Virtual data project, just need 0 cost, earn 400 per day


It is a good choice to operate virtual data projects on the Internet. A document can be sold for an unlimited number of times. The cost is very low, but it takes a little time to sort it out. There are many kinds of materials. It is better to find the materials you just need, such as study and examination materials. Because it is helpful for entering a higher school, and it is better to conclude a deal.

Virtual data project, just need 0 cost, earn 400 per day

Today, let’s shareA breakdown of the field of student information. Two things need to be done for such projects. The first is to solve the traffic problem. The second thing is to prepare and sort out the materials. Then think about the trading script and price. We can start to work.

Focus on how to find people online.

First, search for keywords on various platforms, such as Student information, primary school information, junior high school information. First, find out what platforms the peers operate on. The following areSocial networking sitesAll of the cases are in the form of picture notes.

To build such a better platform, there are“Social networking sites, Tiktok, Kwai, Quora, etc. Search more peers to learn more aboutRelease mode, video, image and text, etc. Then choose the way you are good at to imitate.

Social networking sitesDo more of this, just useSocial networking sitesSome methods for analysis.Social networking sitesWe use notes to do more, in the form of pictures and texts, and use the data package pictures of the online disk to publish, attracting accurate users.

NotesAfter posting, use the small size to “want” or ask for sharing in the comment area, and the large size to reply to the small size to ask them to send a private message, or @ your ad number, so that users can go to the small size to check your contact information. You must not reply to the advertisement directly in the comment area, which will be deleted.

The clock in on the right is a way of advertising。 In fact, there are many ways to operate. If you look more at your peers, you can learn about other new operation methods. If you look more and understand more, you will have many ideas. As for how to set it, you can ask Du Niang.

This kind of virtual data is also done more on Tiktok. The following is a case of Tiktok. The method is the same. FirstSearch for keywords to find peer accounts that can imitate operations.

Just find some videos made of pictures, which are easy to operate and suitable for most. As long as the purchased materials are sorted into pictures and uploaded directly, the pictures can be turned into videos.

It will be better if you dub it and give a brief introduction to the materialsSome. This kind of graphic video is also easy to make. You can use clip and dubbing. It is also very simple. If you don’t want to make money on the Internet, you can directly search for clip and dubbing tutorials on Tiktok, and a lot of them will come out. The comment area guides the private message, and do not leave a link of other platforms on Tiktok’s personal homepageSystem mode. Now Tiktok is here$Very strict management. Especially this year, the drainage outside the station was strictly controlled.

As for where to find information, go directly to a treasure, a fish, and spell DD search. The price is not expensive. You can buy more copies, take some time to sort them out, and then add your advertisement to the data.

Just buy electronicsThe version is OK. If you don’t want to sort out the data yourself, you can also directly find your peers to buy ready-made ones. You can also learn about the transaction scripts and data prices of your peers by the way.

The above peer has done a lot of data coverage, including primary school, junior high school and senior high school. A single set of materials for Junior Oneone hundred and thirty-four$Parents are willing to pay for their children’s learning.

If you buy a separate 9.9, you will not buy only one subject. If you buy more subjects, there will be dozens of orders. If you sell several copies a day, there will be hundreds. This electronic version of data is sold indefinitely, and the cost can be ignoredNet profit.

The main thing is to get the people in need together first, follow the above steps, operate by yourself, and get through all these links. When we use the same profession’s scripts to complete the first order, we will earn the first 9.9, and then there will be countless 9.9.

As long as you start, you can follow suit. something the mattersolve the problem. Users also rely on accumulation. With more users, it is easy to do.

Virtual data project, just need 0 cost, earn 400 per day


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