shall be negotiated with relevant institutional platforms.

As long as you have the ability to obtain interested customers, or the methods and channels to obtain interested customers at a low price, the profit margin for operating this project is very large.

After this epidemic, there will be another wave of debtors, and this project will also have a waveAn individual or company that makes a fortune in silence.

Well, that’s all for today’s project disassembly.

Project dismantling: violent industry under epidemic situation, interest suspension and pending account project, 3000 dollars per order


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